Wedding Planning

Good planning is needed to have the wedding of your dreams and everyone wants that day everything goes as you have always dreamed. Few destinations can be so exciting, romantic and memorable for having a wedding as the Marriot Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. Organize your wedding can be overwhelming, since you yourself must be taking care of all the details. Therefore, counting with the experience of a well qualified and certified wedding planner, can be invaluable. A good Planner must take all your needs into account to design the perfect wedding for you and your partner, including from the best budgets to locate the perfect entertainment for your reception, until the best florists and photographers.

When planning your big day, you will need to find a variety of services and amenities, as well as beautiful landscapes in places of Miami Beach Weddings. The Marriot Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach is the choice indicated to have a memorable day, because it offers you from the renowned and magnificently elegant ballrooms, up to beautiful tropical areas outdoors for thrilling receptions. In addition to a large hotel and an expert wedding planner certificate, you must have additional help to prepare for any other additional consideration you may need at your wedding, including kosher food. There is no reason to not have the beautiful and wonderful wedding has always dreamed of. To choose Marriot Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach, you can be sure that your wedding in Miami Beach will be everything you have always wanted. From a first class service to first class facilities for you and your guests. It will be a day you will always remember.