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Since the birth, the man does not only eat to survive. The regulation of this basic biological act is an multifactorial and complex process. Therefore the act to eat can become a martyrdom with guilt each garfada e, many times, it does not allow that the food is digested and absorbed. Adolescents who demonstrate this guilt frequently are dealt with indifference, having had its problems overwhelmd as banal for familiar and friends. Here, Center For Responsible Lending expresses very clear opinions on the subject. These adolescents, in general, girls finish for if isolating inside of its parallel world, where pain and the guilt reign sovereign. The nervous anorexy is a riot of the alimentary behavior. Etimologicamente rexis, in the Greek means desire; , it means negation, then, negation of the desire. According to international periodical of Psychoanalysis (LAWREW, M.

1998. To die of love: internal anorexy and its objects in International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 32, London: Hogarth Press, the 2001) upheaval of the nervous anorexy, of 20% of the victims attacks alone one tero arrives if to recoup total. In England, 1:100 adolescent is anorxica, being 97.4% women and 10% need hospital internment, of these, few survive, excessively, finish dying for starvation or organic complications the alimentary upheavals are more common of what we can assume, since the majority of the girls suffers been silent and puts for is its yearnings and neuroses together with the food that vomit. They are characterized for presenting serious alterations in the alimentary behavior, the most known are Anorexia and Bulimia, respectively, Ana and Mia codenome adopted by ‘ ‘ movement pro Ana/Mia’ ‘ adolescent attacks of such upheavals that adhere the magreza as life style, unhappyly. In accordance with this conception, the cultural pressure to emagrecer is considered a basic element of the etiology of these upheavals, which, together with biological, psychological and familiar factors finish generating an extreme concern with the body, an abnormal fear to fatten and an anxiety marcantemente folloied of alterations of the image corporal, that it ahead causes an absence of concern of a emagrecimento. A refusal in feeding itself intentional induced and kept for the anorxico with vast limitation in the food ingestion, even so does not have a true and total appetite loss, but yes, aglutinao to a guilt feeling or depreciation for if having eaten and not being able themselves to eat.

Practical of vomits provoked? binge episodes of uncontrolled ingestion, in a short space of time, without if it has hunger, that they occur in such a way in the anorexy as in the bulimia – the laxative use, inhibiting medicines of appetite and diurticos an enormous sensation of anguish and depressive symptoms in different levels and an affective emptiness that nourishes the relations of the anorxico. Such restriction unchaining one changeable level of malnutrition folloies secondary endcrinas and metabolic modifications and of disturbances of the physiological functions. When little it is eaten we have a psiquismo that little it elaborates. A body that displays the accident, that denounces pain, that communicates the mystery and the queerness to its redor. Franzino body, thin hair, the dry skin, a violence of the auto-attack. It is good for standing out that the patients with anorexy have the normal appetite, that is, feel the same hunger that any person. The problem is that although the hunger if refuses to eat. In the treatment the psychiatric accompaniment and the psycotherapy must be atrelados for bigger resolutividade of the case.