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First Videojournal For Parents

The first disc is a free video applications will accompany the September issue of the journal ‘Aistenok’ for 2007. Now, more than one hundred thousandth the audience can not only read the articles of various experts, but also to see how their knowledge and experience in practice. The first disc will include two unique video-clip: First: “How to create a desire to learn?” The lessons of the early development of one of the best child care centers “YASAM. Specialists of the center use the principle of self-stimulation step child! With what baby does not coped yesterday, today, can be done in collaboration with an adult, and tomorrow SAMostoyatelno.Zhelanie children explore the world – an inborn. Importantly, do not extinguish it. And, of course, much depends on the environment in which the primary acquaintance kid with the world. A fascinating video series illustrates the principles of developing space.

In the notion of protection is turned on and a component element, such as around children. This advantage of training in children’s groups. For example, in the classroom in “YASAM” baby constantly monitors the cognitive actions of other children helping them participate in the general joy of discovery! So is the socialization of success. For the harmonious development of the child training should cover all areas of his intellectual, emotional and personal development. In film, you see how in one class to include more than 10 cognitive areas. This is possible even for kids from 9 months! In the video clips are interesting and helpful games with water, painting, music and games modeling. These are the classes that provide start development of the intellect detey.Osoboe attention in the movie on developing games and learning aids as tools for child development. The secret of success lies not in expensive toys or quantity, but careful selection of material for study, taking into account individual characteristics of a child or a group of children.

Normal plastic bottle filled with peas or sand, is already developing a toy, if teacher or parent knows how to use it in teaching. The second story is devoted to photographing children. Known children’s photographer Igor Gubarev reveals the secrets of the genre in which he works – Playing photography of children. It’s a way to photograph children, playing and communicating with them, and therefore mastered the art would be particularly useful and interesting it is to parents. Igor believes that children are most clearly revealed emotionally in the game, sporting and creative activities, communication, training (of course, we are talking about game education, not about cramming). The film tells and shows how to make the child stopped paying attention to the camera, behaving relaxed and natural during the photo essay. Well, that parents are not bored waiting for the interesting moments, photographer offers targeted to create interesting dynamic game scenes, and then they were photographed. How? All in the same live interaction with the child, but rather a group of children. The uniqueness of the footage, first, that the explanations do not use professional photographic terms, but therefore, the story will be interesting and understandable to any audience. Secondly, he viderolikov – a report on the report. The action takes place on the playground, where the photographer talks about the psychological intricacies of child photo essays, and various techniques in between taking a picture of children at play, showing how his approach is implemented on praktike.Videosyuzhet illustrates and complements a series of articles created by the author.

The Lord

And we all know how dangerous it is to belittle the Lord, do not be afraid, do not take into account his blessed Word, failure to heed his advice. Leviticus 26, 15 and ss: but if I do not hear, nor you do all these commandments, and if you desdenareis my decrees, and your soul menospreciare my statutes, not running all my commandments, and invalidating my Covenant, I will also do with you this: I will send upon you, terror, exhaustion and fever, which consume the eyes and torment the soul; and sembrareis in vain your seed, because your enemies shall eat it. I will set my face against you, and ye shall be smitten before your enemies; those who hate ensenorearan of you, and you huireis without having who persecutes you. And if me not hear even with these things, I’ll punish you seven times more for your sins. The Lord must honor, give honor and the best way is by obeying its statutes and the voice of the Holy Spirit. By doing so you will receive honor of the creator of heaven and Earth. 1 Samuel 2, 30: I honrare to those who honor me, and those who despise me will be taken shortly. 3 KILLING OF CONTEMPT.

The best way to kill the contempt is by starvation, by hunger. To the extent that we take the decision of loving our spouse every day of our lives, to stand United, rejoice with him, enjoy his life with intensity, appreciate the good things that both have and help to overcome their shortcomings in love, we can overcome all these attitudes of contempt. Proverbs 5, 18 and ss: Drink water from your same cistern, and the abundance of your own well. Your sources will be poured out by your currents of waters by the squares and streets? They are for you alone, and not for strangers with you.

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