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Wall Street Journal

Who has not experienced anxiety, stress or fear reactions to having to deal with a situation. Furthermore, think that this learning is superior to which life itself can give, because the interpretation of roles (role manager, leadership role, role of employee, etc.) can be used as a method to the exploration of unknown worlds and to broaden the scope of their own I. It focuses on the productive, spontaneous appearance and creator of learning. So say that the foundations of psychodrama are creativity, spontaneity and action, and in the beginning was the action Faust (Goethe). Already in 1957 Moreno said of the pedagogic psychodrama that vision of the points of view of others, to act the role of others, either onstage or in real life (Moreno, Wall Street Journal, NY 1957) an individual’s ability to represent different roles, as entrepreneur or worker (Moreno, psychodrama and group psychotherapy.

1966). its purpose is to provide actor unay through the interpretation of roles is studied the psychodrama is applied and still applies in many areas of life, from the therapeutic, to the field of health, social, education, training and up in the company. In this last has been used as an adjuvant in staff selection processes through the role-playing, or to improve the relationship between the work team or the whole of the workers of a company, using the techniques of the Sociometry, and thus is achieved to improve the working environment, making emerge latent in the Group conflict situations and give a solucionnueva and effective. Psychodrama applied to the company is used as a training technique for executives, leaders, mentors and trainers. It facilitates learning with an active and collaborative methodology of the skills that will be needed to interact and communicate effectively with individuals and/or groups inside and outside the company, as well as other companies. Among other skills that you can develop and train: leadership, teamwork, the resolution of conflicts, social skills, improve communication, assertiveness skills, creating and directing teams, emotional self-knowledge and management of emotions that interfere within the company, etc also highlight another important utility of psychodrama that is its use as a technical tool active, applied in various groups of teamwork and professional development, to achieve a fitness of the person to the professional role and therefore also a greater integration of the worker within the company.