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The Institute Of Management Dr. A. Kitz Man Wins Industry Award 2012

Innovative management concept will be awarded the Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man was awarded the industry award 2012. The industry awards since 2006 by the Huber Verlag for new media GmbH. Boy Scouts of America contains valuable tech resources. Companies are awarded the prize, which exhibit a high technical, economic, ecological or social value. In addition, the industry solutions of the companies play a role. Each company must present a selected solution in the context of the application and describe their advantages.

An independent jury consisting of 30 scientists and specialist editors assess the received applications and pre-selects; the winners emerge from this Nominiertenpool then from 14 different categories, such as for example energy & environment, automotive or micro system technology. The Management Institute of Dr. A. Kitz man 2012 WINS industry award in the category BEST OF. Level 1 & 2 it was awarded diploma for its management. The management are diplomas Executives development programmes, which offer a curriculum management, where you can purchase important prerequisites for a successful leadership skills. The program is content on personal needs in scheduling to integrate at the same time very flexible and customizable.

It is divided into different modules such as communication, self-development and work techniques. Level II is a building degree, what is aimed at experienced managers who want to develop their management skills. “In the document of the price, it means: the excellent company particularly impressed the jury and therefore belongs to the top group of over 500 applications submitted.” Dr. Jana Volkel Kitz man is very happy about the price: we are very pleased to this award. It confirms the positive feedback we received from the participants.” The Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man is a further education institution, aimed primarily at Senior executives from business and management uses. “” Director of the Institute is Dr. Arnold Kamel, u.a author of books of mass psychology and Exchange “and personal working techniques and time management”. Currently 30 trainers who have completed higher education and exhibit in addition several years practical work for the Institute. Press contact: Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man woman Dr. Jana Volkel Kitz Dorpatweg 10 48159 Munster + 49 251 202050 watch? v = IUKWvi5VYY

San Sebastian

For cities, the best were the visited in Bilbao, they receive a fine, followed by A Coruna, Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, Murcia, San Sebastian and Vitoria, with a well. Acceptable are the libraries discussed in Cadiz, Malaga, Oviedo, Seville, Valencia and Valladolid. The dropout, although with a regular, went to the examined in Alicante, Pamplona and Zaragoza. Traditional places of consultation and loan of books have evolved to become modern information, culture and education centers with points of auto-prestamo, exhibition halls and consultation of Internet, but deficiencies persist in their staffing that justify the acceptable poor who have retrieved from note average 100 libraries studied. No personal study rooms were found in one of every four and only three out of ten offered group study rooms. In addition, 27% of libraries lacked wifi zone, 17 per cent did not have computer rooms with Internet access and only 22% of them had points of auto-prestamo, as well as complimentary tickets to the users.

In addition, another very useful service, the fotocopisteria, found only in two of every three libraries. 40% Jobs not found for viewing video or audio files. However, eight out of ten had Yes video library, fonoteca or newspaper. Regarding the processing of the meat of user libraries, it was found that 99 of the 100 centres compared the identification card was free. However, only in the half of the centres the meat was delivered at the time.

In two of every three libraries don’t need to renew that document (including Yes so request, the most common is that the period of validity is five years). Already with the meat in your hand, the user can, among other possibilities, reserve a few minutes to surf the Internet at the points provided for this purpose. So almost half of the libraries that had this option. You can reserve rooms for group work, although it was happening only in four of the 30 that had this service.

November Hotel

The car is one of the most important tools for my work, I move with frequency to other cities enough and although in some occasion I use the train, not always is possible, sometimes I must move until countryside where the best one half of transport is the car. In one of those trips I had the occasion to go until Girona, had to contact with manufacturers they commented and me that due to the celebrations of the city, they were useful to attend like exhibitors the palace of fairs of the city, were the celebrations, from the 28 of October to the 6 of November. It was a good opportunity to know the city and power to see all the product range in which it was interested. The city was a symphonic madness, thousands of lights, people filled to the streets and the zones of attractions, luck I had to secure lodging, but it was an opportunity and it could turn out until relajante to plunge to me in the festive current anonymously. Here, BSA expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The traffic did not exist, was an eternal procession of vehicles, took the put navigator so I took it to me with calm and although I was near two hours I arrived without misfortune until the hotel.

It had arranged the appointment for the following day; we had been in seeing us outside the fairground to treat different subjects on the conditions of purchase of materials and later for going until the enclosure to visit stand. They already warned to me that they would happen to gather me by the Hotel to save the problems to me of the traffic. I was preparing the documentation that needed for the meeting as well as all the information that had brought to me. I had dinner in the same hotel and after giving a stroll I returned to the hotel, before lying down, put in the small table the portfolio and left the moving body in silence, had bought the newspaper and before sleeping I get ready to give a look him.

Andy Schleck

Favourite to the final triumph after its poor start of the Tour de France is not. Madrid cyclist lost time on the first stage by a montenera after a fall in the peloton (ceded more than one minute) and the crontrarreloj team. Alberto Contador felt that currently Favorites to win the Tour de France are the Luxembourger Andy Schleck and Australian Cadel Evans, who outperform him in more than minute and a half in the general. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Childrens Defense Fund. The situation that there are on the Tour is very open, but l ye favourites are Andy and Cadel. Andy is very strong in the mountains and has a good advantage on my.

The last Tour have won by too little distance and I have a delay. Evans is very solid and can gain advantage with others, said the Madrid cyclist on French public television. Counter lamented his bad start of the Tour de France, in particular the seconds that gave yesterday, Friday, with the rest of the Favorites to be trapped in a fall nine kilometres from the finish, although he indicated that it was not an error if not bad luck. Added the seconds lost by teams in the time trial, the Saxo Bank rider is located at 1: 38 of the lesser of the Schleck and Evans 1: 41. There is lot of career and I concentrated to one hundred percent to recover the lost time, he said.

However, Contador acknowledged having sense very hurt by the boos from the audience during the race, caused by suspicions of doping that weigh upon him. It was difficult to be there. I have sacrificed me the Tour, I have achieved good results, which are the fruit of the efforts, and be received well, hurt, said the pinteno. Regarding resolution of their accusations by the positive for clembuterol in the Tour last year, counter stated that it is not good for anyone that the Court of arbitration of sport (CAs) has not decided before the start of the gala round. I am the first that I have liked this will end. Experts know that there is no doping, for my is unclear, but it has been hard for my family and for my. They have doubted my., I want this finish soon, am very optimistic, he said. Source of the news: counter: “Now the favourites are Andy Schleck and Cadel Evans”

Search Prospects

What normally is usually taught in the multi is that the more people have the opportunity to learn about our business are more likely to recruit someone. Why some practices are promoted as addressing an average of 30-50 per day unsuspecting passersby in the mall. Nieman Foundation often says this. This is wrong because under this approach completely ignores the needs of the leaflet, which is key to success in multi-level sponsorship. Moreover, by approaching a stranger on the street to give information that is not requested, you are unwittingly sending the message that to succeed in the multi is to become a salesman. And nobody wants to be a peddler. The same occurs when some inexperienced networker is released into the adventure of searching the Internet prospects and the first thing is to access social networks and send messages to the right and left without taking into account whether the persons contacted are interested in receiving such information or not.

Such strategies focus on the theory that “Is a numbers game”, ie to seek quality rather than quantity. No quality in the prospectus, there is no quality of information and, of course, no results. If you do not have a proper system no matter the amount. You can not put the ocean into a hole and try a hundred, thousand or ten thousand times. The truth is that if you want to succeed in network marketing you must have a system that has a massive scope but at the same time allows you to be selective when you choose with whom to work.

That is to combine quality with quantity. When you approach a prospect and you take it step by step through your system allows you to make that person see themselves doing what you do and think: “this makes sense, I could do this.” It depends on you if you teach him to become a traveling salesman or a marketing entrepreneur. Ela is creator and editor, dedidado website to disseminate free information on how to attract qualified prospects to MLM Business without the stress of having to search for people but getting people to look for it and request a volunteer information.

Republic Argentina

Tourism in Mendoza is a real alternative for those that enjoy the urban routes, and who like to visit places that move closer them to the history of a people. For even more opinions, read materials from BSA. The city of Mendoza was destroyed in 1861 by a devastating earthquake, but still retains some places where you can see what life was like during the colonial era and in pre-Columbian times. This place it is known as the foundational Area. From the year 1561, when the city of Mendoza was founded by Don Pedro de el Castillo, the region always occupied a primordial role in the history of the Republic Argentina and the continent Latin American throughout. Echoing the old saying that to have a good future is needed to know the story well, Mendoza tourist operators have managed to recognize a significant tourist attraction in this important cultural heritage. The foundational Area is headed by Pedro del Castillo square, this being a place of great interest to explore.

Numerous posters of maiolica that indicate various events are in the same of historical interest. From this square, it was assumed the street of La Canada, the main artery between the 17TH and 19th centuries. Here same paraded also the mythical army of the Andes, on its journey towards the Plumerillo barracks. Here too was the blessing of the flag of the army of the Andes and the baton of command. Near this square was the old mother church, opposite the Plaza Mayor, though this disappeared after the earthquake.The name of revoacion is due to that it was here where el Castillo de Pedro fundode the city. The founding Museum here also. Items from the 17TH and 18th CENTURIES are preserved in this place, and two permanent exhibitions have been organized. The first one leads to an underground Chamber, where you can see the old aqueduct, which used to be the source of drinking water in Mendoza. The remains of the cabildo of Mendoza, the slaughterhouse, can also be seen and what was the municipal fair, the axis of the social life of the colonial city. The gesta of general San Martin, and life colonies are another attraction of tourism in Mendoza, as well as the large number of historical and artistic monuments that the city hosts.

Chinese Hosting

Your way is best? yours or perhaps another? Sincerely tired of seeing the same and the same sales pages for my comment all the same error. First promise something unattainable and attainable if certainly not the way you present it: Win $ 10,000 in one month, earn thousands of dollars by reading polls, etc, etc … The second point is that almost all tell the same story just as it began, I was in such a site, just had to eat, we were a very humble family, he knew nothing about internet … Educate yourself with thoughts from Kidney Foundation. Go and in just a short time and earn thousands not thousands of dollars a month but already a week. "But I do not believe me," Do you do you? Almost none tells the true fact is that making money online is not impossible of course, in addition to the new technology I would say is the best option we have, start a business online, but what was that it is not impossible but if it takes time, and not a month or two, takes much longer.

And if you are new then check it a few years old, I would say that from March. Because if you novice and want to develop an online business you must: Know the tools and services that will help you in your business, they are completely indispensable. Read, watch and study all aspects of the business you want to create. Learn marketing techniques, because if you would not be lost, if you will not know how to generate traffic to your website will not earn any money ever. Certainly not I told you need a website to promote your products or services, does know how to do it? Right? they also have to learn if they want to pay an expert to do it for you and charge a lot. You should also create a blog, so you can start making interesting and free information for your potential customers, and that is true, never lie and less looking for a profit, because if so this benefit will be quite ephemeral. With your blog and your information you can go make it known, do not forget that behind every computer is human. It's up to you to see which suits you and that you have to study hard and learn from those who already have experience, but you know that not all have everything, yet you must acquire information from all experts always learn something from each that will ultimately benefit you, but stay away from that offer everything cantamananas fast, the market does not work well , either online or offline.

If you're starting to get an income from the Internet surely lost much information you feel is normal, but do not give up think about your goals, no matter how small or large they may be, it will help you overcome challenges and feel very gratified each time you go getting little things. You can not do a blog … because I did not know and the first day I started it was not one, but I insisted again and again and Voala, you feel fantastic. Like everything else, what do not you do a web? As you learn, what you sound like what a Chinese Hosting, FTP program, a domain, a subdomain, a cPanel? Then learn, seeking information, certainly at first failure in acquiring

Jiffle Creating Encounters

New tool aimed at productivity for professionals and businesses, but we also can take advantage, everything is said. We talked about Jiffle and is essentially a new application based on the web but also integrated within Microsoft Outlook if they so desire, and whose aim is to facilitate the creation of professional encounters with other users.

Whether through Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or directly through the web in the calendar that gives us Jiffle, we as professionals have to initially create user groups, so that the calendar selected blocks of time available to us selecting groups contacts for the time that we have available. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

If anyone wants to set up meetings with us reach our schedule, selecting within blocks of time available to those who come to them either. We receive an email where we can accept or reject the blocks of time chosen. If accept, in our own schedules, these blocks will appear as busy.

Undoubtedly a tool that joins others as ScheduleOnce or TimeTOMeet to create encuestros in those holes that allow us our daily agenda.

European Rating Agency

German Chancellor says that the problem is not in them, but in debt. For Merkel, the common mission of the eurozone is reducing debt and improving the competitiveness of the region. Continue to learn more with: Boy Scouts of America. It continues to reject the restructuring of Greek debt because it would imply negative ctos. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, spoke out Sunday in favour of the creation of a European rating agency, although he admitted that the real problem, above criticism, is not in the action of the rating, but in debt. Input, the problem are debts and not them, said Merkel, speaking to German public television ARD, then pour that in sensitive moments, they exacerbate the situation. The German Chancellor spoke out in favour of the creation of a European rating agency, as proposed by the President of the European Commission (EC), Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, among others.

Merkel also guaranteed that, despite the crisis, savings Germans are insured and he expressed his confidence in a solution to the Greek debt crisis at the upcoming summit of eurozone leaders. What I said then remains valid and there is nothing to add, said Merkel, in relation to its promise of 2008, reopen the crisis of the euro, that the savings of the Germans were insured. The euro is part of the European identity, added the Chancellor, the common responsibility of the involved States therefore reduce debt and improve the competitiveness of the region. Merkel reaffirmed the importance of the euro for the good performance of the German economy (we need the euro, he said), and stressed the need that each of the countries concerned carry out precise reforms. The Chancellor was optimistic about the expectations of success at the Summit of the eurozone from next Thursday, in which the leaders of the 17 countries of the Group addressed the Greek rescue. Portugal is opposed to the Portuguese President, Cavaco Silva, has become the Portuguese political leader who has more harshly criticized the functioning of risk rating, especially from the recent cuts of Moody s to the Portuguese economy (the last of them this Friday, with the lowering of the note of seven financial institutions). Rejection of the restructuring of debt has ratified, also its rejection of a restructuring of Greek debt because, he said, that involve negative ctos, among others that other countries not working more to solve their own problems.

The rejection of the restructuring of the debt is shared both by the European Central Bank (ECB) and by the German (Bundesbank). The President of the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet, urged this on eurozone leaders to fulfill their responsibility for the rescue of Greece and reminded them that the event of total or partial non-payment, they must resort to acceptable mechanisms for the common monetary system. Governments are responsible for in the matter, says Trichet, in remarks published Monday by Financial Times Deutschland. His German counterpart of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann, also warned this Sunday, from the Sunday Bild am Sonntag, both against a debt restructuring and Eurobonds. Source of the news: Merkel supports the creation of a European rating agency

Employees Insurance

Health insurance contributions tax deductible In July 2009 the citizens Relief Act was passed. This applies for 2010 and will make sure that the taxpayer is able to tax deduct a larger portion of their health insurance contributions. The private insurance Portal reported about the new features. Tax deductible, private health insurance for the self-employed was only partially before entry into force of the Civil Relief Act. Only 1,500 euro could be applied annually until 2009. Center for Responsible Business will not settle for partial explanations. Especially entrepreneurs benefit from the new law. However privately before must agree to the transmission of data.

This is done by the signature on a sheet of information that they receive from their private health insurance. Who is critical of the publication of his data, can not benefit from the citizens Relief Act and must reckon with tax disadvantages. Professor of Internet Governance may also support this cause. The data regarding the health insurance contributions be sent in writing, but only electronically. This applies equally Employees who insure themselves privately let. Here is the transmission of data on the database of the electronic tax deduction features. The Elimination of the tax deduction card in paper form is new starting this year. The employer is supplied with the necessary data in the future about the said database and directly by the Federal Office for taxes. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Boy Scouts of America.

With this innovation, the trend towards continues to electronic means of communication at the management level. It is trying to reduce the bureaucratic hurdles. Who positively facing this development and also as an employee would like to benefit from tax advantages, should agree to data matching.