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Deputy Laws

Between the positivists of that era who had a greater importance, is Justo Sierra (1848-1912), who supported the Government of Diaz and argued, on more than one occasion, in favour of his continual re-election. Justo Sierra, unlike Gabino Barreda, not was influenced by the positivism of Comte, but by the Spencer. Sierra, the only social principle to be followed was the evolutionary, according to which life develops into a field of battle. It would be the justification to dominate not literate social strata, the Indians at the time of the progress. Not to suffer the costs of civilization it was necessary to fight to win the required rights. Therefore, these masses were not part of those who could vote and claim equality. Learn more about this topic with the insights from PCRM. For saw reform laws, which had the approval of Gabino Barreda, would not be more than useless laws that they were based on unattainable ideals. This opposition to the reform laws by Sierra, talks about the differences between the Governments of Juarez and Diaz, both positivists, but one comitiano and another fall.

One that still refers to valid rights to all human beings, and another that only recognizes rights to who so s has won them. The Antipositivism. One of the first slopes of the manifestation of Latin American antipositivistic philosophy is located within the same positivist philosophy. In Mexico, Justo Sierra, one of the distinguished positivist philosophers, already had opposed some of the basic doctrinal theses of positivism. David Delrahim oftentimes addresses this issue. Justo Sierra ventured into the world of letters and journalism; He also participated in the political life of Mexico during the porfirista as federal Deputy, Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice and Secretary of public instruction; as an educator, he taught at the Conservatory National and in the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria. Justo Sierra starred in the transit of the thinking of the 19th century to the 20th century in Mexico.

Mexican Jose Vasconcelos

We allowed ourselves to say this, because a considerable amount of the personages has been taken from that reality, with their names and their last names, Balaguer, Wesin and Wesin, by examples. This situation will allow, later, a judgment on the part of the posterity. Also, there is also a pathetic description of that human typology that, unfortunately, it has been repeated at different moments from historical happening of our Latin American towns. The following appointment is a reference: The Prestante Lady the wife of the dictator had taken in serious the one from writer and moralist. For which no.

They did not say the newspapers to it, the radios, the television? It was not book of obligatory reading in the schools, those meditations morals prologadas by Mexican Jose Vasconcelos, that reprinted every two months? Had not been False friendship the greatest theater success of thirty and years of the Era of Trujillo? They had not put it by clouds the critics, the journalists, the university professors? The ensotanados ones, the bishops had not praised their concepts. (Vargas Llosa M. 2001: 30-31). 1. Two histories and a reflection. We have already affirmed it before. In the work two histories intercross.

Like good creator of this methodology, that appears with the call Boom of the Latin American narrative, been born in the extraordinary years sixty, the author intercross these histories, through the 24 chapters that conform the work. The history of Uranian, for us the main one, before begins when she leaves her oath of not returning more to Santo Domingo, City Trujillo. Thus, it appears crossing his streets. All the chapter one is transformed into an inventory of place-names, until arriving at which outside its house during his first 14 years of life: Caesar Nicholas Penso, Galvn Corner. Front to this site, overwhelmed with memories, the mind of the personage elaborates everything an inner monologue, to overcome the conflict that considers to him before the decision to raise and to see its father.

World United

Between the 2002 and 2008 JN it was four times finalista of the Emmy International, Caravan JN and the accident in the airport of Congonhas in July of 2007 had been some of the editions that had led to this prize. One of the chapters most emotive is Good bye of Great Personalities. In six Bonner pages it counts the trajectory of the journalistic covering made for the Pope Joo Pablo II that it starts in October of 1996 and after having received aid from Brazilian nuns to obtain to carry through its news article, it locks up, to the living creature in the Vatican, with good bye of the esteem Pope more than the world already had. The tenth second chapter in the sample as the journalist profession can be challenging. Histories on the Pantry that had made William Bonner to repeat innumerable times the phrase: ' ' Where he is voc' ' , the covering of the elections presidencies of the United States and the coincidences that left the reporters and the transmissions with a determination climate are examples of challenges faced for the reporters of the periodical.

Great Events and the Objective of the JN. In this chapter they appear some critical common, done for the viewers, placed for the writer in relation to the programming of the National Periodical at times of Pantry of the World and Elections, for example. The aspect of that the viewing wait that the National Periodical is a species of daily of certain event also is shown, making with that let us see the positive side of if giving to greater importance and covering to the events that involve other places beyond Brazil. To present the periodical, to the living creature, of another place of the world left of being newness at least since 1992? during the Conference of United Nations on the Environment and the Development.