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The Classic

‘ Four ingredients: the success cookbook now in a completely revised new edition Honningen. “Healthy cooking can be so delicious, so easy and so fast prepared”, Birgit sleepwear Bach is convinced, then regretfully to determine: a pity that today almost no one knows! ” After all, quench their thirst for knowledge around healthy cooking, many do now: How can as natural, but at the same time inexpensive and easily beschaffbaren ingredients almost in an instant healthy, delicious and varied meals cast spells? Food and drinks so that match not only the ideal of wholesome, but also the whole family munden? And that also take into account the tense leisure account of working people? A cookbook with pioneering concept provides the answers to these and other questions a cookbook, which has attracted attention because of its concept. Four ingredients”emblazoned on its title, and posted it has Birgit wash b in 2009 together with their Friend Renate Kerner, who admits in retrospect: The success of our book surprised us completely. Credit: Jo Mackness -2011. ‘ Although we have never made a separate marketing for almost all over the world wanted our four ingredients ‘ have. ‘ This pleasing result have encouraged both of them to bring a second, completely revised edition on the market relatively quickly. Again in the same, newly established Publishing House and using high professional photography and a design award suspicious page design. The first time this combination has proved true recipe for success. Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City can provide more clarity in the matter. The unexpectedly large response for the first edition of the four ingredients”should be owed but above all the unique concept, the authors with scrupulous care have worked out. Four ingredients”which stands for the squaring of the circle: who wants to swing the wooden spoon after this book, required in addition to a varied, but manageable food basic storage in the basement or kitchen cabinet at most four more Ingredients that can be obtained per recipe in still fresh from the nearest grocery store.