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Insect Or Mosquito Net

Insect or mosquito net? We look always to the composition Alfatsipermetrin from ticks. The substance is toxic, should be applied only to clothing! Do not count on the skin as the skin material and enters the bloodstream. It is very dangerous Allergy and children. For children it is better not to use! POISONING: Report of coordination, convulsions, tremors, lacrimation, salivation. Porojan organs and systems: the nervous system, liver, kidney and spleen.

First aid for poisoning: Fresh air, rest. In case of contact through the mouth – drink plenty of water, activated charcoal, saline laxative. If in eyes – with plenty of running water. After contact with skin – abundantly Rinse under running water and soap. Refer for medical attention. and do not believe those who write that this substance is the latest generation …

delirium marketers like me. DEET (aka dietiltoluamid) from mosquitoes, black flies. fairly safe means. can be applied to the skin, do not inhale, avoid popadaniyana mucous. look at the composition: namely, the% content. If 20% is enough for 3-4 hours (quiet rest), if 15% – then at 2-3. Moskitoll nedayno made a new series: 30% – superaktiv ))))) Well enough for 4-5 hours))) is used for children less than 15%. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Neeman Foundation. 3 years! IR 3535 from mosquitoes and black flies here it means the last generation!! You can use the children of the year. this is really a safe way … but in practice is not for sale .. only brand Masque Baby. If the balloons unwritten ‘to 15 days’ – this means that it is treated clothing alfatsipermetrinom, when lying in the closet will save antikleschevye properties of 15 days. And if in the air – no more than a day. Duration real action depends on your mobility. If you opryskadis 30% detoy and dig a field in the wind – it is not enough for more than an hour.

Preventive Health Supplements

Health is the most precious thing we have is a priceless gift that must be protected in every way. And most importantly, it should be done wisely. You can not just hear from someone on something, go for drugs or herbs (y They also have side effects). Need to turn to professionals to reliable sources. It must be understood to understand the reason for our problems, make the right decision. From what built our body? From what we are made? From which to build our cells? What do they need to exist? Our body – a kind of mechanism, its existence needs nutrients: minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats (in spite of the fact that we all avoid them) carbohydrates. We eat, so it was all in our body, so he could work and we could live, to exist. Our food – how many nutrients in them? Look around, what is happening to our environment? In our food valuable components smaller and smaller.

We do not get enough nutrients from our food. We live surrounded by stress. A stress disrupt our nervous system and suppress our immune system. What do we do? The best thing that we can offer a science at this point – it's biologically active supplements (dietary supplements). Biologically active food supplements obtained by using high-tech processing of natural plant herbs.

They contain vitamin-mineral complex and phytochemicals. Each plant is going in a certain time of year, because it affects the nutrient composition of grass. Then, fresh plants and herbs are placed in special "Eco-transporters" and delivered to the factory. Unique technology kriodrobleniya (grinding of raw materials in low-temperature environment in an atmosphere of inert gas nitrogen) used in the production of biologically active additives, preserve useful properties of plant components, without killing the life-giving force of herbs.

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