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Conditions were this to educate them to socially committed and responsible citizens of their country. In the children’s village St. Helene in Haiti currently 472 children and young people include the FAMI-lie by our little brothers and sisters. Father Richard Frechette, head of this kin derdorfs, reported first-hand the damage caused by the hurricanes in the a direction of the children’s village. As roofs were torn down, shattered Windows, rooms were flooded and damaged the water and electricity system. Haiti aid could in the past few weeks already around 200.000 euros who collected-the. During the annual meeting donations amounting to over 4,000 euro came together again, that after the return of father Frechette more repairs can be carried out. For more donation account 12 000, BLZ 660 205 00 social Bank Karlsruhe, keyword: Haiti relief, is the Association is very grateful.

Father Frechette was accompanied by Augusnel OSME Jean Nebez Augustin Denise Waldner, three former home children, and Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, a doctor of the children’s Hospital St. Damien in Chateaublond. While the former pequenos reported on their experiences and their work in the children’s village, Gautier Dr. illustrated the dramatic situation in the health care in Haiti.

The St. Damien medical team treated more than 25,000 children and youth various annually, mostly free of charge, since most Haitians cannot afford any medical treatment. About 3,000 children must be stationary recorded per year and supplies. For these treatments, we need lots of power and money. I would like, that we still more professional help he-hold, concluded her remarks Dr. Gautier. The annual meeting ended with two beautiful gestures: the Berliner Erika Hoffmann asked guests not to relax their assistance. In addition to their regular contributions, she has the Club considered in her will. My kids keep me young and fit and I am happy to be able to help there, where the need is greatest, so the citizen. Finally, he attacked Haiti Ambassador’s just determined to guitar and sang a Haitian folk song together with his fellow countrymen great acclaim.