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If the same set of products and finely chop the mix will be a different taste. Quite a different taste, if Products grate layers – potatoes, pickles, meat, onions, covering each layer with mayonnaise. Examples of variants of a dense salad Next comes creativity, you can add different vegetables such as green peas, or carrots (to choose from – a raw, tucked sour cream, cooked, braised in milk, fried with spices such as turmeric or curry or cooked in Korean), beets (boiled, pickled, raw, mayonnaise, baked with prunes and garlic), corn, cucumbers and tomatoes, greens (lettuce, dill, parsley, basil), olives, capers, cheese. Vegetables and herbs can add variety of different ways: one type or several at once. Filling Salad Filling may also be different: just mayonnaise, mayonnaise with sour cream, vegetable oil, beaten with a drop of vinegar and herbs, and oil and vinegar can also be different, as the set of dry grass. Zest for salads exotic, you can add fruit: pineapple, kiwi, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, oranges. Then, most importantly, feel, compatibility and the right amount, for example, proposed a basic set, cut into large, we can the last layer of potatoes, pineapple or kiwi fruit to decorate or fried banana.

An example of a dense salad with fish by the same algorithm can make salads with other sets. For example, the basic set-rice, fish (cooked, salted, smoked, marinated). Depending on the type of fish – as other products if the fish – boiled, then pickled cucumber, green onions, if smoked, salted or pickled, then – cucumber, onion primarinovanny slightly further to all kinds of fish – combine olives, tomatoes, corn, green peas, carrots (cooked, stewed in sour cream, or spices), herbs. For exotic – apples or pears or kiwi. Fill with garlic mayonnaise, or vegetable oil lemon juice and herbs. Algorithm 'lightweight' lettuce salads for light foundation will be different kinds of lettuce or cabbage and supplies of fresh vegetables, as other foods – green beans, corn, olives, capers, avocado and greens. As an exotic, kiwi, pineapple.

Filling can be prepared from alcoholic beverages (brandy, cognac, rum), mixed with cream, salt, pepper and herbs or vegetable oil, lemon juice (vinegar) and herbs. Sometimes there are added various additives, whipped with butter (boiled egg yolks, smoked fish, shrimp, crawfish, cheese, garlic, seeds and various herbs). Example of 'easy' A simple salad of lettuce light. Basic Kit – Chinese cabbage, green onions. In the course of the algorithm, you can make different versions, such as "green" version of green cucumber, olives, peas, dill, butter, fill with the lemon juice with basil, garnish with green grapes, capers, sprinkled with dried seaweed, or, for example, "colorful" version: a basic set add the tomatoes, radishes, yellow peppers, black olives, dill, butter, fill with lemon juice, beaten with boiled egg yolk, decorate purple basil. Do not forget that salad needs time, so they insisted. I hope that my algorithm will help you in creating their own, especially lettuce.