Kingdom Return

Some have simple inscriptions as the date of birth and a person’s death but others have legends about cogedoras as the family who says goodbye to his father in simple terms and significant memories of your wife and children, nothing will fill the vacuum that let us. You will always live in our hearts. Or the who, through the brief legend writes a world of meanings: until then, dad. You don’t say goodbye because someday we will meet again. Cemeteries remind this way hope in the resurrection of the righteous. Before that were planted in our hearts faith in a wondrous and definitive return to life, the places where are buried the dead were called necropolis (the dead city). Cemetery, on the other hand, comes from the Greek koimeterion or bedroom in Spanish.

In the bedroom he rests in body (body only) of those who someday, to the father’s will, they will return from their long sleep and they refunded the Kingdom of those who will never know death. Now, with the maturity of who has explored the eldest of the elders teaching, we can say that the dead not going to a city inhabited only by them, not even to the bedroom where the bodies lie placid despite the impetus of history. The dead, will really go to the presence of God, in an inevitable return to true paternal House. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature. Original author and source of the article