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Mileage Correction

Furs car there are special service such as mileage and the analog or digital odometer is set by cars and trucks – motorcycles on a number of TV-unlock in the Tachjustierung. It corrects only the storage of the distance in the software at the digital speedometer. In contrast to the provision, in which using a diagnostic instrument not only the number of kilometres, but also the service interval indicator is changed and adapted. Often happens the tachometer setting directly on the corresponding diagnostic interface of the vehicle, at others, the change to the extended combination instrument must be carried out. In Germany, it is illegal but since 2008.

Mileage correction may be made only on used or new speedometers are not been installed in the future vehicle. Many vendors, who can perform a mileage correction, are also in a position to make a TV unlock for the navigation system. (Similarly see: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger ). The TV activation allows the TV function of the To use the navigation system during the ride. So come passenger or other accompanying persons enjoy, to be able to watch TV while driving. The TV function is available at most large and well-known car brands, and thus of course also a TV unlock is possible.

Who is traveling alone a lot, not caused the TV-unlock, because he never uses this function. Tcoyd may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Because it is forbidden for the driver to see during the TV. It is however with the family, and children are cranky on a long drive on vacation, it’s very useful and for everyone relaxing, are distracted by an entertaining television program the children and also the passenger. However, it must be ensured that by the TV-unlock of the driver at any time in his concentration disturbed and traffic is diverted. There are several possibilities, enable the TV activation. There so even provider, which can activate the TV unlock itself. With the TV activation can even enabled and disabled are as many times as you want. Who would like to use the navigation system during the use of the TV function (which Yes also makes sense) must make sure that the correct module is used. It’s not, the navigation function is switched off as soon as the TV function is activated.

Hannelore Herlan

Also, it may cause disability the emergency services. Stay informed: switch on the car radio. Radio stations provide regularly important traffic information. These help realistically assess the situation you and give pointers on how you can shorten the time stuck in traffic. Music for relaxation: listen to music that relaxes you, instead of those that also excites your nerves.

Thus, the time stuck in traffic is more tolerable. Plan ahead: with important professional dates back the tension increases when you are in a traffic jam. Plan enough time buffer therefore just before long trips so that you don’t get stuck behind the wheel in stress. And if you got it yet and you get stuck in a traffic jam, you announce in time it your conversation partner; for a small delay, which will be known in time, everyone understands. For more information: DeutscheVerkehrswacht DtVerkehrswacht contact for the press: Hannelore Herlan spokeswoman Budapest str. 31, 10787 Berlin phone: 030 / 516 51 05 20 mobile: 0151 / 16 62 72 75 the German Verkehrswacht belongs to the oldest and largest civic initiatives in Germany. Since its founding in 1924, she works for more security and fewer accidents on our roads today, with more than 70,000 volunteers dedicated. You inform, advise and train safe behaviour on the road with road users of all ages. The target group programmes of the DVW reach about 2.5 million people per year. The DVW financed their actions and programmes with the support of the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development, as well as through membership dues and sponsorship.