The Implementation

But so that we all understand, we are talking about a region of Spain that under certain circumstances occuring in the last almost forty years, the implementation of our recent attempt to be Democrats, means an alteration of the social and economic equilibrium that nearly exceeds all limits of solidarity between Spanish and am not thinking of the economic agreement of that region. As example could cite three points: 1? Not is can be giving public money to families of murderers, while there are shortcomings even greater in families of victims. 2? No public money can be giving or making available certain public buildings to promote acts where are eulogized some murderers, while victims and their relatives have not been eulogized and have not only a recognition but a help and support, I still remember that phrase saying something like: something will be done.

Cannot be available to certain groups, information that require the murderers to commit their crimes or so these, to address their coercion, blackmail, and threats perhaps for this reason, some see clara the outlawing of certain groups, and say that it has reason to exist (the closure) while is not fashion or shape to avoid the misuse of public money, and that can also be information that the different government agencies have that would enable more murders or major distortions to some Spaniards. Perhaps for this reason, it speaks of a lesser evil when we are banning certain groups, in this attempt to establish a democracy in which some still believe. And yet still, there are groups that without being in the dilemma of now if now not leave much to be desired to see how they use the money public and how distributed them among their supporters, but that is much more difficult to amend. Perhaps I differ from you in what it means to be Christian, because for my being a Christian is not just talk, but also to be fair and to a murder do compliance worthwhile, and as you know, here, today and now, to make disappear the killers, is not kill them, but enclose them and maybe with luck see how they met the condemnation and as make efforts to redress to their victims. Although as Christians we have forgiven them.