It is amazing the beauty of the black angel and the caryatids supporting the roof. Without a doubt is the float that more me He impressed. (the dummies were created with such realism by Falla teachers of Valencia that seemed they breathed..) Another of the most beautiful floats is the Imperial, this was the last that did a service. It was that moved the remains of the Mayor of Madrid, exc…Mr. Tierno Galvan.

Tells me my guide out of the Museum was a nightmare, because who in addition to its great weight, had to dismantle several pieces very carefully and once finished the service before replacing it in its original location. A curious fact is the previous work that had to do with the wheels. As you can see in the pictures the wood is covered with iron and so that iron is not out of place in the long-haul, had to be several days damping them so that they fit into the metal sleeve. So I was done routinely, but it tells me that it took many nerves until they saw that everything had gone perfectly. The color purple Gothic coach, is also beautiful since it used to be used in the times lent at Easter. However the white Goth is of extreme delicacy. Also pulled by white horses and as I told you before was destined to the maidens and children. Curious is the carroza-estufa whose roof and its four sides is armed with a stained glass window edges beveled below there is a showcase very full of different types of carriages pulled by horses, beginning with the simplest, which was intended to the charity and the burials of the poor.

Look at the detail of the Angels with outstretched hand begging. And the last 7 carriages represent the entire range of services among which the locals chose which was more appropriate depending on the price. There are also other three floats aimed at transferring to family members. I leave for the final float – spider, its name comes from the shape that has the dome that covers it and from here it departed they called the caza-aranas, responsible for the funerary of made to the own Josep in a very small town appointed him on one occasion this way. You are now in disuse at the end of the tour we already have 3 motor vehicles including Buick, with enrollment of Madrid which ceased to be used in the 1976 post that was expensive to maintain with the oil crisis. Without a doubt, a visit of the most interesting that I have made in recent months and that I recommend. You are going to enter a care, lit dimly, space that it smells of wax and history and you will automatically transported to another era.