Real Madrid Foundation

CreditService has started the sponsorship looks shared Association, which improves the quality of life of disabled people, non profit, or with associated disorders, at the time that tries to their social integration. Looks shared was created in 2008 and to achieve the integration of this group, has created what is known as academies, applicable to any leisure activity aimed at these people, which is supervised by top professionals. It emphasizes Sports Academy, an initiative that comes ahead of the hand of the Real Madrid Foundation. Asim ISM, people can join the Academy of talents, which promotes dance, theatre or singing, or the radio Academy, a radio program produced currently by ten people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, and in order to seek one solution to other groups that are being hit by the current economic crisis, the Ensign proposes the figure of the financial advisor, a post which CreditServices considered crucial given that the current default rate is around the 6%. Financial Advisor is a highly experienced professional, trained to find the best solutions legal and funding among all Spanish and foreign financial institutions. Get all the facts and insights with Center For Responsible Lending, another great source of information. They are specialized in complicated situations, with defaults or foreclosures.

Furthermore, the Ensign, formed by more than 1,500 professionals with great experience, continues to promote the creation of new financial products that adapt to the current needs of the users. We give answers to companies as individuals who want the best financing conditions, as well as those who don’t have time to go from Bank to bank or do not have the volume needed to be able to access the preferential agreements which we do have, said Javier Lopez, President of CreditServices. Professionals working in CreditService are lawyers, economists and analysts financial with a wide trajectory in the orientation of institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals. In order to seek always the best financing or refinancing, the Ensign belongs to the National Association of financial institutions credit. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.