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New Miniature Camera

High-definition and true color images from the camera are provided through the use of high-quality CCD-matrix of 795×596 pixels with SuperHAD processor and a digital video signal processing Digital Signal Processor (DSP HQ1) by Sony. Despite small size, miniature camera generates high-quality video with a resolution of 540 TV lines at 0.5 lux illumination before. In the STC-2430 has a function of the automatic gain control (AGC), which prevents the reduction amplitude of the output video signal from the camera if dropped coverage of the surveillance zone and maintains it at a level of 1 V. Dr. Neal Barnard will not settle for partial explanations. In addition to more realistic color reproduction and a miniature camera uses a system Auto white balance (AWB), backlight compensation and gamma correction with a coefficient of 0.45. A distinctive feature of the STC-2430 is its small size: the diameter of the cylindrical body of the chamber 26.4 mm and length 88.39 mm.

The elegant case has a new silver-gray color and is made from durable metal alloy. With this miniature camera is suitable for installation at sites with specific requirements to size of video equipment, not obvious and well fit into any interior space. In high contrast lighting on the object of observation miniature camera automatically activates backlight compensation (BLC). In this instance, the DSP HQ1 equalizes the brightness of individual sections of the frame the camera and compensates for the brightest of them. Thus, by the bright light source (window, glass door, etc.) the object of observation is distinctively marked on the screen.

When choosing a camera Smartec STC-2430 purchase of the lens issue is solved by itself – a miniature camera with a built lens that provides a focal length of 3.6 mm and angle in the horizontal plane 72,5 . Based on the stated specifications, the new camera can be used for general observation in a small room, where a fairly wide viewing angle. The presence of a tiny visor to avoid glare from light sources. New miniature cameras Smartec STC-2430 are now on sale to the Russian market, and can be purchased from the Moscow stock company "ARMO-Systems' is the exclusive distributor of equipment Smartec in Russia and CIS countries. The retail price of the camera is $ 146, including VAT. For more information on the surveillance camera series STC-2430 mark Smartec contact e-mail or by telephone (495) 787-3342 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems", as well as in regional offices, "Armo" or dealers Smartec. Under the brand name Smartec, a wide range of equipment to create classical and IP-based video surveillance of any shape and complexity. The product line includes a variety of surveillance camera (B / W, color and day-night), miniature cameras, dome cameras, 4 -, 8 -, 9 – and 16-channel DVRs, 15-32-inch LCD-monitors, case IP-cameras and dome, varifocal lenses, 1 -, 2 – and 4-channel video servers, video receiver video transmitters and on optical fiber connections, housings, brackets, power supplies, etc.

A Little About Cocktails

Cocktails – challenging the drink, consisting of various alcoholic ingredients with sugar, water and bitters, which usually is also called "bitter sling." This word occurs also in the balance sheet Warehouse Columbia, dated May 13, 1806, almost certainly can be argued that the 'cocktail' was first introduced in America. Coglasno legend, during the War of Independence in America lived Squire Allen, owner Tavern "Grape branch" and a big fan of cock-fighting. Once he discovered the loss of his best fighter, and soon in their small town on horseback rode a young lieutenant, who was holding under his arm precious fugitive. Squire was overjoyed and ordered the return of beloved Daisy prepare young people for the best refreshing drink. Daisy Mix a little bitters and house wine with an impressive portion of Kentucky whiskey added a few chunks of ice, and all raised a toast to the "rooster tail" (Cock's Tail), as Jupiter (the name of a legendary rooster) has not lost a single pen. Then the gallant Lieutenant proposed to call this drink "Cocktail" and through his fellow officers, the news of this refreshing drink spread throughout the army. Another story cocktail "sock ale" (cock's ale) containing alcohol – they fed the birds fighting.

In addition, in the XVIII century a mixture of alcohol drinking and visitors cockfights, to celebrate the victory of their favorites, while the number of drinks mixed in a glass, is consistent with the number of feathers left behind the winner. The French are not willing to concede the palm and the Americans argue that the word "cocktail" is derived from the French "soquetier," which they call the glass in the shape of an egg. In their version, the first man, mixed drinks, was French chemist Antoine Pesho, who lived in New Orleans and served to his guests is by the glass "soquetier." Under this name and became known for his mix. Antique French drink recipe, consisting of several varieties of wine ("Soquetier"), brought to America, General Lafayette, and it happened, according to legend in 1777. Two years later, the drink has to submit its guests Betsy Flanagan of Virginia. It blends was the same color as the tail of a cock and a – hence the name. According to another version Betsy Flanagan was the widow of an American soldier, the owner of the tavern, which is frequented by French soldiers. Betsy's husband died fighting in the armed forces of the colonists.

In order to feed their guests, Betsy stole from a neighbor a few roosters, cooked them, and feathers adorned the cups with the mixture, which the gallant French drink, exclaiming at the same time: "Vive le cock-tail!" (Long live rooster tail!) Many famous cocktails were invented in the late XIX century – a "Mint Julep", "Daiquiri," "Gin Fizz", "Corpse revayver" and "Martini". However, most cocktails appeared in the roaring twenties. January 17, 1920 was a black day for all Americans love miss a glass or two. Ironically, during the period of "dry law" in America are almost no non-drinkers. These were the years of universal desire for pleasure. In the 20s of last century found his cocktail dazzle, becoming a symbol of luxurious living, and these years were included in American history as the era of endless receptions, parties and celebrations.

More Beautiful Goals

In anticipation of the upcoming World Cup brand CLEAR vita ABE launch the campaign “More beautiful goals,” which will be held from 10 May to 31 July 2010 * year throughout the Russian Federation (hereinafter – action). Conditions for participation in the Campaign To take part in the nationwide action “Most beautiful goals!” you need a period from May 10 through June 29, 2010 to purchase one or two packages CLEARvita ABE men ** of 200 or 400 milliliters, with special promotional sticker on the package. After filling out the questionnaire with personal Registration data and a unique bar code on the site you automatically become a member of Equity and be able to get a guaranteed prize – a soccer ball *** and access to download the movie “100 Best Goals world football “, as well as become an applicant to receive one of the main prizes: a TV set and satellite television, most importantly, one of the 40 tables in the sports bar for the final World Cup! Guaranteed prize – a real soccer ball *** You can get if you register two unique bar code. When you register a barcode you can get access to free downloads movie “100 best goals of world football “from the site. Drawing of the main prizes is held every week ****. Buy shampoo CLEAR vita ABE men ** with a special sticker on the package and a chance to win a lot of pleasant and valuable prizes! * In drawing part of the application, sent in the period from 10 May 2010 to June 29, 2010, inclusive. ** For Men *** The first 25 000 people have registered two barcode. **** In accordance with the schedule of draws, set the rules Shares..