Strasbourg Paris

It may not surprise but when the local restaurants have adopted the custom of the French to make a three-course meal of salad, meat and potatoes. A few Charter companies have settled on the Canal, with a reason why the channel is in excellent condition. There are a few channels in France, which are similar to maintained and with the Marne Canal can compete to cut banks and plugged edges. David Delrahim has many thoughts on the issue. For me, he is similar to a smooth Highway, while many other channels in France have not lost the charm of the bumpy village roads. It is the ideal spot for beginners or charterer. You need him at least once even experience have.

The concentrated load chases me ignorance and naivety of many users always due respect a. The really big highlights of the channel is located between Strasbourg and the junction of the Saar channel. The tunnel and the ship lift, plan incline de St-Louis-Arzviller, which replaced a lock staircase of 17 locks. The lift bridge a difference in height of 44.5 m and saved the Penichen a full working day. Saverne and Lutzelburg are featured town in the Valley of the rage, where except the channel is also the railway Strasbourg Paris home. Our route took us however from the Saar channel to starboard, towards Nancy. At first glance, the line seems not much to offer. But that’s not true.

There are for example the storage Lakes etang de Gondrexange and le petit etang, both with beach. 4 kilometres further on you will pass the open former lock 1. It leads to the shaft lock Rechicourt. It replaced the former staircase of locks 2-6. 16 metres it is with floating bollards by the mountain. A real attraction. Therefore, currently even additional platforms for picnic tables are concreted. The view of the Valley is a break value in a small reservoir, whose passing is noted the lock opens.