First Knowledge, Later Profit

Success is a vacant term. Its true meaning must be determined by each individual. Because? Each one of has in them its proper vision of what it means success. On the other hand the success opposite only can be defined only by a thing: it is when we specialize in them in the small things of the life and not in most important. It leaves to explain me.

If somebody to manage our resources with an acceptable return this will be probably the choice made in detriment of proper you to learn to manage its resources. If some thing to happen with this person you lose the return that it provided. You can not agree to this, but she now sees for this another angle. Let us assume that you already are operating in the market per some years without really reaching a consistency of longed for profits. If somebody offers one to it ' ' newsletter' ' with market tips that provide the return that you long for, which you will be its natural trend? At least the majority of the people it would be inclines to change the laborious effort to continue the process of learning for instantaneous solution. But if you will be able to notice that the gotten profit a gotten time will be in the past forever to the step that the used knowledge to obtain the profit could be used innumerable times in the future, will have great possibility to take the decision correct. The famous Chinese proverb illustrates this well: ' ' He gives a fish for a man and you he will have killed its hunger per one day, Teaches this man to fish and you will have killed its hunger forever ' '.

My position is that you learn to fish, therefore nobody will take off this of you. This does not mean that you cannot accept the favour fish when this to happen. I am only saying that all the other options me seem to have plus a temporary character, even though these softwares robots that make operations in the market automatically, can function for some time or in determined situations, but not permanently. Marcelo Gonalves Gameiro (Forex to trader since 2004) email: