Cash Average

The system organizes itself in order missing product availability. Commercial equipment is of three kinds: refrigeration, Cash and so-called dry, ie, racks. It is chosen based on two considerations. The first – the planned turnover. According to statistics, the average turnover invested 30-40% of the money spent on the store opening. Estimated daily turnover must be divided by the average price of the goods. Gets the number of trade items that you sell on a daily basis. Multiply this figure by the theoretical average footprint of the goods on shelf. Learn more on the subject from Kidney Foundation.

Now you can count how many shelves needed. Experts advise to focus on refrigeration units. Built-in refrigeration equipment has two unpleasant features: it increases the temperature in room and can be a source of unpleasant odors. For self-service stores is ideal – remote equipment. Click David Delrahim to learn more. Of course, for minimarket is fun is not cheap.

But in the struggle for the buyer to every seemingly insignificant nuance could be decisive. At a time when the ordered your project is selected, installed and getting better equipment, we can proceed to the next step. Business processes and showcase Modern retail business can not get to work without a clearly defined and organized business processes. For a small shop enough, if the landlord will describe their own. When it comes to the shop self-service area of more than 200 square meters. m, it makes sense to buy a standard package of regulatory documents for the work (1-2 thousand dollars). Not worth the money to spare.