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Good Continually Fundraiser

Between Marathon and social commitment is of increasing importance. Many athletes want their participation not only sports were a sign, but take advantage of this opportunity and help other people who are less fortunate in life. “After the success of the past two years, the Munich MARATHON forward again in 2013 its participants a charity platform to allocate, where everyone simply call his personal fundraiser in life can continuously according to the motto do good”. When on 13 October 2013 the start of the 28th Edition of the Bavarian tradition event, many participants have also a good cause in addition to their own personal success firmly in sight. Whether in the professional or grassroots iterating for a nonprofit organization takes more and more followers. Every year we have our charity promotions”more participants, Florian Janisch know about Munich’s fundraising partner Planetshifter.

The rising numbers result in more donations. In the last year alone, we could in 83 donations runners collect 14,000 euro.” This Jack can report from personal experience of the special drive in the run for a good cause: 2011 I walked with MARATHON for a charity at the Munich. It, I have found just such fundraisers to represent a real motivation boost during the run. Is there gas like it really.” This year’s charity partners are hoping for much of the action in the framework of the marathon. Robert Kiessling of the Bavarian Red Cross explains: for us it is very important that everyone can create a donation page. So can many people actively involved in the donation process and are to be animated to start their own charitable projects. The Bavarian Red Cross is only so big and present in Bavaria because of the commitment of our 130,000 volunteers. That we must definitely promote and inspire new people to volunteering.” After the great feedback last year, also the founded in 1998, KlinikClowns Association is again this: We finance the laugh rounds for children, seniors and people with disabilities solely through donations.

Martin Schaarschmidt

Another important forum for this Exchange includes all areas will be the 7th Symposium on the CI-rehabilitation, which organized the German cochlear implant society e.V. (DCIG) together with the cochlear implant Association Mitteldeutschland e.V. (CIVM) on 16 and 17 November 2013 in Leipzig. with an optimized design and additional offers at the same time to the current issue of the worm”presented an update of its online magazine the editorial staff of the journal. The renewed worm online”offers its visitors a significantly improved user guidance as well as more service. Henceforth to include video-links, which spans a barrier-free Make the video player to look at. On the newly created marketplace can used hearing aid or CI accessories offered, be hearing impaired friendly holiday accommodation sought or found a partner or friends.

An online archive for the appearing 25 years print edition of the worm is new”. “Editorial Note: the snail” is a 1989 independent magazine, society DCIG ( issued by the German cochlear implant. The magazine, which acts as a non-profit limited company, informs its readers about the issues of cochlear implant, hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, hearing aids and hearing aids. Expert contributions and experience reports from concerned give the reader deep insight in the problem of hearing impairments and their management. At the same time, the magazine offers readers a forum and contact possibilities. Thematic focus is life with cochlear implants (CI) and hearing aids. The readers of the worm are hearing-impaired people and their relatives and professionals from the areas of ENT, hearing aid acoustics, pedagogy, speech therapy, self-help organizations and interested in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The Foundation certified health in October 2010 the worm among other reasons, because the articles cover a wide range of claims, adapted to different information needs and are usually well understandable. The journal provides reliable information people with hearing impairment and their families, as well as professionals, published dates around the hearing and presented in each issue of contact details of self-help groups in Germany and also in Austria, of Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg. The worm”appears four times a year with a current circulation of 5 500 copies. The editorial office is located in Illertissen; Editor-in-Chief of the worm”is Hanna Hermann. Since 2008, there is the information portal in addition to the print edition of the worm “worm online magazine”. With this relatively young medium, we want to complement the worm with current property and service issues and events around the topic of hearing. These include among others CI, hearing, ENT, early intervention, school, study and vocational, social law and the latest product news and company information.

Website Company

Reasons to have a web site: because a website is the business card of anyone who engages in a commercial or professional activity. Your web site will always be visible, 365 days, 24 hours a day and will be visible by millions of users around the world. It categorizes your company. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. Low costs and high profits. It captures new customers. It interacts with and loyalty to their customers.

You can use it to try to sell new products or services in your company. Expanding markets and its range of action. It can directly compete against large enterprises on equal terms. Because your website can be your best seller. Because the cost of maintaining a web site on the internet is very low compared with other advertising media.

Because a web page, gives your company an image of quality and constant progress. Because the internet is the future and your company must anticipate to gain a competitive advantage. The power of web design and brand image on the internet your company brand, which entails much more that the creation of a simple logo, is a critical component any strategy of business in general. As in the case of personal and professional relationships, the first impression is that more account, and your new contacts will quickly take you decision if buy or not a company or request the services of a professional, based on their first perception as a brand. TODAY, ANY BUSINESS WHO WANTS TO BE COMPETITIVE IN THE REAL WORLD, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR SITE ON THE INTERNET. It is much faster and cheaper to reach the masses today via the internet. It has shown that hours they are looking for products through web pages, already exceeds the hours spent watching Television. In much of the world, most people already done all their purchases, they reserve their tickets of film and theater, they buy your vacation, your clothes, reserved his hour in the doctor or dentist, they buy insurance, etc., ONLINE. Have a web page on the Internet, is not exclusively for transactions, is also especially to publicize your business and equipment professional who takes him. Every day more people inquire with whom they will hire a service, and seeks greater transparency. The more know your customers from you, the more they trust. It is the best way to retain its clientele. If a business or profession is not online, does not exist, for a huge percentage of consumers. You can create your image in internet if you don’t have it already, at a cost of 100 to 1000 times lower that by traditional media. One of the advantages of experienced consultants, entrust your project of internet business is that you won’t have to spend the amount of time and considerable money, which leads the develop and launch a new brand image in the real world.

International Education Foundation Ability

The 10 principles of spiritual intelligence source: Ramon Gallegos Nava (2006) spiritual intelligence. (p.68) International Education Foundation holistic, Guadalajara. Is spiritual intelligence, capacity to transcendence, ability to do everyday things with a sense of the sacred, using spiritual resources in practical problems, ability to act with virtuous conduct based on gratitude, patience, humility, compassion, wisdom and universal love. Spiritual intelligence is the universal consciousness, consciousness of humanity and fraternity between all beings, marvel at the kosmos, meaning mystical, capacity availability to listen to and understand others. It is the last path of direct knowledge of the eye of the spirit knowing the past meanings. For assistance, try visiting Kidney Foundation.

It is intelligence that leads us to the whole and gives us our moral integrity. It is intelligence that allows us to be happy regardless of the circumstances, whether they are favorable or unfavorable. The source of happiness comes from within, springs from our true nature (Gallegos 2005, pp. 50-51) (Figure 2). Features of spiritual intelligence capacity be happy despite circumstance capacity of inner peace and equanimity capacity of universal love ability to live to serve ability to face and overcome the suffering capacity to be independent and autonomous capacity to solve problems of meanings and values ethical conduct ability to focus capacity in the because things judgment ability to live in a wider context of meanings ability to learn to be the entire figure 2 holistic integration capability.

Characteristics of spiritual intelligence source: Ramon Gallegos Nava (2006) spiritual intelligence. (p.55) International Education Foundation holistic, Guadalajara. Model intelligence holistic spiritual El Dr. Ramon Gallegos (2005, 2006) offers us a model of spiritual intelligence that allows, for the first time, build a comprehensive model of all intelligences on the basis of three hierarchical levels (Figure 3) where considers both dimensions and levels, leaving see that spiritual intelligence is the intelligence greater and more inclusive.

Paella Valenciana

Through the Agencia Valenciana de Turisme documented, we can know that.-the Valencian gastronomy is historically based on:-the ten books on agriculture from the famous Columella, the Cookbook of the Roman Apicio, the etymologies of Isidore (8th century), kitchen Hispano – Maghrebi book. Translated by Ambrosio Huici Miranda (XIII century), including many metaphorical paragraphs of arabito andalusi poetry emerged from the imagination of Ben to the carving and Cafar Ben Hutman, among other writers, in addition to the book art of Cozina of the Valencian Diego Granado, Chef of Felipe II, they set up a gigantic cultural antecedent that a direct or veiled way has a reflection in many of the eating habits of these lands. For my part say that my merits or gastronomic knowledge if you possess them are due to ongoing advice and the meritorious confidences that so patiently I reveal my aunt Maria Cebria Miralles(1906-1992-Valencia), my mother’s older sister who at the beginning of the Decade of the 1960s was in charge of the notorious stoves of the historical Parreta, where stood the rigorous recipe (recipe) oral in the Valencian Paella, sprout dish in one so glorified kitchen. (Source: Boy Scouts). My aunt Mary, explained to me that recipe so which had provided you own voice direct aunt Lola, another family our descendant of the founders of such dignified possession. Made these important preliminary revelations, it is necessary to place the issue in the study of the kitchen and your recipes, because it escapes no one that the communication of the formulas and workbooks in the kitchen, is relatively modern. By those same decades, while my aunt with both donaire was attending their stews, I was explaining the raw materials, the extent and the appropriate procedure that was used at each moment to the elaboration of the Queen and Lady of the cuisine that we now call Comunidad Valenciana; -fruit of those confidences are nowadays available written recipe which outlined the didactic and invariable elements that are exclusive to the paella flavored with the foundation of the Paella de la Parreta or Paella Valenciana.

Robert Bosch Foundation

Access to education and participation in social and cultural events are considered key characteristics in the area of successful integration. The imap Institute introduce targeted projects and initiatives in the coming information messages for the field of education and social integration of migrants. We would like to start with the program of integration of young migrants”of the Robert Bosch Foundation. Since autumn 2007, the Foundation promotes practice-oriented and locally oriented project ideas for integrating migrants in education and recreational facilities with 5000.00 for one to two years. What is supported? In the promotion are not only the acquisition or improvement of German language skills to the fore. The Robert Bosch is important foundation that young migrants and their families are supported in longer-term projects, to participate in social and cultural life in Germany overall.

At the same time, the promotion is aimed at the migrant (MSOs). These are meant for the integration work be qualified. Also, projects are funded, intensify cooperation between German organisations, clubs and schools. Foundation is relevant for the Robert Bosch, that Germans and migrants in shaping the project, targeted parents working with migrants or migrants obtained for volunteer activities. Who can apply for funding? Applications can be made not only by kindergartens, day-care centres or schools. German clubs and MSOs, citizens offices, municipal initiatives or parishes can make applications for funding. Application deadline for new applications is the July 31, 2008, probably until mid-October will be notified the applicants regarding the award. See on the site, details of the Robert Bosch Foundation at content/language1/html/4581.asp.


There are eight small bones that make up the wrist at the end of the RADIUS and ulna. However small that these bones are, they cannot be moved! Rotates the wrist or salutes and check it. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Childrens Defense Fund by clicking through. The central part of the hand consists of five different bones. Each finger of the hand is made up of three bones, except the thumb, which only has two. So between your wrists, hands and fingers, you have a total of no less than 54 bones, all prepared to help manipulate things, write your name, pick up the phone or throw a ball! Legs for granted that bones of arms, wrists, hands and fingers are fabulous to pick up the phone, but how is that you must get close to the device to answer it? Obviously, with the bones of the legs and feet! The legs are attached to a circular group of bones called the pelvis. The pelvis is a structure shaped bowl that holds the spinal column. It is composed by two large hip in the front part bones and sacrum and the coccyx at the back. The pelvis acts as a strong hard ring of protection around parts of the digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system.

The bones of the legs are very large and strong to help support the body weight. The bone that goes from the pelvis to the knee is called femur and is the longest bone in the body. In the knee, there is a triangular shaped bone called the kneecap, which protects the joint. There are other two bones below the knee: the tibia and the fibula. Like the three bones of the arm, the leg are wider at the ends than in the part medium, which gives them greater strength. The structure of the ankle is a little different from the wrist; It is where the lower leg bones connected with big foot called the talus bone. There are other six bones near the talus. But the main part of the foot is similar to the hand, with five different bones.

Each toe is composed of three bones tiny, except the big toe, which consists only of two. This makes the total number of bones between feet and ankles 52! The majority of people does not use fingers of toes or feet to manipulate things not to write, but yes uses them to two extremely important things: standing and walking. If not collaborate all the bones of the foot, it would be impossible to properly maintain the balance. The bones of the feet are structured so that they are almost flat and a bit wide, allowing them to stand. So, the next time that andes remember looking down and give them thanks to the toes!


Of this form, to follow this new perspective a mentality change is essential that takes the two basic elements, the information and the knowledge. From this organizacional dynamics, many happened boardings of accurate science and the nature had been carried to the enterprise environment. However, to the measure that some scientists advanced, they appeared the uncertainties, the contradictions, leaving space for new conceptions, appears relativity there of Einstein, where uncertainty standard, prevails, where it has the unexpected one, the new, so requested in this new world-wide context. Ahead of the changes, the companies had started to search the innovation thought, leadership, of the debate, of the adaptation, placing the individual as agent in the process of co-evolution with the objective of improvements in such a way for the company how much for the customer, thus, consequentemente the satisfaction in the market, better products, better companies..


However impediments appear barriers/how much it is about innovations, mainly when it involves the financial part of the organization For Chiavenato (1998), the compensation is the area that it deals with rewards that the individual receives as return for the execution from organizacionais tasks. It is basically a relation of interchange between the people and the organization. Each employee does business with its work with its work to get rewards not financial financiers and. The financial compensation can be direct or indirect. (CHIAVENATO, 1998, p.369) the Plan of positions and wages must be implanted with the director or controlling support, even though, therefore they are responsible bigger them for making to happen in the company.

The responsible ones for the implantation of the plan will have that to break barriers of that the change will bring benefits to the company. For Bridges (1998), in the implantation of program of Administration of Positions and Wages in an organization, it is necessary to follow the stages of planning and spreading of the plan, analysis and evaluation of the positions, wage research, wage structure and definition of the wage politics. Finished the last stage the politics of remuneration must be defined and be implanted the professional careers. (BRIDGES, 1998, p.30) the plan of positions and wages alone will have acceptance on the part of the administrators of a company will be successful, that is, the more criteria better, so that both the parts, that is, as much the organization how much used they earn in the process. All the process of implantation of the Plan must carefully be studied and be analyzed of minute form, also carrying through the evaluation of performance of the employees, so that no employee

Game Counterstrike

Fast-zoom can be deciphered from the name, it means shooting without a sight. In principle, you can shoot without any zoom, but in cs firing of avp without zoom is not exactly in the center and slightly Levey right or if I'm not mistaken, this bug has been removed after the release of counter-strike 1.3. Well perhaps you can begin to describe the simple and very easy way to shoot from the awp in Counter-strike 1.6 no zoom: 1) You can feel the middle of the screen out of habit, so you should just be zadrotom awp, this method is probably the most true test, and this method would only if it had not come up with the second and third item =). 2) You can put on the screen sereline point = marker, this method is the easiest and most uncommon, but point on the screen neduobno play because that is far from where you're shooting with an ordinary weapon you will not have seen the enemy, and if you do it more and put a crooked so it's just awful to be =). For more information see this site: Boy Scouts of America. 3) The most effective in my opinion convenient and the best way is to download the models of weapons to awp, in the capture of awp in the middle you have a sight as on conventional weapons, which is very convenient and the Scout you will also have a sight in the middle! For greater certainty here is a screen