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How To Start A Business On The Internet ?

On this subject, written many articles and books, all of whose authors almost unanimously recommend creating your own sayt.Ya also want to join in this opinion, without your own website business online is not .Vy chose the direction of your business and you have a desire to try his hand, then we must choose the domain and hostig, create a website and you can start working on the network, untwist the site, participate in various programs, etc. At first glance, everything is simple, but it is only at first glance. If you have the money to create the site (about 1000-1500 $), then you can buy a domain name 2nd level, to choose paid hosting, and ordered the webmaster. Nieman Foundation is open to suggestions. You can save, if you have computer knowledge in saitostroitel'stva (which rarely happens) and to create a site yourself. And if you do not have the knowledge and tools, but there is only one desire to start a business? Then you here-a free hosting service "people." Well, tell you more an ad free web hosting. It's not quite true.

In my opinion, this is practically the only possibility of earning a newcomer to the site on free hosting. PCRM has compatible beliefs. Why, you ask? Because 80% of your future customers will come to you from search engine, Yandex – the absolute leader of the search engines Runet, and free web hosting "the people" – a pet project of Yandex. So when your site is indexed and a bit to unwind, be sure to raise the question of contact the directory and advertising network, Yandex.


Be optimistic will allow us to recognize the negatives of a situation without these we halt, with the confidence that we can address them, solve them and overcome them.It is easier to traverse life with a positive and confident attitude, aided by the torch of optimism, enthusiasm and hope, who live in the darkness of ignorance, fearing everything you can imagine that it can pass us so pessimistic and negative. In short, we must know that every day can be accompanied by big surprises, to the end that may be the last in the life of one, as it happened to me, when at the start of the day, after taking a bath and go to breakfast, I more never knew of me, until after 9 days pass in a coma, not knowing even as it reaches that State, and how went me into a clinic without vital signs. What was my surprise, that upon waking I met the doctors who I spoke of a craniotomy and returned me back to life, where I’m still and that increasingly presents me surprises that have helped me to grow and to be perceived in any way show step by this planet with another vision, understanding of what can happen to us every day. Hence, my learning enjoy life intensely, take advantage of the opportunities that we are given and be ready stop the surprises that may occur, which often helps clarify the because of the passage through this dimension. Original author and source of the article.

Rose Story

Vilminha, I go to give a writing tip to you. It knows what it is more important in the hour to write a story? is the start. The son answers, asking: Why, papa? . For the person to be interested and to read inteirinho. But, after all, will exist a prescription for the creation of a literary text a poem, a story or a novel as exists for the production of a cake of fub? Certainly that not.

However, in if treating to Rose, it is good for taking in account its advice and consideraes. Details can be found by clicking Nieman Foundation or emailing the administrator. The lesson continues: Vilminha, I have plus a tip for you. It knows which is to another more important thing in a story? . Vilminha, of new: What, papa? . Is the end. So that the person has will to read the next one. As it is inferred above of the dialogue, Rose was well direct e> Why not? , amongst others. With the young Fernando Sabino, the author of Great Hinterland: Trails proceeded still more from incisive way.

When knowing that FS insisted on writing chronicles, Pink Guimares did not think two times: does not make biscuits, makes pyramids. Sabino did not become of supplicated e, in 1956, appeared with the Pyramid of Quops the marked meeting . Independent of the implicncia of Pink Guimares, the chronicle continues being seen as a lesser sort that, historically, had cultores of naipe of an Axe of Assis, Pablo Mendes Fields, the proper Fernando Sabino and, obvious, Rubem Braga. This dominated, as few, the chronicle this mixture of journalism and literature, the point to enjoy of the great prestige in Brazilian literature as Pope of our cronistas. A chronicle? It the search of the poetry to the beginning poets: Penetra deaf in the kingdom of the words.

Journalist Pilar Rahola

The journalist has made a complaint against the group by threats. The components of the band argue that they are a group of students who play punk for four friends and have no relationship with Islamist groups. The Youtube portal has withdrawn the song by punk band Islam in which was repeatedly said I will kill Pilar Rahola, with a plaster cat, once the journalist put a complaint by threats and that the Court that instructs the case sent one indictment to U.S. authorities so that Youtube removed the video. Now broadcasting portal, instead of the video, a message which reads: this video has been removed due to a policy violation of Youtube relating to prohibition of the discourse of incitement to hatred.

The journalist did not want pronounce concerning the letter sent by the group which called for apologies and has ensured that the issue has a legal route. Sense of humor the punk group said Tuesday that its theme (bottom of this page) responds to the sense of humor and rhyme, and not to the threat, who never thought that humorous song could reach to bother so many people and that it does not give place to feel threatened, because the letter says I will kill Pilar Rahola, a plaster cat. Funny thought us by the rhyme, they explained finer points that are rrian to a plaster of the Chinese cat, and stating that they are a group of students who play punk for four friend s and that sent a letter to the website of the journalist asking for apologies for the misunderstanding and ensuring that they have no relationship with Islamist groups. Source of the news: Youtube removes its Web song with alleged threats to journalist Pilar Rahola


Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – What it lacked: from the shades of the past more black of Mexico, the figure of Luis arises Echeverria Alvarez who to their 88 years of age predicts a social outbreak and a ferocious economic crisis to us if something does not become to stop it. It says it who at the time repressed the students of the country which they demanded democracy. A natural enemy of the freedom of expression predicts and like great orquestador of the blow to Exclsior in June of 1976, he aims apocalyptic prognoses. In a note spread by Spanish agency EFE, one says that Echeverria appeared in Tijuana to that to a group of students, she noticed to them of the course of the country.

The same did there per 1979 when it sent to his journalist of head Luis Surez to ask then President Jose Lopez to him Opening if he could be and Gustavo Diaz Ordaz senators of the republic. You that you would do in my place wrote Jolopo in a card that I give the echeverrista emissary later to insult to ex- president Echeverria publicly with a message to the emissaries of the past whom they try to destabilize the course of the country Echeverria could be baptized godfather of the economic crises appellants in Mexico and that finished with the stabilizing development who occurred from the third year of Adolph Ruiz Cortines, followed with Adolph Lopez Mateos, Diaz Ordaz stayed with Gustavo and she staggered until falling in June of 1976. Later, the crises of the 82, 87 and 94 have been impenetrable wall to the economic recovery by the children of the crises and their grandsons, now students who see in person the same emissary of the past which as much the 1979 politicians feared. (A valuable related resource: BSA). We live a Mexico on terror to which this black personage adds itself del that the same Gustavo Diaz Ordaz regreted to have taken to the presidency of the republic. You are an asshole, Gustavo counts the popular legend that it was first that the ex- president said who governed Mexico from 1964 to 1970 when he was seen in the mirror. for the mornings.

Those two are distant Mxicos. That one, had an urban guerrilla who among others things executed to the regiomontano industralist Eugene Sada Heron. Today, violent Mexico is different and an endless battle in the streets gets rid of the country. Actor of the book of Luis Surez Echeverria breaks silence the ex- president returns it to break. We could say to him just like to Jose Lopez Opening to Echeverria when it commanded to insert in the pages of national newspapers that one headed that You also said, Luis? in clear reference to the last words of the Roman Emperor Julio Caesar who also was stabbed by the Gross Senator. (Not to confuse with the present ones). The time is wise and puts to every one in its place although there are some that maintains the badness to skin flower to remember a past to us surpassed like bad emissaries of the new ones. In short Arriba and ahead it was the motto of campaign of READS. Today he is for living better and he already sees, dear reader, as he goes to us: neither above, nor ahead, nor better. Original author and source of the article.