King Luis

Before, and in lines apart, deserves special mention the murder of Wallenstein Czech when he tried to contact the Swedes to save his head. Discovered, a captain in name murdered Devereux on February 25, 1634. As well you their senior services rendered to the nation would be paid. The French intervention: the last chapter of a war Prague agreement smote even in its most sensitive fiber the rulers of countries enemies to the Holy Roman Empire. If more infighting in the country no longer exist, the power of the Habsburgs, already spread throughout Europe, would secure threaten other Nations. Cardinal Richelieu, considering them too powerful, is allied with Sweden and the United provinces (Friesland, Groningen, guelders, Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht and Zealand) empires that watched with horror as the Germans recobraban its old power and extended its military and commercial power. Visit BSA for more clarity on the issue. They then resolved to declare war. This is the most confusing stage of the war and also the bloodiest.

For many reasons, the armies of almost all European countries participated in the race, which brought economic ruin to their villages, many in a shocking pittance. This period of operations It generated the birth of different pestilent whose strength exhausted Empires, fighting both externally and internally. The struggles began in France, thanks to reprisals that initiated Spain, territory Habsburgo, in the spring of 1636. French champagne and Burgundy regions were destroyed and Paris, threatened, was aided by Saxon and Swedish troops who defeated the Habsburgs at the battle of Compiegne (France) in 1637. The new war, which worsened over the following years, had a small break after almost successive death of its principal actors. Ferdinand II, died February 15, 1637; the intriguing Cardinal Richelieu (the same stories of the Musketeers) died on 5 September 1642 and King Luis XIII, expired a year later. The sum of these deaths took force to the strife, which had to follow some more years by game of inertia and ambition.