Par Grain History

LUCIA HELENA PINE SERRO MAGALHES PROJECT BELM. ITS ENCHANTMENTS, ITS COLORS, ITS FLAVORS. BELM-PAR 2012 JUSTIFICATION To divulge the culture paraense is of basic importance for all the inhabitants of this recognized city as point of fond for the colonizadores that Portuguese. Cultural landmark for the construction of the Belm city, or better, of Belm of the Par Grain as is called, or same, Paris n America as she was known in the golden times of the rubber. By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard. Composed for illustrious large houses, today the majority overthrown for the common wealth.

Belm nothing more is of what the granary of memoriveis architecture of colors and flavors that make the difference. To speak of Belm, suggests more than a performance, but, one differentiate. Therefore, we find of basic importance to bring for the study of the pupils this so pretty history of the city. Prioritizing our history and the valuation of our culture. Belm is rich in quantities and building descriptions as: the house of the eleven windows, the church of If, the Orquidrio, the theater of the peace, etc. Without also counting the exotic species of our fruits with differentiated flavors and, for our typical plates, today so divulged in the national axle. To work with this infinity of quantities will serve so that the pupil and also, the society of the school perceives how much the rescue of our history is important.

Favoring the learning, to break, of works lived deeply for the pupils, being stimulated the indispensable reading and writing, proposals the formation of the pupil. Thus, the project will all follow per the school year, as proposal pedagogical of all the series, with works considered from the planning defined for each group. GENERAL OBJECTIVE To recognize the city of Belm as focus of learning, being valued its culture, its enchantments and its flavors.