Increase Production

In the truth, with the competitors very next and the technological factors influencing the good course to the organizations, any alternation will be able to decide or to change the organizacionais systems of the companies, then comes to the necessity of the employees to be motivated and guided adequately for these alternations. Currently, the production systems are obliged to move. The new expectations of the customers and the intense competition are provoking drastic changes related the production in mass for a bigger personalization of the products and rendering of services, this personalization has exclusive focus in the productivity and emphasizes the quality. To fight for the high productivity and high quality demands a new productive boarding. The traditional model of production in mass this being surpassed for a model directed toward customer as resulted, the emphasis of the administration incited in the rigidity, uniformity, specialization and centralization, yields place to a new estiagem of production making with that the process and the high productivity pass for one would reengenharia motivacional, this would reengenharia motivacional, this would reengenharia represents a jump clearly to produce with quality.

I can conclude that, if the company takes it would reengenharia motivacional serious by means of ace the necessities of the proper company and of its employees, the increase of the motivation in the system of production of the company will be amazing without speaking in the increase of the productivity and the quality, that will be consequent factors of all this process. I understand that the motivation can be constituted in an adequate methodology the preservation of good employees, inside of the organization, and the good use of this knowledge will be able to bring improvements in favor of the survival of the organizations in the competitive market. We decide, however, that the necessity of inclusion with prominence in the steps of would reengenharia inside motivacional visualizing the motivacional process with central question of the companies, not only this permanently come back toward the obligator use of ' ' technology and of informao' ' , but this also directed toward the maintenance of an organized environment that is, above all, inspirer.