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The Foundation

Usually, the arguments of the parties are fixed blows on the head with a shovel, sand sprinkling, pinching and rarely bites. If the situation turns into open conflict, the parents intervene. 'Masha, give a bucket of Grisha, who is also a small …' But the plans do not include Masha share with boy. But from what she has to give someone their bucket – the most expensive, most valuable thing she has at the moment. Masha looks imploringly at her mother: 'You did, Mama, do not you give your lipstick another aunt, and dad will not give up your car another uncle, even ride a while … ' But how to destroy the foundation of greed, how to teach children the basics of politeness? On this question every mom should seek the answer yourself.

We have a daughter with such a rule: you can play that toy that you like, but mind you do not take away from others, Misha played enough – then take it. So we learn patience. In turn, I reserve the right to defend his daughter a toy, in which she played (unless, of course, it belongs to the daughter). I was bitten by a shark when my daughter was bitten by a girl, I tried to talk her mom, because Julia was not the act is not something that is punished, the child my mother made no comments. 'What this' – surprised mother Julia, – 'All children bite. Julia, too, was bitten by the Light … ' Frankly, at that moment I was profoundly still, when and who was bitten by Julia. Children should not bite.

This is my tough position. Especially to the blood, taking into account any poluizuchennyh and incurable disease. What to do in this situation? All parents must come together – to bite a child is unacceptable. Kusaka need to educate, the habit must be fought together, up to the ultimatum.

Foundation Conditions

3.18. Limit values for the joint strain and Foundation underground part of the tall building on the technological or architectural requirements should be established on the basis of structural, functional and operational characteristics of high-rise buildings in accordance with Rules of technical operation of the equipment or the design assignment, taking into account where necessary, straightening equipment, and vertical transport during the operation. 3.19. Verification of compliance with the conditions S < made in the analysis of structures in conjunction with the base after the relevant structural calculations for building strength, stability, and fracture toughness. 3.20. Limit values for the joint deformation grounds and facilities under the terms of strength, stability, and fracture of structures shall be installed at designing on the basis of calculation of structures in interaction with the ground.

3.21. Coefficients appearing in regulated by the snip 02/01/2007, 02/02/2001 snip limiting conditions, selecting and validating design solutions of high-rise buildings may be corrected upward in view of features of engineering-geological conditions and the degree of responsible buildings. 3.22. Determination of sediment and rolls Slab foundations on natural bases recommended to perform the method of layerwise summation according to the sp 50-101. 3.23. In the design of pile foundation recommended to perform the calculation of precipitation of piles according to the sp 50-102. Weight of the soil within the scope of a conditional base should not be treated as load. 3.24. Go to the sediment pile foundation, designed by the scheme of conditional foundation (Section 3.22), should be added to shrink due to nonlinear effects that occur due to stress concentration near the ends of piles.

Foundation Joaquin Nabuco

Currently, in our society, many cases fellow creatures to the one of ' ' Bonita&#039 rock; ' they happen without they are noticed. The people if leave to seduce due to humanity who to each day if becomes scarce. A so vast movement could not of form none be of is of the look literato, receiving the special and magical touch from Jose Lins of Rego. CONSIDERAES FINAL Notices, therefore, that the event, historically surrounded of legends, influenced Literature at different times, being treated to wonderful way for Jose Lins it Rego and Ariano Suassuna, while Euclides of the Wedge, that confers a scientific character to ' ' Sertes' ' , treating the question to the Pretty Rock for an objective analysis, under the positivista optics. One sees, thus, as a messianic myth influences the life and the customs of the sertanejos, leading the authors that had worked this subject if to worry in reviver, literarily, the historical event, including in it the vision of the proper sertanejos, with its beliefs and values, analyzed here sucintamente in the workmanships of Euclides of the Wedge, Aryan Suassuna Jose Lins of Rego. ON the AUTHORS Joscivanio academics de Jesus, Adelci Maria Freire Rasp, Rosngela Dos Santos are pupils of graduation, 2 period of the Portuguese Course of Letters/of the Tiradentes University in Aracaju/SE.

The elaboration of this scientific article must it the practical investigativa in the form of qualitative research of the bibliographical type. The article was produced aiming at to take care of to the requirement of disciplines ' ' I&#039 research; ' , of the Portuguese Course of Letters/of the Tiradentes University, in 2 period of learning semester of 2009 and counted on the orientation of the Msc teacher Maria Jose de Azevedo Araujo. Email for contact:, adelci.freire@, and azevedo1956@ REFERENCES WEDGE, Euclides of. The Sertes (Campaign of Canudos). So Paulo, SP: Martin Claret, 2005. CASPAR, Lcia.

Brazilian north-eastern Sebastianismo. Pertaining to school research On-Line, Foundation Joaquin Nabuco, Recife. Available in: . Access in: 5 out. 2009. KCHE, Jose Carlos. Beddings of Scientific Methodology: theory of the practical science and of the research. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: Voices, 1997. MOURA, Dbora Cavalcanti of. Between two rocks: catol (a study concerning the contributions brought for the historical texts on Pretty Rock and for the twine brochures northeasterns in the composition of ' ' Rock of the Reino' ' , of Suassuna&#039 Aryan; '. Thesis of Mestrado presented to the area of Brazilian Literature of the Department of Theory of the Institute of Studies of the Language of UNICAMP, Campinas, 2002. I WATER, Jose Lins of. Pretty rock. 7 ed., Rio De Janeiro, RIO DE JANEIRO: Jose Olympio, 1968. SUASSUNA, Aryan. The Rock of the Kingdom and the Prince of the Blood of Go-and-Return. Available in: . Access in: 30 set. 2009. 1 extracted Stretches of the Sertes, Euclides of the Wedge. 2 POLASTRI, B.E.; TELES, E.R.; FAUSTINO, R. The question of the Rock Bon

Foundation Marine Robert

Entrepreneurs and technician, in one program collective, had been to the Room Cecilia Meireles to identify focos of infestation of cupins. The visit summarized it more the reached points: timbering of the roof, with risks of landslide, palco, laterals of palco, auditorium, also walled of balcony, doors and subsoil. The proposal presented got great repercussion, reaching, also, the first Brazilian Congress of Control of Vectors and Urban Plagues, carried through in May of 1997, in the Hotel Glory, for congregating the conditions ideals for the development of the work of spreading of the companies of the sector. The participation in initiatives that clearly integrate its different areas in projects and programs of public utility and meaning for the population is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to reach the objective tracings for the ABCVP in the direction to insert the companies associates in a picture of investments in health, environment and improvement of the quality of life. The care with the patrimony comes also mobilizing the federal government. The National bank of the Economic and Social Development – BNDES, since 1996, invests heavy in the valuation of the national historic site, developing important projects in the area of restoration of historical constructions. One of them, carried through in partnership with the Foundation Marine Robert, is the recovery of the Church of Ours Lady of the Lapa of the Merchants, in Rio De Janeiro.