Exclusive Leather

Nanai the company from Bischofsmais is only producer of leather from salmon skins worldwide that chromium-free gerbt 100prozent and based on vegetal dyes. Additional information is available at Center For Responsible Lending. nanai is innovator and only German Nanai leather manufacturer in the industry. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is actively involved in the matter. The company developed a process to enhance salmon skin, so far, a byproduct of the processing of salmon, at the highest level on ecological base tanning and dyeing and pigmentation and characteristic structure of the skin are preserved in several years research. Nanaileder offers a unique exotic appearance and guaranteed versatile possibilities without having a bad conscience as opposed to leather of types-protected species. \”\” nanai the origin In Eastern Siberia, on the lower reaches of the Amur River, the 4,500-mile Black Dragon River, lives for millennia the indigenous people of the Nanai the Golden. Since time immemorial has a vital importance for the art of fish skin tanning.

The durable leather was used in the boat, tent and bag manufacturing and production religious objects, such as jewelry and clothing, whose broadcasting should give effect to the rituals of shamans. This unique craftsmanship and the traditional origin of the tanning process Sam were inspiration for the company. Sam, the innovation for the company from Bischofsmais was clear from the beginning that this unique art of fish leather tanning may not fall into oblivion. In search of the roots of research many years together with the Nanai. Together with the descendants of the Nanai and tech-savvy tanning specialists, the traditional procedure could be reconstructed and optimized in numerous series of tests. Nanaileder is manufactured in a completely new, multi-tiered and environmentally friendly process. Multi-year research and highly developed technologies ensure, maintain the skin’s natural structure. A balancing act, the nanai masterfully mastered and scored with his organic tanning methods, excellent product properties. The original idea for the production of Nanaileder was created in the parent company, the largest salmon cultivators the world, Laschinger GmbH / Morpol S.A..