Two Of The Besproygryshnyh Method To Do Business Online

Success – a bad teacher. He turns his head. He is unreliable. (Bill Gates) Now I will reveal the greatest secret to creating an online business. This method is valid always and everywhere, so it can apply even a housewife, all day clean the house, wash clothes and preparing the soup with meat.

What is this method so you ask? I will say that the method of the whole two and they work perfectly as a singly or together. Let us not be sprayed and will go in order. Learn more at this site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . If analyze the majority of sites on the Internet, it becomes apparent that there are two global method of online business: Selling advertising on your site (no matter how, we can directly, through intermediaries can type SAPE or TLA). Sale of a site for your products and services. Let's look at these techniques individually. What then is the pros, what cons.

Immediately we should understand that online advertising is only possible with good attendance of a site, either in qualitative domain. For example, with good attendance can be put on the website of Direct and make money on the transitions, with TIC and good PR is possible without a large attendance of just put SAPE or TLA, and sell links. A good amount in this method site will bring no earlier than the attendance of his reach at least 1000 unique visitors per day (target audience) and PR> 4 + TIC> 500 (for the Russian-language site). Therefore, in order to make a profit, the site does take a little pump.