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Director Joseph Vilsmaier

Week 28 September-04 October 2009 personalized children’s books for a good purpose in Munich, September 22, 2009 – children, a serious illness, the loss of the family home, family crises, physical or sexual violence will suffer, take refuge in the Tabaluga Kids Foundation ( Their patron is Peter Maffay. In the facilities and projects of the Foundation each year approximately 400 children and young people are looked after inpatients and outpatients individually. The Tabaluga Kids Foundation aims to give traumatized children back life in decent conditions. The Munich publishing house PersonalNOVEL, Europe’s leading provider of customizable novels and books, the commitment of this Foundation is great and important. Therefore, PersonalNOVEL will support the Foundation with a fundraiser. The Munich-based company wants to help to put a smile in the face of these kids at such a difficult time. “Sustainable support: Tabaluga-charity week” at PersonalNOVEL from 28.

September held PersonalNOVEL to 04 October 2009 therefore on its website ( the Tabaluga charity week”. Ten children’s books and a children’s book, which are marked during this week with the small dragon Tabaluga, take part in the action. “The themes of the books are extremely varied, so, for example, the titles are the birthday box” holidays on the farm and the trip to the middle ages “can be ordered. Of each marked personalized book if ordered within this period, 1 in the Tabaluga Foundation goes. Customers who with want to support this meaningful project for children, can make your personal copy on the site and order. All books are deeply customizable products. Not only the name of the child can be personalised, but also the illustration itself is in the picture books: in addition to the gender the hairstyle, hair and eye color of the little protagonist can up to freckles individually on the recipient child be matched.

All books are very quality, lavishly illustrated and ensure many years of reading fun. Customer as an initiator for the cooperation PersonalNOVEL got the idea for the support of this foundation of an enthusiastic customer. This was the impetus for the Munich-based personalization specialist contributed last weekend as the opening action for the charity golf tournament the Eagles Golf Club tutzing (district of Starnberg) in favor of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation personalized books. To the celebrities who had arrived for this good purpose, singer Johnny Logan, as well as the former ski jumper Jens Weissflog were among others the actor Suzanne von Borsody, Elke Sommer, Herbert Knaup and Fritz Wepper, Director Joseph Vilsmaier. In total, 45,000 euros for the Foundation came together on this weekend. PersonalNOVEL initiated “Tabaluga-charity week” (28.09 04.10.2009) – surprise your son, your daughter, your godchild or grandchild with a picture book by PersonalNOVEL and prepare the same Double pleasure! During our week of Tabaluga charity of the 28.9 04.10.2009 going a whole week 1 of each ordered children or youth book from the action to the Tabaluga Foundation, whose work we have presented in our blog post of 9/11. Support this good cause and choose a children’s book during the week of our action, which you can personalize according to your wishes. Indicated by the books that have been selected by PersonalNOVEL for the fundraiser, the small logo of Tabaluga. With your book and the automatically outgoing donations amounting to 1, you can help children who have experienced much suffering in their lives, will find in the Tabaluga facilities again refuge, comfort and care. Dirk Delbrouck PersonalNOVEL E.k..


While in Chile there are no official figures have risen whether or not the auction or trials, lawyers and experts say, it’s likely that foreclosures soar later this year and early 2010. Moreover, there are banks that trial and say that they have increased by 15 . B. And MJ SERRANO GUTIERREZ The crisis erupted in the real estate and is in the same area where today is still causing problems. In Catalonia, Spain, last year the trials to finish properties increased by 148 and the U.S. 9.59 today indebted people are under the threat of being expelled from their viviendas.Pese to that in Chile there are no official figures, law firms, working on all cylinders.The economic difficulties that many are spending, have forced people and businesses to stop paying dividends on their mortgages and their homes are now in the midst of legal proceedings that could end up at auction. What most debtors are able to ask to stop the processes and gain time to find a solution. “Customers who have assumed the representation, the banks have closed the door. There was no possibility of renegotiation,” says Ricardo Ib ez , general manager of Defense Debtor entity that will have increased by 50 the number of prosecutions in this sentido.Sin But since the banks say that the last thing you want is to round off the properties to them either because that for them. Moreover, they say working with the criterion of “tailored suit” to renegotiate and seek the best option for debtors. “The banks have tripled their holdings of bad debt.But more than being in an aggressive policy of enforcement, are in a renegotiation policy, “says Stephen Garcia, Garcia’s law partner Maglione Co., who works with eight banks in execution of credit agreements. That yes, while from some banks say that enforcement proceedings will have increased by 15 compared to same period last year, since others say it is not yet a problem, but that does not mean they do not I will be in a futuro.Es that rising unemployment (9.8 in the quarter February to April) and taking into account that people stop paying their mortgages because they are sick or become unemployed, it Most likely, the increase in arrears and therefore also the executions.And that is what is said in the industry. Moreover, considering that a trial takes about a year, experts say the amount of auctions would increase the second half of this year or first of 2010.Y to that date and we should have official figures to corroborate an increase as from June, the banks give up their balance sheets following the IFRS accounting standards and that data will be public. I defaulter: What You Need to Know How many unpaid dividends must I have to auction my property Foreclosure can start the day after the due date. But that usually is not done. Most banks expect 90 days.Some even reach 180. How are the banks with bad payers When a customer stops paying dividends, the record is sent to the department of standardization of the bank.

Side Includes

Those who have achieved success with Adsense, do have some formulas, these formulas is tested and work if applied correctly. Then give him the five main rules to achieve a good result by using Adsense. 1. The first basic rule is the format of Adsense ad. The format gives the best result in most of the pages is the 336×280 large rectangle. The reason for using this format over the other is simple and Adsense ads will look like normal links within your site, and this lead to more clicks into place. 2.

Take care to create your own color palette. With careful selection of colors, can greatly increase the number of clicks you get, is how we'll do the edges and bottoms of the Adsense ads the same color as our own background page, the main idea behind this is to Apparently the ads as much as possible to simple links within the site, with this will increase significantly the number of clicks. 3. Adsense ads not hide. This is a mistake, instead, always try to highlight them as much as possible, put them where they are easily seen, ideally at the top of the page, a high exposure of them generate a high level of clicks is what we mainly. 4.

Keep important links. If you find some links that are better than others, give and keep them, then put yours on these and will be seen first to see the page. 5. Automate the insertion of Adsense ads. I automated the insertion of Adsense code on the page using SSI (Server Side Includes). Check with the administrator of your server does support SSI. The process is simple, put the Adsense code in a text file, save it as Adsense.txt, and upload to the root of your server, then calls the code using SSI. In this way saves time, especially if you use automatic page generators. Following these simple rules, generate high traffic and high clickthrough rate. Take care to keep a theme to make it interesting, keep it updated and that this will generate more visitors and therefore more likely to click on his Adsense ads. With this system you will see that manages to generate high income from your website, try and see the results. Now discover in ours.

Hamburg Cruise Days

Grand Parade on Saturday night live in the NDR Hamburg, 10 July 2012. The town station NDR 90.3 and Hamburg journal 2012 are media partners of the Hamburg Cruise days. Within the framework of this partnership, the transmitter via the cruise event from 17 to 19 August 2012 plan a detailed reporting. The NDR presented show stage by 90.3 and Hamburg journal directly at the pier, at the level of the Rickmer Rickmers at the port gate. The hosts Tina Busch and Christian Buhk will present bands like Michael, Wayne Morris, the men’s simple and many other artists there. Highlight is the live transmission of the Hamburg Cruise days parade on Saturday night in the NDR television: five cruise ships and numerous boats of this parade (start against 21.15) exit Pirna.

The broadcast from 20:15-22 h is presented by moderator Hinnerk Baumgarten. In 2010 the live broadcast of the parade she was on Saturday night a success then of 1.8 million viewers before the televisions attracted. The Hamburg journal and NDR 90,3 be report on all three days of the Hamburg Cruise days. Go journal on Friday night in the Hamburg 18: 00″. Moderator Christian Buhk then will the Band Santiano look for this live concert (on stage 19 to 20:30) over the shoulders at the rehearsal. For NDR 90,3 reporter Karsten will capture second at all three days stories and reactions.

“The broadcast of Hamburg harbour concert” is 6:05 on NDR report on Sunday morning two hours 90.3 on the Hamburg Cruise days. And the Hamburg shows every evening journal (19:30) the most beautiful pictures of the events. The new Hamburg Cruise days with the comprehensive country programme are event highlights in North Germany. Who cannot be locally it is still very close to the action with our reporting”, so Ole Adams, head of central programme tasks of the NDR country Funkhaus Hamburg. The NDR is the ideal partner for Thorsten Kausch, Managing Director of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT): for the success of the Hamburg Cruise days plays in addition to the visible cross-regional marketing the regional perception a major role. With the NDR we reach people in our region and thus have the opportunity to experience the enthusiasm of the event.” Press contact: Katja Derow Schramm trail 11 20249 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 46 96 770 11 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 46 96 770 99 E-mail: about the Hamburg Cruise days 2012 find Hamburg Cruise days held from the 17th to the 19th of August. At the stylish event, seven cruise ships will be launched the port of Hamburg. Theme Islands at the edge of the Harbour to experience the cruise feeling for the visitors ashore. The blue port directed by light artist Michael Batz forms the backdrop. These are the third Hamburg Cruise days 2008 and 2010. Organizers are the Hamburg agencies of uba gmbh and red roses communications GmbH; Moreover, there is the Hamburg Marketing GmbH.