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However impediments appear barriers/how much it is about innovations, mainly when it involves the financial part of the organization For Chiavenato (1998), the compensation is the area that it deals with rewards that the individual receives as return for the execution from organizacionais tasks. It is basically a relation of interchange between the people and the organization. Each employee does business with its work with its work to get rewards not financial financiers and. The financial compensation can be direct or indirect. (CHIAVENATO, 1998, p.369) the Plan of positions and wages must be implanted with the director or controlling support, even though, therefore they are responsible bigger them for making to happen in the company.

The responsible ones for the implantation of the plan will have that to break barriers of that the change will bring benefits to the company. For Bridges (1998), in the implantation of program of Administration of Positions and Wages in an organization, it is necessary to follow the stages of planning and spreading of the plan, analysis and evaluation of the positions, wage research, wage structure and definition of the wage politics. Finished the last stage the politics of remuneration must be defined and be implanted the professional careers. (BRIDGES, 1998, p.30) the plan of positions and wages alone will have acceptance on the part of the administrators of a company will be successful, that is, the more criteria better, so that both the parts, that is, as much the organization how much used they earn in the process. All the process of implantation of the Plan must carefully be studied and be analyzed of minute form, also carrying through the evaluation of performance of the employees, so that no employee


According to Kotler (2000), they can send e-mails, change experiences, buy products and have access notice and information on art and businesses. And-marketing has at least five great advantages: the first one of them is that as much the small companies how much the great ones can pay. Moreover, it does not have real limit of the space advertising executive, compared with half printed matters and of radiotransmisso. Another advantage is the rapidity of the access the information in comparison with the post office and the fax. The site can, still, any person to have access, in any place of the world and at any time. Finally, the purchase can be made with rapidity and privacy (KOTLER, 2000). e) Attendance to the Kotler customer (2000, P.

188) focuses that ' ' full attendance to the customer, therefore, involves express expectations for it during the proper process and requires extreme flexibility, creativity and capacity of adaptao' '. When desmembrar service of satisfaction to the customer, perceives that the author prefers to approach that the attendance to the customer is defined by the supplier, not for the customer, while the satisfaction of the customer always must be defined by the customer. Currently, the companies are recognizing as it is important the allegiance, the satisfaction and the retention of customers in the search of the growth of the profits. This item is concluded detaching some challenges to be loosers for the companies. One, is to attract customers for the quality of given services e, at the same time, to produce with profit. Another challenge is in relation to the leadership of the attendance to the customer, who is the recognition of its requirements and the agreement of that the differentiation by means of an excellent one service can prevent the competition for price. 4 SATISFACTION AND FIDELIZAO OF CUSTOMERS the companies, currently, are searching the high satisfaction of the customers, therefore when satisfied they can move of supplier to it appears the one best one offers.

Participativa School

Each one with its distinct responsibilities, what it causes isolated works. If of a side the managers complain of not the participation of the professors, of the other side to the claim she is the same one and he will not be of the day for the night that this will go to move. When this occurs is evident that the understanding of the participation meaning is not clear not even for the controller. According to Luck (2000, cap.1e2), a culture is not changed only by desire: ' ' it makes if necessary the widening of the conscience and of ability tcnica' '. It fits to the responsible ones for the pertaining to school management, to promote the creation and sustentation of a propitious environment to the full participation, in the pertaining to school social process, of its professionals, d pupils and of its parents, a time that if understands that it is this participation that the same ones develop social and sensible critical conscience of citizenship. Some actions special can be elaborated to stimulate the participation of all, such as: & bull; Creation of a vision of set associated with the cooperation. & bull; Promotion of a reliable climate.

& bull; Valuation of the capacities and aptitudes of the participants. & bull; Association of efforts, edge in addition, elimination of divisions and integration of efforts. & bull; establishment of demand of work centered in the ideas and not in the people. & bull; To assume responsibilities in set. 3.

Conclusion Ahead of the cited data is verified that the pertaining to school manager develops one function of ' ' lder' ' administrative and pedagogical of the school, that is, it is the articulador, the propeller agent of the organization process and pertaining to school transformation. It is important to detach, the paper and the strategical vision that the manager must play in the pertaining to school administration, beyond the ethical sense, politician and of the agreement of the autonomy centered in the diversity and the different cultures, in the search of the overcoming and the reduction of the social inaqualities. Thus the necessary pertaining to school administration to search a new profile, running away from the old paradigms, considering a decentralized, independent and democratic performance, where the work in set is a referencial in the search of the quality of the learning and in the reach of the goals, of participativa form and involving the pertaining to school community. 4. Bibliographical references MARANALDO, D. Strategy for the competitiveness. So Paulo: Produtivismo, 1989. MAXIMIANO, Antonio Cesar Amaru. Beyond the Hierarchy & ndash; As to implant participativas strategies it stops to manage the company enxuta. So Paulo: Atlases, 1995. Available in: . Access: 11 seven 2011 LUCK, Heloisa, FREITAS, Katia Siqueira. The Participativa School. The Work of the Pertaining to school Manager, 4e. DP& , Rio De Janeiro, 2000. Secretariat of education. The school that makes the difference, So Paulo: IF, 1997. Available in: #ixzz1XfsScwiuidade. Access: 11sete 2011 LUCK, Helosa. Perspectives of the Pertaining to school Management and Implications how much the Formation of its Managers. In: In Opened, Brasilia, v. 17, n 72, February-June 2000.

Increase Production

In the truth, with the competitors very next and the technological factors influencing the good course to the organizations, any alternation will be able to decide or to change the organizacionais systems of the companies, then comes to the necessity of the employees to be motivated and guided adequately for these alternations. Currently, the production systems are obliged to move. The new expectations of the customers and the intense competition are provoking drastic changes related the production in mass for a bigger personalization of the products and rendering of services, this personalization has exclusive focus in the productivity and emphasizes the quality. To fight for the high productivity and high quality demands a new productive boarding. The traditional model of production in mass this being surpassed for a model directed toward customer as resulted, the emphasis of the administration incited in the rigidity, uniformity, specialization and centralization, yields place to a new estiagem of production making with that the process and the high productivity pass for one would reengenharia motivacional, this would reengenharia motivacional, this would reengenharia represents a jump clearly to produce with quality.

I can conclude that, if the company takes it would reengenharia motivacional serious by means of ace the necessities of the proper company and of its employees, the increase of the motivation in the system of production of the company will be amazing without speaking in the increase of the productivity and the quality, that will be consequent factors of all this process. I understand that the motivation can be constituted in an adequate methodology the preservation of good employees, inside of the organization, and the good use of this knowledge will be able to bring improvements in favor of the survival of the organizations in the competitive market. We decide, however, that the necessity of inclusion with prominence in the steps of would reengenharia inside motivacional visualizing the motivacional process with central question of the companies, not only this permanently come back toward the obligator use of ' ' technology and of informao' ' , but this also directed toward the maintenance of an organized environment that is, above all, inspirer.