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Looking For Answers

Looking for answers I am an endless, alive being in constant change, fight for my ideas, I look for to understand the life, the people surround who me, the doubts that appear in my mind, I look for answers and more answers But of all the doubts that have encircled my thoughts, only exist one that I do not obtain to find answers to clarify it. People, this are cruel, are extremely cruel a curious person not to obtain to take off its doubts, to discover and to unmask the secrets that appear in its way. Before saying which it is my doubt, I go to speak how much I am bewitched by the brightness of the look of a person. Filed under: CDF. I do not know to certain as it was to happen, the alone one I know that something is very strong. Each time that eye in the eyes of this person I feel a sensation indescritvel, I have the impression of that everything and all to my redor they add, I feel as if we only existed two at that moment; I cannot say to the certainty if I enchanted myself for the brightness of its look, if for the seductive way of to look at me to vc or still he was himself for the set of the workmanship! The days that I have coexisted to its side, exactly that it is alone as friends, has had one meaning inexplicable for me, vc does not have idea of what I am feeling, does not have idea of as its look has illuminated my days probably perhaps and never it has idea of this everything, the fact is that I make an enormous effort so that vc do not perceive, therefore is impossible to happen something between us, I I could tell some reasons for this, but they already are gifts excessively in my mind and each time who I remember them I suffer very, then I go to leave in off and only I opted here to not speaking on this, I want but to continue being able to look in its eyes, to listen to its voice, to appreciate your prettier laugh, to suspirar to each gesture its, I know that for my body this everything is not the sufficient, that above of my body vc it only reached my heart in full and for my heart its look is important thing most beautiful that exists, the remaining portion is remaining portion It has times did not feel this, but I prefer to only dissimulate that nothing is not happening, that not I support more to coexist this doubt in my head, wanted to know what you want to say for backwards of each looked at, wanted to know what vc it wants di me, what vc intend it looks at when me of this skill, skill affectionate, seductive, I have fear that this is an illusion, that for I to be total involved for vc, I am interpreting the things badly, but only prefers admiring to continue you of far. I do not want to know of this history to love and to be loved, of corresponded love; Not! I only wanted to look at to be able you without having fear of being imprisoned handle in its look, he only wanted that vc knew and could clarify me look at me to the reason of this skill.

Third Age

I never was popular nor never I had millions of good-looking to my feet, even because I am fit in the standard of beauty below of the average and I do not have car with particular driver pra to take me fifth o shopping, sunday the parents. This left never me frustrate. But if it has a thing it impresses that me is the success that I make with the velharada one. I do not know if old the things were very different, if depraved disfaradas sung compliments and were more usual and better received or if they are all a flock of old. What I know is that it does not have one I sing that I go where has some old stranger who comes to speak with me, that he does not free a compliment or worse: one sung supimpa well.

Ah, but the old ones are all thus. For more information see this site: Boy Scouts of America. Not accurately. One of those slow creatures, weak and rheumatic already was one 10 minutes in the bus holding in my waist alleging that pra did not obtain to raise the arm to hold clearly in porra of the chair but in my waist that it obtained. – I can hold in you? I do not reach there on. – Clearly. (*** is f the face to be educated with strangers) -; D * I go to go down in next the stop one and to catch another one nibus*A my luck was that it went down soon. It knows those old sluggish ones that says that they cannot walk very, they wait stocking hour for a bus, go up 3 steps of it as if it was more easy than to walk and goes down a stop later? This age one of these.

It found little? Still it finds that this was an isolated case? There another one goes. I was coming back pra bus house one more time, when the unfortunate person stops in an avenue and enters one 50 people of a time alone. I, seated in one of those chairs destined to the aged ones (do not know why the chairs highest are for the aged ones, if they have that to go up a step to seat in them. She would not be more easy to seat in the low chairs) one velhinha enters and is holding in the support of my chair roando in me. Malandro that I am: – Lady, wants to seat? Offering the chair for the old one. – Very obliged my son. With that one sorrisinho of who earned in the lottery. Yes, I offer the chair in case that somebody is in foot, for more strange than this is in the days of today. I do not make this for education, not because I feel well, but because I know that in the deep that one galera that she is in foot intensely xingando to this for not offering me my comfortable and hygienical chair. as they must know, if is pra to xingar, is to raise better me! Here it is that I listen: – It wants to seat? Giving one tapinha in the col with one sorrisinho depraved in the face. – Not, I go down in the next one! Not, I did not go to go down in the next one!