Roman Emperor

In the past, you were responsible, not so easy to identify. In one particularly Emperor Nero the Christians blaming the town fire in A.d. 66 n. CHR. basically was one of the worst offences of a Roman Emperor was a prominent case.

The Christians were not only detained but also publicly tortured and executed. Many eyewitnesses from Rome documented these atrocities. But how could protect themselves from these dangers people in Rome? There are a number of different ways. First and foremost, people had the opportunity to protect themselves over a fire Fund. Fire funds gave people the chance to register their belongings and goods in the form of a house or a building the insurance. By this account, the policyholder was secured and contact could have a damage at the box office. But eventually many of these insurance were sentenced in the long term to fail.

Here, there are a variety of good reasons, because finally, the insurance industry at the time was not as stable as it is today. Of an organized government-controlled insurance industry could certainly not be spoken. First and foremost, logistic problems in the way were the Romans. It had to be charged someone with the collection of contributions. If one of the members was travelling just had to be this documented and later driven up the demand. In addition, the conditions of the insurer were rarely accurately outlined. In some cases the entire possession of the Member was covered, in other cases but only a small part. Basically, it was to get a hedge different ways at different prices. The fire insurance was already at that time the most comprehensive insurance. But ultimately, a mathematical component was missing in this context.