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Sensitive Notebook Displays

No to sharp detergents, Yes to the laptop bag, a laptop will be maintained. Just on the glossy display dust and fingerprints quickly show themselves. Most users know about the proper care. The portal for online auctions auvito.de explained what users maintaining the notebook should pay attention. The modern LCD displays are sensitive. As a general rule for the care, forgoing sharp cleaner is first to name a few. Usually a clean, dry Microfiber cloth is sufficient to remove dust and fingerprints. With matte displays which can be sometimes more difficult to clean, may be resorted to cleanig cloths. Click BSA to learn more.

Notebook users should apply cleaning solutions but never directly on the monitor. This can cause moisture to the edges to penetrate and destroy the electronics inside. Soft mats which lie between keyboard and lid, while the notebook is closed are a clever variant of maintaining display. This prevents the impressions of the keys on the display. To the It is other than cleaning cloth, with the fingerprints on the screen can be removed quickly. Some can be used even as mousepad.

The above care products are usually cheaper to purchase than in the trade on the Internet. Online shops often offer them as bargains. Notebook bags find consumers on the Internet. With them, the proper handling starts with the notebook. Finally, they protect the unit not only from shock. Splintered displays and a lid not infrequently due to improper transport – for example, in a travel case.

REA Card And Their Customers

UNI electric: electrical products from A to Z for nearly 40 years is the Eschborner company policy with the impressive range, to deliver all products quickly and safely and to serve its customers personally. in 1970, three electrical wholesalers joined together to UNI electric and opened the first stores in Mainz and Giessen. There the local trade and the local craft bought first. Boy Scouts is actively involved in the matter. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, the company expanded its catchment area, it joined the global Wurth Group in 2000. 2005 followed the step abroad: UNI electric acquired the Austrian Eichmann electrical GmbH.

Today the UNI electric generates a turnover of 370 million euros in the year group with 1018 employees in 55 offices. And in January 2009 for a further step forward decided: to cooperate with REA card. Our price – performance ratio and good, flexible cooperation were crucial. Gradually, the company brings all its branches with REA card terminals to the latest version. Major plus: UNI electric can see centrally all transactions of its branches so that via the Internet. This saves printing and fax costs. UNI ELEKTRO immediately equip all new branches with REA card terminals. We wish UNI electric a continuation of its rapid expansion and look forward to the further cooperation!

Hamburg Cruise Days

Grand Parade on Saturday night live in the NDR Hamburg, 10 July 2012. The town station NDR 90.3 and Hamburg journal 2012 are media partners of the Hamburg Cruise days. Within the framework of this partnership, the transmitter via the cruise event from 17 to 19 August 2012 plan a detailed reporting. The NDR presented show stage by 90.3 and Hamburg journal directly at the pier, at the level of the Rickmer Rickmers at the port gate. The hosts Tina Busch and Christian Buhk will present bands like Michael, Wayne Morris, the men’s simple and many other artists there. Highlight is the live transmission of the Hamburg Cruise days parade on Saturday night in the NDR television: five cruise ships and numerous boats of this parade (start against 21.15) exit Pirna.

The broadcast from 20:15-22 h is presented by moderator Hinnerk Baumgarten. In 2010 the live broadcast of the parade she was on Saturday night a success then of 1.8 million viewers before the televisions attracted. The Hamburg journal and NDR 90,3 be report on all three days of the Hamburg Cruise days. Go journal on Friday night in the Hamburg 18: 00″. Moderator Christian Buhk then will the Band Santiano look for this live concert (on stage 19 to 20:30) over the shoulders at the rehearsal. For NDR 90,3 reporter Karsten will capture second at all three days stories and reactions.

“The broadcast of Hamburg harbour concert” is 6:05 on NDR report on Sunday morning two hours 90.3 on the Hamburg Cruise days. And the Hamburg shows every evening journal (19:30) the most beautiful pictures of the events. The new Hamburg Cruise days with the comprehensive country programme are event highlights in North Germany. Who cannot be locally it is still very close to the action with our reporting”, so Ole Adams, head of central programme tasks of the NDR country Funkhaus Hamburg. The NDR is the ideal partner for Thorsten Kausch, Managing Director of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT): for the success of the Hamburg Cruise days plays in addition to the visible cross-regional marketing the regional perception a major role. With the NDR we reach people in our region and thus have the opportunity to experience the enthusiasm of the event.” Press contact: Katja Derow Schramm trail 11 20249 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 46 96 770 11 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 46 96 770 99 E-mail: about the Hamburg Cruise days 2012 find Hamburg Cruise days held from the 17th to the 19th of August. At the stylish event, seven cruise ships will be launched the port of Hamburg. Theme Islands at the edge of the Harbour to experience the cruise feeling for the visitors ashore. The blue port directed by light artist Michael Batz forms the backdrop. These are the third Hamburg Cruise days 2008 and 2010. Organizers are the Hamburg agencies of uba gmbh and red roses communications GmbH; Moreover, there is the Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

ReSound Information Campaign Paths

Authentic hearing aid wearers report their supply route ways to better hearing”under this title presents an information campaign to support German audiologist ReSound hearing aid manufacturers in the framework of this year’s EUHA Congress (19-21 October in the Congress Center Nurnberg). Three interview movies, in which hearing aid wearers report about their personal path to better listen and about her everyday life with modern hearing aids are available in the Centre of the product-neutral information package. In addition, a brochure offers people with hearing loss basic orientation and assistance in the search for a suitable solution. ReSound provides interview films and brochure German listening acoustic stores for their customers. How to develop hearing problems, and how does it affect our lives? What’s going on in those affected before they actually admit their own difficulties in listening? As they experience the first steps a Hearing aid supply and how everyday life with modern technical hearing aids? The campaign offers diverse and realistic answers to these questions and more ways to better hearing”the ReSound hearing aid manufacturer. In three interview films, which can be used at the hearing-acoustics dealer, give the Cafe operator Silke Muller, lawyer/notary and passionate Hunter Heinz Theiselmann, as well as the guitarist Manfred Manni”Schmidt insights into their personal path to a lifetime of modern hearing aids.

An accompanying brochure is aimed in particular at people who perceive themselves evidence of a post-crisis listening comprehension and important orientation help. In the development of our information campaign, we have dispensed with deliberately product advertising and glamorous hearing aid testimonials”, as Harald Kerschek, Managing Director marketing and sales of the GN hearing GmbH. we introduce authentic people, the Centre in the Lives are towards the own hearing aid easily never fell, which today no longer want to waive your technical hearing aids. We think that the reports of our interview partners can provide hearing reduced people courage and confidence, encourage them to its own activity. And we hope that as many of our partners in the hearing-acoustics specialist of this information offer exercise.” See, you can the three interview movies that DVD as well as CD for PC and MAC available, hear also under / Interviews.aspx further press information and image material in our digital press box under. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.