The Prices

Do not buy stocks at the end of the year because it is usually an increase in prices and cost them more expensive. Best time to buy shares in this January, when there some decline in prices. But this does not mean that within a year disadvantageous to the purchase and sale of shares.

Buying shares at a price less than $ 1 note, how many of these stocks are bought and sold. Nieman Lab may help you with your research. If this number amounts to several tens of thousands, then I would not advise them to buy, because even a small profit that you want to get make you wait long queues for sale. But it’s up to you. Buy shares of world famous companies, which are heard everywhere and you know. For example: Microsoft, Ford, Xerox and dr.No while also not forget to look at a graph of the prices of these stocks for the week, month, quarter or year, 2 years to make up proper representation and to maximize the safe side. But the risk still exists, it must be remembered, so do not neglect to the top of my advice, especially the first three.

If you wish to immediately sell your shares, we should look for how much they want to buy a partner, standing first in line to buy. If you are satisfied with the price – to sell. Do not panic if your shares are falling for a long time. Remember that the day will come when they will go up. And your small investment will help you educate yourself with patience and forbearance. Because you have nothing to lose. Do not sell shares at a price lower than that for which you bought them. In addition, gradually accumulates knowledge by reading and studying popular literature, getting used to the vocabulary of exchange terms, which can be easily found on the Internet. Later you can move on to more complex and serious problems related to the work of the exchange. ps I suggest you use these tips into practice. So you will have interest in the study of literature, but otherwise you’ll be tangled up in terms of large, obscure texts, mainly targeted at people who know. You may be immediately alienating. And again you tell yourself that it’s not for you and it’s hard. You are worse than those who engaged in this business? You are not stupid, and maybe even smarter than many. Only you do not have some knowledge that if you wish you can purchase. So go! Go ahead! Do everything with a ‘mind’, thinking, analyzing, and all you get. I guarantee you that.