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Tour Tecnologica

The union of interests of young people for sustainable construction and women by the cultivation of organic seeds was the original engine of technological tour and training a couple of weeks ago were 14 people in the Argentine town of El Bolson. The initiative was promoted within the framework of the Aysen Reserva of life program that drives the private corporation for the development of Aysen (Codesa) with support of the Avina Foundation, and which seeks the construction of a sustainable economic, social and cultural model for the region. The promoters of the initiative explained that the diversity of the delegation had a specific goal: unite knowledge of adults who work the Earth with new people who want to start this process. Share experiences, and learn new skills and reevaluate the ancients noted Veronica Venegas, Coordinator sociologist of the tour. not as a source, but as a related topic. The Trade Union Association of rural women sought among its members to a representative group of stakeholders, who participated from 17 to 22 February in the course of Autoproduction of seeds.

In this way contributed to work that long time comes performing grouping with the support of the Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario and Prodemu Foundation, under the prism of food sovereignty which is the ability of the peoples and communities of their agrarian self-sufficiency, respecting ecosystems, the peasant culture and taking the food as a right and not a commodity. Meanwhile, the Aysen Region Permaculture group, composed of young ayseninos, from 15 to 20 February took the course of natural building called Bioconstruyendo Patagonia. In both cases the training was carried out at the farm of the center of research, development and education in Permaculture (CIDEP) of El Bolson. The tour included visit various workshops and local artisans and producers of this town.;Partition break in to Munoz (Cerro La Virgen) delegacionidia Flor Troroncoso alle SiSimon), N Noelia Ovando (Cerro La Virgen), Josefina OvandoAG), EdEvina Trorooso (Manihihues), OcOidia Sanandoval (port Ingiero I Ibanez), Marta Silva (erto or Aysen peace Hernrndez (Coyhyhaique), Venica I Ieta (Coyhyhaue), MMarcela Carsco (Coyhyhaue), EuEufemia Godoy (Cerro the Vien), M CuCurinao (erto or Aysen) riam, rtin Hararann (Coyhyhaie) and exis ElEleta (Coyhyhaique).


The pollution is for my studies, what it leads to low the humidity of air. The pollution leads to the heating and the heating leads to lower the humidity of air. On account of the humidity to be water, the more hot the temperature of the day, the humidity evaporates diminishing its level in air. Center for Responsible Business is open to suggestions. We can see this making a comparison enters a place close to the water, where it does not have pollution and it has trees and plants spread for all the sides and a place all poluido, burnt and deforested. nvolved in the matter. Air certainly is not the same e, has certain difficulty to breathe in the poluido place, therefore there, the humidity is low. With the pollution and the low level of humidity, the risks of damages the health is bigger, increasing the attendance in health ranks and hospitals. Damages the health caused by low the humidity: Irritation, migraines in the eyes, nose, throat or in the skin; dry throat, voice rouca; disruption of vesos of the nose, provoking bleed and greater easiness to contract viral, alrgica conjuntivite and syndrome of the dry eye, and others. But however, it has some ways of prevention for this problem and there some tips go: to *Fazer selective collections; *No to poluir rivers; *No to make burnt in strips of land; *No to play in any place material as batteries, stacks, and others..

Childcare Allowance For Infants

Is the childcare allowance really as good as it seems? Now it is so indeed valid. 150 Of the German State this month given the childcare allowance for parents who give their child in a daycare. An aspiring educator some questions me there. In itself, I find it a good idea that parents will receive some form of “recognition” for this will watch 24 hours a day on their children that they care for them and are there for them. But you must really get money for it? If I opt for a child, then I must be in my opinion clear from the outset that the child will need me just in the first few years. Thus secured not only a lot of sleepless nights, no, a child is a significant cost in our day and age. For many parents it may seem so positive at the first moment, to get money for the “educate” the own breeding, but educators and daycare so not for 150 be replaced? Somehow, it feels Childcare allowance this for me more so, as you would desperately seek a way out, to to push his promise for the KiTa-seats in the background.

So, parents should actually have a right to a kindergarten place for their child. This project was due to lack of personnel and increased costs but doomed early on. It had really only something positive come up, to the young couples again encourage children to get to, but how something can be promised, what cannot be met? Despite this supposedly tasty financial incentives, the birth rate in Germany goes back further. Since it’s apparently also no to offer potential parents more and more money. Nothing is actually with the parents money. OK, the young couples who have children, gratefully accept this offer, but whether this is now strictly an incentive to put children into this world is now even so then.

Power Plant Construction

Weyregger underwater professionals in Albania asked to secure the power supply in Albania, Verbund Austria built with his daughter? scaffolding Ashta Energji two River power plants in the North of the country. For this job the executing contractors took the Weyregger professional diver in the boat, now working on the construction of the power stations of Astha1 and Astha2 in near the capital Tirana. Steffan Lehnhoff is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “The River was diverted for the construction of the power plant. However, still a high ground water level here is in the dried River basin know-how is in demand. New-Investment-from-Prudential-Financial.html’>Financial Solutions Lab. Just we manufacture water a concrete slab for the run power plant Astha1″, explains Alois men, Managing Director of Nautilus dive company. Dive professionals in use the construction site in Albania requires the divers a lot off: so are currently six divers almost around the clock, the underwater work will continue until the end of September. And for that much material is needed: pontoons, container and all the equipment, the divers for underwater applications need, were delivered in three semi-trailer trucks to Albania. The Nautilus dive company has worked up in recent years to the Austrian market leader in the professional diving.

Now, more than ten professional divers with special tools and its own fleet to the value of more than 250,000 euros perform difficult jobs under water. Austrian Know-How Project Manager Dipl.-lng. Karlheinz s has brought the diver from Upper Austria to Albania: “we place emphasis on quality and it is important to have a good team in place,” says the Manager. So, are also still more Austrian companies such as about a known Grazer engineering group for the steel-water construction and a concrete manufacturer with an own concrete work on-site to give their best in the hot and often not simple conditions. Nautilus dive company Nautilus dive company is a specialty company that operates in the fields of Wassserbau, professional diving, construction diving and underwater work. Another business field is the placement of dive trips for two Safari boats “Nautilus One” and “Nautilus two” site in the Maldives.

Press Service

In principle, this much: Imagine, for example, the window height and width of 2 to 3 meters – almost an entire front wall medium-sized room in a city apartment. But even a simple window can be made "a little more." Today, there are solutions, For example, shtulpovy window profile proplex, allowing to make designs without vertical partitions separating them apart. In this case, two shutters have a common opening: a closed one of them fixed up and down with using the so-called shtulpovogo mechanism, while the latter, in turn, comes with it engaged. Opening a window of a warm summer day, you can relax in nature without leaving the walls of his house. There are the windows with shutters and shtulpovymi practical benefit: they allow us to make the house, for instance, big pieces of furniture that does not pass through the door. From form to content Thus, we examined the structural features of non-standard windows. However, sometimes design intent and assumes a non-standard inner contents of the window, and in the literal sense. It is a stained-glass windows.

These intricate decorative elements often found in buildings belonging to the number of samples fundamental architecture. At the same individual housing construction, until recently, these "refinements" were a novelty. But today the situation has changed: modern technology has made the window with a picture available to the general mass of consumers. "In recent years, has spread the technology which makes use of stained glass films – says Sergei Evdokimov. – A pattern is formed from fragments of film, to be applied to conventional glass. At the seams with both sides bonded lead impost – and stained glass ready.

It is placed inside the glass, thus, the composition is entirely within the sealed chamber, where it is protected from any external impacts. Thanks to modern technology we were able to make their homes in the most real palaces and castles. But if in the past it was only available for election, but now that opportunity has virtually every homeowner with average incomes. So if you want your home was unique, remember: the standard technologies allow to embody and exclusive ideas. Press Service of the Group propleks 1 Self-expanding, self-adhesive elastic sealing tape on the basis of polyurethane foam impregnated with a water repellent composition. Protects the assembly seam against moisture and atmospheric effects. Usually applied for sealing joints with rough surfaces, the installation of windows is used as a sealant, a sealing assembly seam: a place of contiguity window assembly to the opening (butt the wall).


Earning online is one of the possibilities to access what we need and we cannot achieve by Orthodox or traditional work for eight hours or more. What we can do, the projects that we can carry out on the website are many, ranging from providing services, sales, either own or others products, teaching in the case that you are a person educated in any discipline, affiliate programs, etc. One option interesting is to create our own ebook to sell them on the web, we have to agree that everyone has knowledge in certain areas which can be of great help to others, today day is not a secret that the majority of boaters on the internet what actually looking for is information by which anyone can write an ebook and upload it to the web and start earning money. There is plenty of information online concerning forms or modes of making a book, this article so guiare in all parts that make up an electronic ebook: 1 – cover: need a good title to call attention and a chart according to the theme to the theme of his book. Specify logos and a section to enter the book itself, finally and Parthian bottom can place Copyright data and the data of the author. Kidney Foundations opinions are not widely known. 2 Table of contents: actually this is the last page that is created eBook because this page will end up links to the sections or chapters of the book in its entirety. Like the previous page at the bottom, it is advisable to place the same box with the author and copyright data.

3-Introduction: in the introduction you presents and connects readers with the content you will find in the body of the ebook, detail a short summary on the topics dealing. 4. The body of the book: here is where to demonstrate their knowledge on the subject which develops, you have to explain it step by step and generally divide it into sections as necessary so that it can be understood as you want. Depending on the software that use for gathering although generally most accepted it, include graphics, videos and links to the web so that you have total interactivity. 5. Recommended resources: in this section you can add addresses or links where you can find more information regarding the subject of the ebook, can also be used to place a subscription form to also have a web site or information bulletins concerning this topic. To promote products, etc.


Today has just been born a murderer from ETA precisely now, somewhere in Euskadi, just born a future murderer of ETA. The environment favorable to terrorism in many towns of the Basque geography, from Elorrio to Oiartzun and Legutiano to Pasaia, favors the formation of future criminals. That child will kill someone within twenty years will be educated at the notion of an idyllic and incorrigible, Euskadi in ikastolas where the only mention to Spain will be as invasive and genocidal, repressive power of an ancient culture and holds in its jails to deserving Basque Patriots of tributes. It will grow with the image of those heroes in their pupils, with their names in streets and squares, the constant demand for his release in Gara, txoznas and other instruments of indoctrination and excited and grateful recipients meet their release. That has been the case in our already long and permissive democracy. The majority of crimes of ETA have not committed during the Franco regime, but after the promulgation of the Constitution of 1978: no less than 34 years ETA terrorist met Franco and his murderous hatred is not, therefore, against any dictatorial regime, but the more than tolerant Spanish democracy.

Why not do away with this repeated broth created terrorist culture to the permissiveness of the State socaire, ETA will continue replenishing every day its deadly strength and will continue being born killers futures. La que se avecina No the title of this article refers to a television programme but to economic disaster scheduled for this fall. Lost time and public money on such erratic and outlandish actions like arranging the summer sidewalks or landscaping crossings of streets, from now again growing unemployment, taxes will increase, GDP will remain in the red, and will reach more inri, influenza a. with an economic setback of ordago. He is not to be alarmist, but prepare ourselves for what comes. One friend, something greater than I, sums it up in a nutshell: will suffer difficulties for which no We were prepared.

Clear that adds my generation already know what living with scarcity. The bad thing is going to be for young people now, accustomed to tuned cars, go running to Berlin or do aesthetics in the operating room: les will not be other than learning to live in a more austere manner. They already see that everything in the crisis does not have to be negative. Maybe, we discovered even more simple ways to be happy. From Pimlico to Arenys de Munt mayors, in principle, are devoted to build sports centers, build write-downs, collect garbage, when such activities are left them short, invent others: from Oleiros named adoptive son Fidel Castro, of Torredonjimeno decreed a weekly day of curfew for males, de Pego imprisoned the municipal gravedigger for attending a demonstration against him somewhat less bizarrefrom Arenys de Munt, Carles Mora, just wants to make a referendum on the self-determination of Catalonia. And it is that feelings are above logic, thereby foster even tiny independence, such as the Bilbao abando, in 1867, Republic or the fictitious from a London Borough in the entertaining film passport to Pimlico. In life everything is possible: from the atomization of the Antilles in 15 countries barely viable, until the union of 50 territories to become the powerful United States. Okay, well. But that, in any case, do not postpone installing municipal sewers.


Fashion is transient and impermanent. What is fashionable today will not be fashionable tomorrow. was not limited fashion in clothes and interior, but also on lifestyle, food and, of course, on the figure. Today, the ideal female figure, is figurNe boyish wonder, the most popular models in the world for several years, is Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, whose body was found the ideal, its parameters are 90-60-89 with growth 180 see these treasured figures 90-60-90, dream large number of women women, but they are within reach only a few. Let's see whether the pursuit of "ideal parameters" of our health and nerves? A slender female figure is not always considered a benchmark. Thus, in ancient times, beautiful women figure could not be considered as such if the woman was not a pleasant roundness. For example, Aphrodite, the ideal of beauty, had a growth of 164 cm, and the parameters of 86-69-93.

So, if you have an average height and similar volumes, congratulations, your figure – standard classical beauty. In the 15th century, fashion was the "noble form" on his chest was not supposed to appear, no bone. And considered the most beautiful long, slender legs with strong snow-white calves. In the 17th century was in fashion and narrow waist & expressive hip. This figure was considered the key to good health and a trouble free delivery. The ideal parameters of the time women were considered the parameters of the growth 98-72-105 156 cm in Russia was the ideal of feminine beauty stately, strong woman.

Such that "a burning house and go down and stop a galloping horse." Hudyshki in Russia were not in vogue than ever. Only in the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the fashion for slim shapes: thin with sloping shoulders, narrow, boyish hips, small waist and small breasts. Beauties of the time were the growth of 160 cm and the parameters of 92-42-90. We showed you how volatile fashion, and if you do not want to be her victim, is to accept yourself for who you are, not forgetting this, that a body that would be in harmony with it, we must take care of. After all, tomorrow is your options may become a canon of beauty for years to come!

Marketing Writers

Once your business of Marketing to in Internet or is established surely you are going to arrive at a point in which you will want or need to externalizar something of your work. Externalizar the writing is a good idea, mainly if you are not very good writing. Dr. Neal Barnard has similar goals. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to find a good writer freelance, so here we give 3 advice to find you to the perfect writer for Marketing through Internet. It looks for in Forums Sometimes the people who dedicate themselves to make Marketing through Internet think that the best place to find writers freelance is in sites like Elancer or Virtual Worker. But in those sites there are cheap writers, good nonwriters.

If you want to find the perfect writer for Marketing through Internet you would have to begin your search in a Forum dedicated to Marketing in Internet. There are many excellent writers in those forums. Some of them are Marketeros looking for income extra and others are writers looking for work opportunities. Anyway, there are many talented writers in these the forums and you would have to be able to find some without problem. It requests Samples To find to a writer in the forums is only the beginning of the election of the perfect writer for Marketing in Internet. Before you contract a person would be good that you requested samples of its work. Asegrate to have at least 2 samples of the work of each writer.

Besides looking for perfection in spelling, grammar and score, also you must consider that the style of the writer wears and so you look for. It reads the samples and asegrate that the writing and the narration are fluid and what your really you want and serves like content for your page or blog to you. One assumes that the samples that the writer gives to you are their better work, therefore must not have in them no error. If you find some it is better than you look for another person who does the work. Pon Attention to the Way To communicate The last advice to find to the perfect writer for Marketing in Internet is to put much attention to the way that uses these to communicate. That is to say, to read carefully the post office that they send to you (must not have errors) and to read his posts to check that correctly they are written. You look for a writer who is proud of his work, and that would have to be reflected in which there are errors neither in the post office nor in posts. Following these 3 advice you would have to be able to find a good writer in very just a short time. Original author and source of the article