Nobel Peace Prize

The average temperature of surface waters of the lake since 1946, rose to 1.21 degrees Celsius. In Costa Rica, experts are sounding the alarm about the negative impact of global warming on development of mammals. Dr. Neal Barnard has much to offer in this field. Many inhabitants of wildlife die en masse in the hottest time, from 70-ies. Researchers found that the responsibility for these ‘crimes’ is first and foremost to climate cataclysms of nature. For example, this type of poisonous mushroom as ‘Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis’ becoming more violent it is under the influence of global warming. Only in recent years, 23 species of fauna are on the verge of extinction, including including one of the few ‘golden’ toad.

An interesting statement about global warming on the planet has done this week won the Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai . According to her, women suffer from global warming and climate change more than men. And this is due primarily to the fact that women are tied to place and more dependent on nature and natural resources – water, earth and plants. She noted that the men – case of adverse climate change – able to go to other areas or even in another country, and women are forced to stay there where there is deforestation, droughts and famine. Mushrooms make uranium safe, but are becoming more dangerous to people last week by Scottish researchers published the results of his study, which stated that fungi can “lock” depleted uranium in mineral compounds. Thus, the mushrooms can make a safer use of depleted uranium munitions, got into the environment during the recent military campaigns in the Balkans and Iraq, turning it into harmless chemical compounds.