Pindorama Good

it established in partnership with Rubens de Mendona the Pindorama magazine. Rubens de Mendona produced in the most varied literary sorts very. It was an innovator in the letters weeds-grossenses. For even more details, read what PCRM says on the issue. Its workmanships possess deep description, journalistic or folclricos. We detach this poem of the author: CUIAB Glory you canaan, daring, Paschoal Moreira that one day when leaving to the front wrote the biggest epic of history when of flag of ‘ ‘ Tordesilhas’ ‘ it breaches the dividing line Bird! You Cuiab, good and in high spirits land! That it imports you of bad a transitory fury if pods to be proud the Brazilian Native land ostentanto glory immortal-past Glory Subtle Miguel! Glory therefore your children who in the war or the peace are unaware of Glory to your gold good-glory to your blue sky! Bendita you are, my loved land you that you are of my Brazil the engastada pearl – In full heart of the South America! Also Corsndio Hunter combined it the Modernismo.

Poem author good and also author of workmanships of Right. Agriculturist Breads of Barros wrote modern poems distributing them for periodicals and magazines of the State. Carmindo De Campos left us a book compiled for the cultural foundation. It received the heading from ‘ ‘ Esparsas’ pearls; ‘. thus we had other writers as: Euclides Motta, Alceste de Castro, Lobivar de Mattos, Manoel de Barros, Clodoaldo D? Alincourt Sabo de Oliveira, Amlia Verlangiere and Loyal Francisco of queiroz and many others. IT CHATS: It chats it does not go to be so rich how much the poetry. We had some good romancistas, contistas and historians, however they had produced little. Between them we have Rubens de Mendona that it wrote very suffers historical and folclricos facts, Luis Philipe P.