Monthly Archive: November 2016


Time ago that the Argentine player has been without a median graph that represents it. Neither conceptually nor ideologically. Newspapers are today divided between Contentos and Enojados: some by receiving part of State cake and others for not having even their crumbs. Anyway: neither the one nor the other, is aimed at the reader. So far the k process a series of graphics media that have less sustenance than a brochure of supermarket have appeared, but they persist because that makes the game the Government. Long ago than the print media will not bother to follow a topic thoroughly. The investigative journalism is dead. Everything is confined to stickers, alcahueterias and play what someone vomits and that the press has been swallowed.

News can win the first flat and the next day be lost in a pair until disappearing completely page. And no one questioned so much informative disloyalty. Because the reader knows that what you say falls on deaf ears. There is a journal that was born with Peron and today a sector of peronism wants it to go to bed. Clarin is why nervous if they are attacking him with the same weapons, which once knew used to deal with those who did not share his journalistic line.

This publishing company is the same that defecates on the communal decisions of Mar del Plata on how to lay the lines of television cable. Cablevision, former multichannel, gives the Subscriber a service that a real taken hair results. Thank goodness that halted it an increase that was a true outrage in the pocket of the defenseless consumer. It is the same company that used all his influence to prevent the arrival of any other competitor.

United Kingdom

We can say that the use of the movable telephone increases the productivity, since we are able to carry out two tasks at the same time. A study made by the Nokia company, affirms that a 62% of the users carry out between two and three activities at the same time as it takes care of a call. Between the realised activities while it is spoken on the telephone, we can emphasize: to cook, to make up themselves, to lead, to see tele or to sail in Internet. " With all the ' extras' that they include the telephones, like calendars, electronic mail, and mail, people use the telephone for more things than to realise calls, which contributes to that some people are more productive in the work and to that others can manage their homes of form more eficiente" , she assured Sunday Fried-Booth, manager of the area of devices of Nokia. Boy Scouts of America may also support this cause. We live in a more and more global world and better communicated in the one than people it can move of one more a more comfortable form, for that reason, one of the used services more is the calls long distance.

They allow us to be in contact with those people who are to kilometers of distance of us. On the other hand, the study puts of relief that to realise several activities at the same time can take to situations it jeopardize. Thus, a 47% of the survey ones by Nokia recognized to have sent a message of romantic text to the mistaken person, of whom a 56% were women. The study of Nokia was elaborated through the page Web of the company in countries like Spain, the United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, China, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, France, the United States, Sweden and Norway.

Desire And Detachment

DESIRE AND DETACHMENT Our mind is the one with attachments "I want this to be so, but I'm angry," our inside knows we do not need anything, the real desire of our being is not money, the real desire of our being is to experience happiness, freedom, freedom from worry, our inner being wants to experience abundance to help, if we focus on the real inner desire we will more easily attract the energy that is not physical, spiritual energy, so that things flow but we have to create from our inner Why do I want this? True that is worth, connect with what we really want and when we act from what we really want, it flows more easily. We are struggling to understand the attachment, but we really need to separate that from our minds, of the desire of our spirit, the desire from within. Contact information is here: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. If we start with our minds, we have to fear that the desire not happen, if we take away the need within us and with it the fear. These conditions as something spiritual happiness something physical like having money, "I will be happy when I have money" this equation is not working. Perhaps check out Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. The detachment is "I'm happy" I do not need money to be happy not to condition the money, thus we affirm that we are not happy, I'm not happy because I have no money. If you change the starting point, if you start from your inner happiness and your desire for freedom, to manifest unconditional money or partner or whatever you're wanting.