The Cyber-Journalism Era

We have now entered the new era of cyber-journalism, journalism in which the common citizen or participant provide information to the readers. This is a necessary component of socialization, and owners without a computer and a connection to Urge Internet.a recognize changes in the world and in the media . Teaching different, but first learn about it what is different. For even more opinions, read materials from Boy Scouts of America. New uses of language. Harold Ford Jr, New York City is the source for more interesting facts. The sign. The no boundary. The new figures communication: One producer, one participant (no receiver). A new channel.

Three different people and the same god. The pure communication. A real kick to communication media information for that purpose can be called a media communication. a New technologies pose their own rules and behaviors, likes and dislikes for new roles always active. But how to incorporate these expressions uses local media? First, engaging in such a nuevas eyes, migrating towards them and second, making the road. Putting the antenna on the other. Interacting.

Emphasising the other as a participant. Because, suddenly, everything done has been wrong or no longer fits the reality Those who speak to their friends and friends listeners welcome to this special program. Or, today we have a very special guest O, well, that was all for today, thanks for having supported, in short, everyone. The greetings of repetitive and formulas of the past century we have to be re-literate. To escape the technological gap we have, as journalists, who recognize the changes in the world and in the media.