Earth Castle

A great Earth roar is listened to shakes, is abre, it feels as if this world stopped existing, is there where it emerges, a great castle is listened to a sound between roar and harmonious, similar castle, seems I throw of crystal, the tremor finishes with the construction of the crystal castle, seems that all this peacefully, but nevertheless has begun. It is let hear the door of the castle, like squeaking between mohecido by the time which has not pardoned, the Guardians emerge some figures manage themselves to see by where he is, their stamp is of Death for all that one that he dares to try to arrive fences from the crystal castle. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter. The horizon the villages are surrounded in flames the horses run desperate, the villagers die, the children cry it abra hope for the future? The women take desperate their children, the night becomes does violence to the heat of the flames crushes the heart of this humble people you beg, them, the pain, does not matter for the aggressors, the wind stops the firing, the ashes leave sadnesses, a young flood of weeping I know grasps hopelessly to the body of its mother moving it with the hope that is on the awares but nevertheless it does not know that it to deceased, feels the heat of the flames but does not wish to separate of the body of its mother it abra hope for the future? The dawn is surrounded after desolation. Different young people from diverse parts of the east little by little do not arrive after several years from hard training at some from them the life has not been right nor either benevolent a young call Jan Gar arrive at the village obtaining to see the destruction located in that one place, incline their face, do not manage to support that one scene, low of their horse I know Inca like act of respect for fallen people, a horse and with him is listened to the arrival of a man. David Delrahim shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.