Choosing A Perfume

When we decided to buy a perfume brand, it is necessary to consider certain factors that will influence the final quality of the product you are looking for. The final bouquet, comprising the combination of all the fragrances that are involved in product development, plus the way in which they interact with the same person’s skin is only one component that should influence a smart purchase. The concentration of the fragrance is another factor that can turn what looked like an excellent buy in a business not so good … The extract is without doubt the most powerful in terms of concentration of fragrance and durability of it. The extract was prepared in concentrations ranging from 18 to 40%, so with a minimum amount sufficient to give a very intense aroma. Do not apply directly from the bottle, or your fingers, but with a mere touch of the bottle cap is more than enough.

Otherwise, especially with floral and sweet fragrance, can be cloying. Is applied on the wrists, and part back of knees and ankles. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. It lasts for about 7 hours. The Eau de Parfum, perfume or water has a concentration slightly lower, between 10 and 19%. It is recommended for daily use, unlike the extract, which is recommended only for the night, heat and sunlight affect it further. The Eau de Toilette or toilet water is made based on concentrations even lower, between 5 and 10% aromatic oils, 2% of essence, and the alcohol used is usually 70 degrees, unlike the extract perfume and water for the preparation of which alcohol is used to 90 degrees. This product can be applied over clothing, rather than on the body, and lasts about 3-5 hours.

Finally, the Eau Fraiche, or cooling water, is considered the ideal complement for those who are active outdoors. Contains only a 1 to 3% of essence, and usually do not contain alcohol, to avoid stains on the skin. It can be applied several times a day. Knowing this, before buying a product should advice what kind of perfume is, given that its composition will directly influence their performance and application.