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Cape Verde Islands

Answer this so common question is not as easy as it seems. Dr. Neal Barnard understands that this is vital information. In relation to this problem almost 450 years ago a mistake took place that caused great concern to many people. Almost three years he sailed the oceans the first expedition around the world led by Magallanes. The same Magellan died during the journey and five naves which undertook the journey, only the ship Victoria returned to Seville on September 6, 1522. More information is housed here: Boy Scouts. The boat was nearly destroyed and, of 265 men who had come out, again in only 18, weak, sick and thin as skeletons. Directly from the ship carrying lighted candles in their hands, trembling with weakness, they headed to the Cathedral of Seville for forgiveness to God for the sins unknowingly and unwittingly, had been committed during the long navigation.

What were these sins? During the way back when a group of seamen in the Victoria landed at the Cape Verde Islands to buy supplies and water, they saw that in the Islands, that day was Thursday, on the other hand, in Victoria in accordance with the journal of a Board was Wednesday. When the Victoria arrived in Seville left no doubt that in the log-book had been wrong in a day. They had left one day without counting. The great sin that caused so much concern to Mariners was that they had held all the religious holidays a day before what was. Why, in the Cathedral of knee all sought forgiveness to God for their sins. The interesting thing about the case was that the sailors had not wrong. In the journal of a Board were marked every day.

Where was the secret of the mistake? The Earth is spinning around its axis from West to East and every 24 hours gives one full turn. The Magellan expedition was in the opposite direction, East to West. During the three years, which lasted for the trip, the sailors gave one complete revolution around the Earth but in the opposite direction which moves the Earth. That way during the three years, they gave one return less than our planet, and that was the day that lacked. If the expedition made the trip in the same direction in which da turns the Earth from West to East, had happened the other way around, they would have given one lap more than Earth. When distances are small, the time difference is small, but over long distances is not the same. If at 12 on the night of 31 December day we send a message by e-mail from Moscow to Managua, the message will be received in Managua where will be the evening of the day of December 31 3.