The Enigma Of Existence

Interestingly, be able to observe the different reactions, that same fact can generate, on the response capacity of the people involved. Life we build affects our relationship with others, lived experiences, i.e., the cumulative situations which have been actors, either on a voluntary basis when authors or co-authors of them have been involuntarily when events generated by third parties we involve either our good or to bear their consequences. What we call our lives, even though we live in close relationship with persons who understand our environment, which are part of the social fabric of our everyday relationships, it can not be seen as the consequence of a behavior Padron, shaped by the common circumstances that supposedly we have been forced to accept, either by subjugation or voluntary restraint. When we are aware that our existence is related in the evolution of the events the existence of other beings, other selves I am forming a constellation of one-person entities that do not always achieve dominate the course of their orbits, colliding, one against the other, when the effect of this encounter is harmonic, often say that it has caused the detachment of some mysterious substance, that we have captured some chemistry that draws us to the one toward the other. These attractions, can be kept for long periods, even a lifetime. When this meeting occurs in adverse, conflicting circumstances, immediately we activate our defense mechanisms, we are on guard, suspicious, aggressive and/or fearful, trying to justify such action, with the argument that such a person has very bad vibes. Such moments of perception of our human condition, which, as we have said many times, is essentially social, and, for this reason, extremely permeable to the events unfolding, uninterruptedly, in this big stage showcasing the drama of the journal live, in the which, all, we interpret our own role following a libretto improvised by the shared circumstances.