Monthly Archive: September 2015

Website Promotion

The task of positioning your website, should not fall into the belief that their mere existence is enough or hiring a PPC campaign this target. The real position of your website is achieved through promotion, like a person’s reputation is achieved by the number of people who know and talk about it. Your website needs to be promoted, and this is an activity that usually remains in the responsibility of the owner of the website and not who designed the website or providing accommodations, it is simply the promotion of a website is a service and different area. What should we do then to promote our website? The first thing is to know that we have hired, if you have a contract with a hosting company, and its Web site to another, then you can be sure that no one will support you with their promotion, at least not without charging for it. If you purchased both services with the same company, then chances are that I can support and not necessarily charging. When you perform a comprehensive recruitment, get the free support following their promotion and thus their position: Monitor your traffic statistics to identify strengths and weaknesses in the content of your website.

Indexing your website in major search engines and annual maintenance. Support for direct marketing and manual directory portals and business and industry. Creating location maps supplemented with useful information for search engines. Publication of these articles to provide additional knowledge and himself of the services available to you. However, we offer cost services where we can step up and do in a short period of time that could be done for free in a couple of years. However, you as the owner of a website, you can promote your own website, many means are available for this business without investing more than a little time and a bit of information. Directories and portals for business and industry, local, national and international levels. Functional classified ads to promote products and services.

Publication of articles on websites and blogs. Using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others. Why should we pay interest to all these means to promote us and fight a positioning? Why every site just want to have the best positioning, each day there hundreds and thousands of sites that want the same. But are those who take advantage of better services, media or most of them, which invariably earn higher ranks and gain an advantage over time is more difficult to overcome. The promotion and positioning of your website is not about the mere existence of our website or completing a pay per click campaign or a marketing campaign via email, is a matter of time and action. Good positioning can avoid us having to recurrent investments in pay-per-click campaigns or electronic marketing, or enable us to reduce investment, or just get a better result to make the sum of our actions. Of course there are other factors to consider when talking about positioning, for this we invite you to read the article “” for technical reasons your website. Remember that the purpose of your website is to attract customers. We hope this information is helpful to the success of their Internet presence.

The Small

Clients like working with people who have a great personality. If you are kind, outgoing and not afraid to speak, score yourself 5 points! If you are the type of person who never met a stranger and talk to almost anyone, the score of five extra points to yourself 7. Here is a very tough! If you have more than dress size 9 / 10, then took off 25 points in his score. This may sound harsh and unfair, but remember that this is the small modeling industry and customers want a figure of this size or smaller. If you are a size 9 / 10 or less, score 10 points yourself. 8. If a customer calls wanting the model for no pay but great experience, could answer “yes” or “no”? If you answered “sa”, give yourself 10 bonus points for those wishing to model, no matter what the fee is.

To get your foot in the door, showing that they have experience in one of the best ways to start your career. The competition is so strong in the industry that, without this valuable experience of a client may very likey pass it through a different model. 9. If you have big hair and has cut or a cut in the last month, give yourself 10 points. If you have roots that grow outward and visible, take-off of 20 points! If your hair is clean and manageable without any strange “special effects”, give yourself 5 additional bonus points for good hair care and maintenance of the mainstream aspect so you can work with the greatest number of potential customers ! 10.

The Sessions

I live without nostalgia or hope … … .. For what all that I have is the moment … … "I must admit and confess that at first the sessions and the first international meeting I left a lot of learning or feelings, and still no" landing "the issues and the truth could not understand and why not speak, work, activities, etc. he was not getting the desired attention and time.

But as time passed and the semester and through the work, meetings, talks and contact with my professors, I was not only understanding the theory, if not more important, the relationship of their subjects in everyday life, which believe me, dear reader, has been really rewarding. Like when we discussed the theme of love, happiness, which by the way I 've noticed that are already taking courses in these subjects by other organizations, I had moments where I really was moved and download information on the courses we took as part of work in different institutions, I realized how good that these issues have been in my educational walk. This is reflected in the brotherly hugs we gave, photos, good wishes, good thoughts, good intentions that emerged there. Ah, a meeting face (I say I can not have order, since it is a bundle of feelings of how to explain), teams were working on an issue that led us to poetry, and I had to work a colleague and her maid came to us a memory from childhood when we were in elementary school of poetry that came in the textbooks by the way I see nostalgia already changed too much, and we always thought that the former days were better, but I can not stand the want to share this poem, so common but so forgotten …

Stewart Mathematics

"( Stewart: 1998, 16) The mathematics rather than a system of signs and rules must be understood as a cultural heritage in the sense of understanding the subject's development in terms of developing the symbolic function, logic, mathematics, between the subject's mind and logical symbolism. Importantly, students learn Math interacting in diversity, which leads to the abstraction of mathematical ideas from complexity, this means students face a new methodological perspective: research and resolution problem, these aspects that allow them to explore, discover, and create standards versus their own thought processes for the consolidation of logical structures of thought, that give them self of self-knowledge and enduring face reality. First we must remember that the learning of mathematics, like other disciplines, is most effective if the recipient is motivated. It is therefore necessary to introduce the student activities according to their stage of development and to awaken their curiosity and creativity. These activities should relate to everyday life experiences. The purpose of learning mathematics concerns the competence, defined as "the ability with which a subject has to be primarily about referents allow us to act with knowledge of mathematics to solve mathematical problems in different areas. " In the area of mathematics learning object is the competence of mathematical thinking.

The theoretical approach is systemic guidelines with emphasis on the development of thinking and solving problems. This means maintaining the systemic conception of mathematics, but the emphasis is made in the resolution of problems and the development of mathematical thinking. The historical commitment of mathematics aims to be clear about the historicity of this science.

Economic Journal

to improve is introduced on the return of mechanics the difficulties encountered on the machines must be tells me and the designer for years and,. I am in such meetings with, because otherwise, the mechanic would ruthlessly pressed against the wall. The designer has a much stronger position and is typically too eloquent. This is a shortcoming in many companies. The technicians have little opportunity to tell the designers about their experiences at the customers.” As the paragraph Economic Journal reported that Audi managers from all business sectors visit representative selected client families to experience their daily lives. Bizerba, a manufacturer of weighing equipment, engineers at the initial approach with customers. Here they learn how to the operator with the device and What difficulties arise. So it was on it, how important pictograms are if, for example, temporary employees in the retail POS systems work.

The customer in the first place? The scarcest resource in the enterprise is not the capital, but there are the executives who kundenfokussiert think and act. Isn’t that what sounds in fine-sounding rhetoric, elaborate annual reports and soft washed press releases, but rather considered that what is actually lived from Monday to Friday in the company from customer point of view include however. “As an example, consider a typical B2b presentation, so this is roughly as follows: I’ll explain you first of all, who we are and what we can do for you.” On the slides 1-20: the company, locations, history, sales development, management team, products, still more products, the associated services, the mission statement and so on and so forth. After 30 minutes, finally on the last page: the existing customer relationships in the form of a logo cemetery. So you learn then: the customer concludes. While he should be just in the sales in the first place. In the customer-focused communication, such presentations remain first in the case or they are restricted to five minutes and a maximum of three slides. Everything should revolve around the customer and the company. Target must be to find unique solutions that help customers be successful (yet).


As the saying goes, virtuality is a slice of reality. How can you disagree? We are rapidly mastering the internet-space. We begin with the registration of its first e-mail box. Then we have wandered aimlessly through the expanses of the Internet and read by vzapoy different information. Further, very often we get into the chat rooms or forums. Here begins our first online communication, here we get the first lessons virtual life.

Well, after that, more. Recently, a great popularity in the Internet environment have begun to use blogs. Oh, this blogosphere. Do you remember how to create your first blog? Or you do not have a blog? Different Free blogoservisov that allow the blog to find yourself a lot. What to choose? For example, you can start with the blogs on or find yourself a blog on, well, or start with the popular LiveJournal. The possibilities are just a mass.

But what write in my blog? And what's this all about? Treat the blog as a diary I can not because you write a diary for myself yet, and the blog is behaving in order to read it more. Blogging is an opportunity to express their thoughts, their life position to be heard and hear others. First, begin to comment on your posts, you comment on that, and then begins to resemble a communion fellowship of old and familiar friends. ICQ Starts exchange, mail-agents, Skype. So there are your first friends on the Internet. The blogosphere is addictive. There is a kind of excitement, I want to try other blogoservisy, get to know other people. You begin to create and learn at the same time. That study, the Internet, I think the greatest teacher. You can find answers almost on all the issues, gain new skills, gain real friends. Virtuality becomes an integral part of our lives. Good or OK? This question is nobody will give you an exact answer, an answer one chooses for himself …