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I maintain it as candidate and I do not believe that because oral judgment is abra that or it means that a person or is condenada". Interview in the Chain To be. 4 of March of 2011: " There are cumplido" . Rajoy after becoming a photography with Camps in a convention of the PP. 2 of February of 2011: " I am not going to eliminate the race policy of anybody because it was accused of not to have paid three suits to him. I am not going it to do and thus I say it. Mr.

Camps is not a corrupt one and I have the total and absolute conviction. First, he says that he has paid his suits and I know how is Mr. Camps, is not no corrupto". Interview in I watch. 4 of June of 2010: " I will hope to see what the courts say but I believe that Camps, and I return it to say, is innocent ". Declarations to the journalists in Almeria. 6 of May of 2010: " I am going to support to Camps and is going to be the candidate of the PP to the next elections in Valencia because she will include/understand that of the three suits, I do not create it to me.

There is people to whom it likes and people to whom it does not like, but I have said what fodder to him. It says Justice which wants, that is to say, Justice is not going there to condemn to Mr. Camps the day 12". Interview in Wave Zero. 28 of September of 2009: " I have much confidence in Camps, I have supported to him and itself supporting and I hope that they deliver an attack to demonstrate I do not know exactly what, but is going to have to demonstrate his innocence without nobody demonstrates his culpabilidad".

San Sebastin

They were with the general deputy of Gipuzkoa and the mayor of San Sebastin. UPyD by mouth of Rose Ten has said that it is acted against the formation. The slope of ' celedn' it begins the celebrations in the Alava capital. Thousands of people have received east Thursday to Celedn, the doll symbol of the celebrations of Vitoria, that has warmed up the atmosphere of a city that, like many others of the peninsular north, is having a somewhat cold and gray summer. There has been no type of incident although in the last hours a strong political controversy has been provoked after Bildu invited to relatives of prisoners of ETA to the act of beginning of the celebrations.

Two members of Senideak, group of relatives of ETA prisoners, have accompanied the general deputy by Guip’uzcoa, Martin Garitano (Bildu), in the beginning of the celebrations, although it has not appeared finally in the row of balconies of the City council. Tere Ruiz de Arbulo, relative of the Maite inmate Diaz de Heredia, and Jose Luis Lopez de Eluzuariaga, family of also the imprisoned Gotzone Lopez of Luzuariaga, elbowed the zone of guests of the row of balconies, in which also there is been present the mayor of Vitoria, Javier Maroto (PP). " Garitano acts like proxeneta" On the other hand, the president of the PP of the Basque Country, Antonio Basagoiti, has accused the general deputy of Gipuzkoa, Martin Garitano (Bildu), to act like " proxeneta of which they prostituyen democracia". Basagoiti has appeared before mass media after presiding over the Committee of direction of its party, reunited in Vitoria hours before the beginning of its supervisory celebrations. To questions of the journalists rrido is had to that Bildu invited to relatives of prisoners of ETA at the beginning of the celebrations of Vitoria and has rejected that is a responsibility on the part of the team of municipal government, of the PP.

Columbia Congress

It does not grant, nevertheless, estatus of " beligerantes" to the CRAF or the ELN. The norm will benefit to four affected million of after 50 years of violence. It was voted in the Congress after an intense debate. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicines opinions are not widely known. The Congress of Colombia gave to green light east Wednesday to the Law of Victims, after almost 50 years of armed conflict, that will benefit to more than four million of affected by the violence and it will not grant estatus of belligerence to the armed groups illegal. The new legislation, approved by 62 votes to favor and 3 against in the Senate and by 93 against three in the House of Representatives, it recognizes the existence of a conflict armed in Colombia after almost one decade in which the previous Government, under the presidency Alvaro Uribe, would deny that fact. " I congratulate and I am thankful to the Congress by the approval of the Law of victims. It is an historical fact for Colombia" , it indicated to the president of the country, Juan Manuel Holy, in a message spread in its profile of Twitter.

Now the law will have to pass the control of the Constitutional Court so that later it sanctions own the Saints, who wait to make it during the next visit to the country of the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, between 10 and 12 of June. The law happened through numerous debates before being approved, in which it received hard critics, like those of Uribe, obstinate to recognize the internal conflict. The approved legislation it admits that fact, although it does not recognize estatus of belligerence the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the CRAF), to the Army of Liberacin Nacional (ELN), nor to no other armed group illegal. The coordinating rapporteur, Juan Fernando Christ, indicated to the journalists who " this one is the most important law that dcadas&quot has approved the Congress of the Republic for many;.

Michael Jackson

/In its new video ' I Wanna Go'. For more specific information, check out Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It is not the first time that dedicates to photographers one of its works. The end of the video is equal at the end of ' Thriller' of Michael Jackson. List: the 40 better songs of Britney Spears. I Wanna Go is the new video of Britney Spears and in him the singer has returned to remember paparazzis they persecute that it for years.

It is not the first time that Britney includes to the photographers in one of its works. He already did in Piece of Me in 2007. In I Wanna Go, the singer interprets itself to itself in a boring press conference that will give an unexpected turn. He escapes of this and, after signing some autograph that another one and to seduce a policeman, is cornered by a group of photographers to whom it falls down with ' microfonazos'. It is not easy to end them since they are robots (similarities to Terminator). The surprises of the video, in which Britney returns to throw of a youthful image and ' picante' , they do not finish there.

Its person in charge of press and man of confidence the pound of the journalists. He is then, at the end of the video, when tour of sudden form and is discovered that it is another robot. A end that remembers (also by the basic laughter) at the end of a mythical video in the history of the MGP, the one of Thriller of the deceased (for already two years) Michael Jackson. Source of the news: Britney Spears fights against paparazzis robot and makes a wink to ' Thriller' of Michael Jackson

Catholic Church

In that line of clarity, the Pontiff, who in these years has criticized the secularismo that advances in the world added that, " in a certain sense, history has left in aid of the Church, since the different times from secularisation have contributed of essential way to their purification and its inner reform. " Secularisations, or of the expropriations of the goods of the Church or the cancellation of the privileges or similar things, they meant in each occasion time a deep liberation of the Church of the worldly thing: one undressed of its earth wealth and it returned to embrace totally its earthly poverty ". For the theological Pope, " released of its material or political weight " , the Church can be dedicated better and of truly Christian way to the entire world, " its call to the ministry of the God adoration and to the service of prjimo&quot can again live on freer way;. Also it assured that without worldly elements, the Church can realise better its social and charitable work, after assuring that the charity is not for Church one " activity of social attendance that can be left others, but is cannot be waived expression of its same esencia". According to the Pope, the Church must abrir itself to the world does not stop to obtain the adhesion of the men towards an institution that it looks for to be able, but to lead God to them. Sentence to the sexual abuses Benedicto XVI returned to denounce the cases of sexual abuses on the part of clergymen, who said have darkened to the Church he very described and them as facts " dolorosos". More of a thousand of sexual abuses against minors they have been denounced in Germany and according to one has verified in the last 30 years about 350 minors underwent abuses. According to data of the German church, the past year 181,000 people erased of the Catholic Church by this cause.

Before meeting with the catholic groups, Benedicto XVI celebrated a misa in an airport of Friburgo, where before about 100,000 faithfuls it assured that an agnostic is more near God than " routine faithfuls, those that only see in the Church boato, without its heart is hairdo by fe". The Pope Ratzinger assured that the Church in Germany will continue being a blessing for world-wide the catholic community, if she faithfully remains united to the successors of San Pedro (to the Pope, to he), if it takes care of the collaboration with the mission countries and it also lets itself infect in this by the joy in the faith of the churches jvenes" That call, according to Vatican observers, responds to the critics that from the Church German becomes to the Vatican and the figure of the Pope, which they blame of do-nothing policy in subjects like the one of the catholics divorced and returned to marry, to whom refuse the communion to them, the sacerdotal celibacy and the arrangement of women priests. These two acts culminated the visit of four days from Benedicto XVI to their native Germany, of noticeable ecumenical accent, in which it emphasized the figure of Martin Lutero and denounced that the true crisis of the Church in the western world is a faith crisis and that if it is not arrived at an authentic renovation from the same, " all structural reform will be ineficaz". Source of the news: Benedicto XVI asks to the Church that undresses of its earthly wealth and to be able politician

Spanish Association

With these words, he wanted to calm to the bank before the increasing social demand of which the delivery of the building settles the debt. The employer’s association of the sector, the Spanish Association of Bank, even got to go to economic vice-president Elena Salgado in a letter (PDF) in which noticed to him that a measurement of this type would entail a restriction of the credit. But while they follow movement in favor of this measurement with supports like the one of the judges of mercantile right. In the pre-campaign and the electoral campaign also it has left the question: lehendakari Basque Patxi Lopez (PSOE) has spoken of the possibility of limiting the responsibility of the indebted one, although also rrido to the risks of these measures is had; on the other hand, the Madrilenian president Esperanza Aguirre (PP) has gone being further on in favor of dacin in payment for new mortgages. But the organizations follow closed in band to tackle the question, as it recently showed the Caixa, whose president, Isidro Fain, said that the banks and boxes always reach agreements with the clients who cannot pay their mortgage. It is what, according to it has published Five Days, would be making the banks when allowing to the foreigners who cancel the debt with the delivery of the house. That is to say: allowing dacin them in payment. It is not to be strange: many directors of office already have been to the other side of their table a person who gives the keys to him of her house immediately before taking of an airplane towards its country and they prefer to accept that before to maintain a debt of almost impossible collection and to extend the procedure. And it is that beyond the recent sentences that are affecting the clauses ground – that determine a minimum interest to the loans to variable interest, is the survival of the debt the central axis of the hypothecating debate: that if the proprietor cannot pay, the building is obstructed and the pending debt of payment survives. In order to settle it, the house with a price of exit inferior to the one is auctioned of the appraisal.