Remote Control Information

Not so long ago appeared on the market hardware robot moscad. Uniqueness lies in the fact that she is working on its protocol and connect your laptop to one of the manual, you can connect with any other located at great distances, and to modify or completely change its configuration. The amount of information can be increased indefinitely. Configuration-controlled item is very simple, compact and reliable. It is true when application of this complex in the energy sector, due to the high sensitivity of the input module tc desirable to take measures to eliminate interference on the line which is connected to alarm and measurement. Induced ac 50 Hz occurring in the cable tc, are perceived instruments, such as switching state of the object with the same frequency. That is, to put it is available, will always go signal TS-on – off, on – off and so on. David Delrahim will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Eliminated this by setting relays in the vicinity of kp, or use a shielded cable, with subsequent grounding of its equipment from the tm. Separately want to talk about how communication robot from cp to cp and vice versa. When measured at the substation of electricity of any parameter (TC, TI), kp sends appropriate information to the sending ip, and thus takes away confirmation. And since the information (at least telemetry) changes quite often, the exchange between the cp and cp is a continuous stream. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to agree. And the greater the transfer rate provides hardware remote control, the faster information reaches the dispatcher.

That there were no disruptions in the exchange of instruments of tm, you must have a reliable communication channel. With regard to energy, are the most common cable channels, high-frequency channels of transmission lines and radio communications. Raceways particular application is not received because of the distance of objects from the control center. Agree, too expensive to lay on forests, swamps and fields of cable over a distance of 80 km. Much hf communications more convenient for the power lines. What is she like – separate conversation. By the same author: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . And besides, to treat the topic of communication and it shall not dwell. He is all good, but Frequency band, which he can convey, is not sufficient for modern high-speed devices robot. In addition to the industrial network quite a lot of noise, and despite the use of different filters to get rid of can not. Ability to kp modern complexes of tm to act as repeaters have brought to the first position of radio. Correctly applying the intended or circular antenna with radio stations is possible to create a kind of “cellular” network for telecommunication data and to almost indefinitely extend the range of telecommunication data delivery. That this is the main task of telemetry equipment in the energy sector. Very often it is the speed in switching in substations and avoids Many accidents and even accidents. Imagine what it would take to enable or disable the line at a distance of 50 km, if we go to include in the manual? And consider the possible roads, bad weather (especially since the major accident and come out in the rain, thunderstorms, strong winds). And the cost of gasoline? A Remote Control will do it almost instantly! Competently designed and well-established telemetry system, allows staff to control all electrical facilities within his jurisdiction, in the flesh before dissipation analysis and eliminate them.