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Roman Emperor

In the past, you were responsible, not so easy to identify. In one particularly Emperor Nero the Christians blaming the town fire in A.d. 66 n. CHR. basically was one of the worst offences of a Roman Emperor was a prominent case.

The Christians were not only detained but also publicly tortured and executed. Many eyewitnesses from Rome documented these atrocities. But how could protect themselves from these dangers people in Rome? There are a number of different ways. First and foremost, people had the opportunity to protect themselves over a fire Fund. Fire funds gave people the chance to register their belongings and goods in the form of a house or a building the insurance. By this account, the policyholder was secured and contact could have a damage at the box office. But eventually many of these insurance were sentenced in the long term to fail.

Here, there are a variety of good reasons, because finally, the insurance industry at the time was not as stable as it is today. Of an organized government-controlled insurance industry could certainly not be spoken. First and foremost, logistic problems in the way were the Romans. It had to be charged someone with the collection of contributions. If one of the members was travelling just had to be this documented and later driven up the demand. In addition, the conditions of the insurer were rarely accurately outlined. In some cases the entire possession of the Member was covered, in other cases but only a small part. Basically, it was to get a hedge different ways at different prices. The fire insurance was already at that time the most comprehensive insurance. But ultimately, a mathematical component was missing in this context.

PKV Tariff Change In Unisex Tariffs

Why PKV customers when changing the tariff the new unisex tariffs once avoid if PKV tariff change and unisex tariffs: off 21.12.2012 the private health insurer may sell only the new PKV unisex tariff. All previous, gender will be closed independently calculated a tariff change for new customers. At the same time complemented the PKV tariff change right in the relevant legislation (section 204VVG) to a unisex passage. “Below the exact wording of the corresponding supplement: a change from a tariff where the premiums, regardless of gender is calculated, is excluded in a plan where this is not the case,” This means the car insured persons who perform a PKV tariff change in one of the new unisex tariffs, not one of the still valid regardless of gender calculated PKV plans to return to. By the very unsafe calculation basis the new PKV unisex tariffs, therefore a price change in one of these tariffs is not recommended. PKV customers is therefore recommended, PKV tariff changing first to recommend the current regardless of gender calculated health insurance rates. After an establishment of new unisex tariffs, as well as an analysis of the corresponding contribution histories within these tariffs, PKV tariff switching in a unisex tariffs for car insurance in the now current bi sex rates is still possible. CAR insurance, should be therefore definitely not in one of the new car unisex plans push their private health insurance.

A PKV tariff change can lead to a significant reduction in contribution within the existing private health insurance. By the very substantial tax cuts of in recent years, many car insurance have reached their breaking point. A PKV tariff change the posts of just longtime private Krankenversicherter part can be greatly reduced. This is possible in many cases or a reduction in the quality of the services of private health insurance. Already saved in the current PKV fare age provisions are fully the new car tariff of the Health insurer expected.

Government Disability

What to look for in disability insurance. At a young age the least worry to your workforce. Many people assume that we live in a welfare state that will compensate for this form of discrimination. But here, the devil is in the detail. The Government services has been shortened in recent years more and more, and therefore no longer sufficient. Approximately 25% of employees are unable to work in the course of your professional life.

The number of unreported cases is likely higher. The case of incapacity for work occurs, most with State support can expect. Ideally the person concerned up to 30% can get his gross income, which is however enough under normal circumstances not to life. Disability insurance or disability insurance In the vernacular is often talk of a disability insurance, which doesn’t exist. Disability insurance or disability benefits are usually meant. Especially the disability insurance has enjoyed in the last Years of increasing popularity, as the population has become more sensitive the subject unable to work towards. What must be observed? If you are interested in disability insurance, there are a few points that must be followed prior to the conclusion of a relevant police there are insurance providers that explicitly exclude certain diseases. Here you should read fine print with a professional so that you are actually insured in the case.

With the insurance of inability to work, set also an expiration date of the policy. Since most people only after the 55th year of life are unable to work, should attach higher age of the process. Tip: Minimum until the age of 60. The contributions you pay monthly for your insurance, calculated as a part of the retirement you want, that you would receive in the event of occupational disability. The higher the desired bond, the higher the monthly premiums. Tip: Your pension should be about 75% of the Net salary amount. Ensure prior to the conclusion that no abstract reference “is listed in the contract. This States that you need to exert a new occupation in the event of work disability in the worst case and despite insurance of inability to work receive no pension. How much does disability insurance cost? The costs are mainly dependent on three factors: desired amount of pension age kind of employment this is cheaper, the sooner you secure a possible disability. Also, the type of employment plays an important role. Employment is a psychologically stressful or physically hard work, the contributions are correspondingly higher. As mentioned also the desired occupational disability pension is a cost factor. If you need a disability insurance or not, you need to decide.

Department Insurance

Go to sometimes located in the farthest corner, to great deals make. But be careful! Read carefully! Not the cheapest offer is also the best. The insurance sum – a basic division into 3 elements the insurance sum is simplified seen 3 parts together. For a layman, it is extremely difficult to see what is the actual insurance sum is and what the reward for the insurer. Distrust is particularly large because the opacity, especially since insurance aims to certainly the maximum profit. Mitkonkurrrenten, which in turn determine contributions and offer them to potential clients are the only thing stopping insurance it to fly, with the prices to the moon. If an insurance is cheaper than another, it may have become very many reasons. The simplest and most elementary reasons include the necessary for the sum of the basic risk assessments, which can be different for each.

Each insurance company has its own Department calculated that and perhaps the data with which the same off. Although it is a neutral Trade value should be, it’s still subjective and so any just, like you can capture each risk qualitatively and quantitatively. In terms of wins the insurance which can best assess the risks. But it is just the beginning. Next responsible for the various rates is the revenue share of the insurance. How much does the insurance for their work? If two insurers have determined the same risk value is the one willing to offer a better deal, to attract more customers? Insurance companies live by the law of large numbers.

Insurance has more customers, it is the better armed against exceptions. More customers mean more administrative work and costs… so what to do? That is, ultimately, hard optimization work precedes a proposed tariff, which must include as many factors as possible. The last reason for this split, why insurance rates may vary, are extra conditions and regulations. There, the possibilities are open upwards. A popular way would be for example the Excess. The customer in case of insurance from their own pockets can be involved for a much smaller sum. Extra conditions are a well-thought-out strategy, to make the customer more choices. So they feel not restricted in its decision. It is questionable whether it really makes a difference, for the insurance operators there is likely no matter which selects the package of the customer because the scheme under which they have calculated everything, should bring them no losses.

Marten Compensation

What many do not know, however, is the totally different scheme of the value compensation in the event of a total loss. Depending on the insurance plan, you will receive a full New compensation from 3 months up to 24 months after the initial registration. Especially in base rates is often a system of 3-6 months. Have a total loss, after this period you must expect some with massive discounts. Also the gross negligence (the mobile summer talking, worn tires, tires in the winter, the traffic light red, lifted slightly while driving, down like whats on the radio around gefummelt,) the insurance it can cause to make cutbacks in the event of damage, which is not provided for in the comfort of the insurance. Car comparison Stiftung Warentest – comments on the comprehensive services even the point value compensation was in the Stiftung Warentest’s car comparison with woven and massive power cuts have the insurance again with your basic rates in your program, that were color-coded by the Stiftung Warentest due to your positive pricing. You can unfortunately not clearly enough tell: who a reasonable Claims in full or partial cover insurance is located, should keep their hands from the basic tariffs. But even those who want only a motor liability insurance, should reconsider your decision in light of the above mentioned aspects. Further cuts of basic rates are the so-called discount Savior, of the different classification schemes in car, partner vehicles or novice including the Mallorca police, the scope, the Marten bite damage. Conclusion: Maybe you should heed the saying of our grandparents: the economical man pays twice!

The Terms

He must set the amount he can not use at the beginning of investriert and during the austerity period, of course. But are also often Restrictions foreseen, since the credit institutions agree a minimum and a maximum, which must not be exceeded. The minimum investment amount is at the Festgeldanlage at about 500 to 10,000 euros. The maximum investment is very different. In extreme cases this can be exceeded as well, the amount that exceeds the maximum limit, will no longer remunerated. Thus saving would be worthless for the investor, so he must abide by the terms and conditions provided by the credit institution.

To choose the best possible conditions for themselves, it is advisable to face each other with the various credit institutions. Why should the deposit be compared the financial market is a heavily umkampfes area. More and more market participants are involved in the ongoing battle for the best position. Every year thousands of credit institutions are added and for the customer, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the perfect lender for themselves. Certainly, he can visit the regional banks, lead countless phone calls and appointments, arrange and manually compare the offers. Savers but can save you the frustration associated himself, if he simply online fixed deposit interest rates comparison chooses.

So he is facing the virtual provider and can opt for those, who has the best interest rates and other conditions are significantly better than the competitors. What is the fixed deposit calculator at the time deposit? The fixed deposit calculator is a virtual program that determined the best interest for the chosen duration within a very short time. Savers can advance calculate so an interest rate of Festgeldanlage, specifically to plan his austerity measures. The fixed deposit Calculator displays which interest rates currently grant which credit institutions according to different investment amounts and maturities. Savers can make manually the individual inputs, so how about the desired investment, that he is ready to leave with the Bank as well as the period in which he can waive this amount. As a result, he gets one then Sum that beckons him with constant life situation within this period of time. So he can determine whether the saving is worthwhile or not.

Qualification of Brokers

Special issue of the quarter: qualification and training of brokers and multiple agents Eltville am Rhein, 03.09.2012. The appropriate sales mood of brokers and multiple agents in the second quarter of 2012 its year low reached: 70.9% of surveyed agents are currently at least pleased to enthusiastically with the distribution of financial services products. Thus, a clear majority of the intermediary is certainly positive. Compared to the beginning of the year, it means that the atmosphere has eased in three quarters by a whopping 12% points. The reasons are broker perspective in the current euro crisis and the associated uncertainty and reluctance of end customers. But also the political rules and bureaucracy strains express III/2012, which has been carried out on behalf of bbg Betriebsgesellschaft Consulting GmbH by the management consultancy SMARTcompagnie GmbH and analyzed on the mood of the intermediary, so the results of the online survey to AssCompact trend.

Product-trend indicator: BU is a top-seller product-The product-trend indicator shown in the study is used from the Intermediary opinions to infer possible trends and future opportunities for the different products. It is striking that currently a good sales potential is attributed to the disability insurance and this is seen in the future. The today’s top 5 products include disability insurance, private liability insurance (1), (3) home insurance, homeowners insurance and motor insurance (5). Qualified training opportunities In the current special subject of study, the mediator wish was illuminated the qualification and training of brokers and multiple agents from the perspective of the agent. To view the current results of the investigation, that the participants in the average visit six presence events and take part in twelve Webinars per year. The statements of the intermediary to the relevance of education certificates and certificates as well as satisfaction with individual, completed training are also exciting. More questions to this Issues were among other things, how much time on average will be invested in the training and which companies or which establishments in the life, property, health, taxes and law categories offer the best training courses.

Federal Court

We want to sensitize more the dishes for the problems of insurance customers”, so Jens Heidenreich. The judges must be pointed out once the gaps in the legislation, so that they appropriately deal with the issue. And we succeed more and more and ever faster. Our network of lawyers who specialize in insurance and consumer law are absolute professionals”, explains Heidenreich. A regular exchange of ideas and experience there, which allows you to apply all knowledge in all other proceedings supervised by LV doctor. Just the unpublished note decisions of the courts and the Federal Court are known to only the network lawyers and are often the key to the success of the process. Legal expenses insurance assume costs for full premium refunds from Life insurance by he leads more and more individual cases in various courts, LV doctor gives additional importance this topic.

The insurance companies themselves give all people the opportunity to do: namely the right protection division. The increasing success of LV-doctor in court the legal expenses insurers to use the occasion, to grant more and more cover letters for the trial, even if it goes against group-owned life insurer. Because that is one of the criteria for that: a trial at all is how promising? If so, the success of the lawsuit is rather dubious, insurance will not take over the costs of the proceedings. An average of 7,000 euros payment of life insurance through the know-how of the LV doctor lawyers with more than 1,300 procedures that are pending throughout Germany, is properly getting. The various attorneys of LV doctor network Exchange regularly and get non-public so all the information such as the Note decisions, even if they do not serve a procedure.

They can then apply them in their procedures. Through this cooperation we combine our know-how and had more than 50 procedure submit until now within a short time court the Supreme German. The Consumer Council estimates the loss in life insurance on an average of 4,500 euros, the average claim amounts of procedures supervised by LV doctor is about 7,500 euros–this higher demand arises only through the back of a reasonable interest rate.