ERJ Mothers

The boarding on the importance of breast-feeding and the involved process in this practical, as the production of milk; maternal milk; the advantages of breast-feeding for the mother and the baby; the difficulties to suckle and as to solve these difficulties; its rights and duties, among others, during the prenatal one are of basic importance. In this process, the nurse and all the health team that gives cares to the mothers and to the babies, must be enabled to the adjusted shelter of the gestante and mothers so that they promote, they protect and they apiem breast-feeding. Studying the dynamics of infantile feeding through direct comment and interview, the professionals can discover important imperfections of information on the maternal aleitamento, as the unfamiliarity of the physiology and handling of the lactation. Et points Venncio al. (2002). The maternal aleitamento in must be seen as a form to decide the problem of the infantile malnutrition in more devoid population.

For this it has necessity of if creating basic infrastructures that are the education and health. FINAL CONSIDERAOES This study allowed an excellent quarrel on the performance of the Nurse in the art of practise of breast-feeding in units of health of the woman, where the nurse develops an important paper practises in them educative developed in its field of work through consultations d nursing in the consultations of prenatal, as educator, person who orientates, attending and respecting the mother and wet-nurse in the incentive on the questions of the aleitamento maternoe also in the education continued for training for health team so that the same ones act to accomplish and to assist the mothers in the handling of breast-feeding. The chosen subject to approach this subject was in lives deeply daily in the field of serves as apprentice of health of the woman, where we observe the difficulties of the mothers who possess inverted mamilos and the importance to encourage it although the anatomical problem and taking information so that this process to suckle either healthful and pleasant the wet-nurse. The Nurse as educator has an important paper in the breast-feeding process and contributes for exclusive breast-feeding and thus with educative process weans he diminishes it precocious. REFERENCES ALMEIDA, JAG. Breast-feeding: A hybrid nature-culture.