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There are eight small bones that make up the wrist at the end of the RADIUS and ulna. However small that these bones are, they cannot be moved! Rotates the wrist or salutes and check it. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Childrens Defense Fund by clicking through. The central part of the hand consists of five different bones. Each finger of the hand is made up of three bones, except the thumb, which only has two. So between your wrists, hands and fingers, you have a total of no less than 54 bones, all prepared to help manipulate things, write your name, pick up the phone or throw a ball! Legs for granted that bones of arms, wrists, hands and fingers are fabulous to pick up the phone, but how is that you must get close to the device to answer it? Obviously, with the bones of the legs and feet! The legs are attached to a circular group of bones called the pelvis. The pelvis is a structure shaped bowl that holds the spinal column. It is composed by two large hip in the front part bones and sacrum and the coccyx at the back. The pelvis acts as a strong hard ring of protection around parts of the digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system.

The bones of the legs are very large and strong to help support the body weight. The bone that goes from the pelvis to the knee is called femur and is the longest bone in the body. In the knee, there is a triangular shaped bone called the kneecap, which protects the joint. There are other two bones below the knee: the tibia and the fibula. Like the three bones of the arm, the leg are wider at the ends than in the part medium, which gives them greater strength. The structure of the ankle is a little different from the wrist; It is where the lower leg bones connected with big foot called the talus bone. There are other six bones near the talus. But the main part of the foot is similar to the hand, with five different bones.

Each toe is composed of three bones tiny, except the big toe, which consists only of two. This makes the total number of bones between feet and ankles 52! The majority of people does not use fingers of toes or feet to manipulate things not to write, but yes uses them to two extremely important things: standing and walking. If not collaborate all the bones of the foot, it would be impossible to properly maintain the balance. The bones of the feet are structured so that they are almost flat and a bit wide, allowing them to stand. So, the next time that andes remember looking down and give them thanks to the toes!