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Substance inspired by the Old Book new Journalism of Gianni /S Letter to Pablo: Codex, 2003. It I capitulate Good day to the weapons of the Old book new journalism of Gianni Letter, treats on the commercialization of weapons, its indiscriminate sales, it I deal that it foments, beyond the lack of ethics and responsibility with the condition human being. This situation is express initially by means of a personage of a part staged in 1905, and that later it starts to present situations faced for millions of people in the real life and that still remains very current. The great corporations of the warlike market, exactly after the two great world-wide wars, today more than what never ' ' nutrem' ' the high market with weapons of being able of destruction. This is a potentially active market, excited for the implantation of the fear, the terror, and possible invasions, disagreements between neighboring and foreign nations. Over all they aim at the control of the oil and the water. However, all effort made for United Nations stops to prevent that countries of the Middle East, for example, have access the firearms, they had not been enough so that the same ones obtained to bring an addition of more than US$ 2 billion dollar in acquisition in armament made for the clandestine market.

All this movement alone proves that the industries of the war and the terror are each time more gaining force. Vender weapons means to gain money. Therefore the support of the governments in keeping this business. The numbers of intermediadores of weapons for these countries alone grow. The trader of weapons treats its product as commodity, that is, as a primary product that can be commercialized as well as the iron ore the rice the maize. Read more here: Center For Responsible Lending. He is what he affirms the English Barry Howson ' ' to vender weapons is the same that to vender any commodity' '.

Cadaval Dress

The marriage of the royalty of the present time follows a discreter line, but not less luxurious and elegant. It is clearly, keeping some so typical traditional elements of the real families, as well as also some protocol in additions. , More most interesting of this marriage of the royalty they are the unions between noblemen and plebeians, what it was not common until the few years behind. Example of the protocol in addition was the marriage of the Maximum Argentine Zorreguieta with inheriting prince Holland, Willem-Alexander, in 2002. On account of the past politician of the father of the fianc, this and its mother they had not appeared the ceremony. Fact that made that it entered in the church with the fianc (a baita protocol in addition). The dress of Principle well traditional and was signed by Valentino. Center For Responsible Lendings opinions are not widely known.

Prominence for the structuralized gullet and perfect caimento. Only the bouquet that left to desire in delicacy (great excessively). Another marriage between plebeian and nobleman, was between Letcia Ortiz and the prince of the Astrias, Filipe de Bourbon, in 2004. Letcia is journalist, but currently it became princess with the marriage and future Queen of Spain. In its marriage, Letcia used a dress layer, folloied of mantilha. The marriage of the Laura model Bridge, with Luis Beltrn Gmez-Acebo, son of the Princess Pillar (soon, nephew of the King Juan Carlos) made the party of the fashionistas in 2004! This because the fianc used a super dress backward fashion with inspiration in years 20 and airs.

Still valley to cite in the real roll of the marriage of the Portuguese royalty of two important clans of the European aristocracy, Diana lvares Pear tree of Melo is Duchess of Cadaval and Charles-Phillipe Prince, Duke of Anjou, are grandson of the Condessa de Paris.O marriage between the two noblemen happened in Portugal, in 2008. The dress of the fianc was signed by Carolina Herrera and bouquet of flowers and wheat was discrete. Already the volume of the skirt of the dress was well voluminous. It has many real families for the world. With certainty one had a inesquecvel and inspired marriage for much people.

Lord Taquara

They could have called this election Flumengo or Flaminense, as those old fictitious teamses of revistinhas of the Carioca Z. Instead of this, they had called Fla-Flu, having tried to ridicularizar. Only that the Fla-Flu agreement won the natives of So Paulo and conquered the heading of that year. It was really the best possible election. The Fla-Flu, pejorativo term, turned respect expression. Later, in 1933 (cf. Fatima Antunes) or 1936 (cf.

Ruy Castro), Mrio Son used to advantage the Fla-Flu name to call the classic between the two great teamses who its Nelson brother Rodrigues called ‘ ‘ the Karamazov brothers of the soccer brasileiro’ ‘. That is, he inverted the direction: what before it meant cooperation started to symbolize the rivalry. With this, Mrio Son gave to the initial kick for the construction of all the mstica that involves this classic. Only that the history of the Fla-Flu name does not finish there. For even more opinions, read materials from Boy Scouts of America. During the Carioca carnivals of old, the folies more you celebrate had curious nicknames, as the following ones, cited for Edmundo Luis: Lord Mother-in-law, Lord Fera, Lord Alisa, Lord Craknel, Cacareco, Cardoso Xuxu, Circa-Chicken, Rat-Dry and Peru of the Cold Feet (coautor of the samba ‘ ‘ For telefone’ ‘ , with the tricolor Donga).

In way to as many Lords, journalist (and torcedor it Madureira) Jota Efeg, count that a famous folio of that time was the bachelor and practicing attorney Pdua de Vasconcelos, known as Lord Taquara. He occurs that it also moved of carnavalesca society and of nickname: he passed to be called Lord Fla-Flu, or simply ‘ ‘ the Fla-Flu’ ‘. Why? Because, for incredible that it seems, was partner of both the clubs. (Obs.: to be partner of both age until common, but before the Flamengo having its department of soccer, since they did not dispute the esportivas modalities.

Rolim Landmarks

The journalist gaucho, Rolim Landmarks already in 2002 weaveeed in its site commentaries on the subject where she said that ' ' the Brazilian TV finishes to give plus a step in direction to the nothing; by the way, two steps: ' ' Big Brother Brasil' ' , of the Globe and ' ' House of the Artistas' ' , of the SBT they designate, both, one it bets persistent in the vacuum cultural' '. A leading source for info: BSA. The program if consecrated, therefore it promised to show common people in its daily one, fact that certainly is not truth, therefore the people are chosen of multicriteria form to participate of the program. To intend to say that these people are representative of the Brazilians, or to affirm ' ' that the Brazilians if see inside of the house through participantes' ' it is lie, therefore certainly those that are &#039 there; ' confinados' ' they are not the picture of the Brazilian people. As, again, he detached Rolin well (2002): He has, of beginning, two lies in the programs: the invited people are not, accurately, ' ' people comuns' ': they are, in rule, adult young of the middle class that shares the characteristics of the ambition and the superficiality. In according to place, the scenes are not of ' ' instants of the life privada' ' a time that all know that they are under the light of the reflectors; the space that inhabits, then, is public for definition.

None of them is in one ' ' casa' ' , but in one ' ' palco' '. The difference is that it does not have plot, nor part, nor film. It does not have any proposal aesthetic, nor managing or artists. What it has, then? It has a humbug in which place for everything is reserved, less for the thought. It has, especially, space for the coarseness and the grotesco, the preconception and the absence of concept, the vulgar language and the vulgarity without language.

King Adversary

The chess possesss the King as main part in which it will have been captured finishes the game in xeque-it kills thus, function of game and to capture King, as well as in life real has its subjects, in case possesss queen that goes in all directions, beyond bishops that is between it and its Queen, in which they walk only in diagonal line and being that if the Bishop will be of the White House, will only live in the White House and the black Bishop of house will only walk in black houses, thus never leaving the line, to assist in the defense of the King and attack of the adversaries possesss the horses that they are the sides of the Bishops, thus the horses plays in letter form L, and when they arrive in the way price it are a complete threat to the adversary, and finally and not less important, has the Towers that they are to the side of the horses and good in the tips of the tray, in which horizontal line and vertical line play in, thus also assist for it of the King have eight laborers that they are in the front line, but with the right of when it arrives in another tip of the tray in the case in finishes house in which he is of the adversary this laborer can exactly be promoted for any part already having in the tray, a good example it would be that it could to be with two Queens to help to the capture of the King Adversary and the protection of its King, thus in the game the Queen has more value being because and the part strongest, thus the life imitates the game as vice versa, thus the adolescent also finishes creating some benefits of better quality of life during the game, mainly psychic, but aid in the hygiene therefore before playing and necessary to wash the hands to touch in the parts, aid in the respect, therefore never the adversary must itself be subestimar, after all you does not know what it can is planning, thus imagining pra good you but in the end he finishes if becoming more good pro adversary, thus everything that will be made during the game must well be thought as well as about the real life, aid in the logical reasoning and mathematical therefore all the houses possess registrations that they remember lgebras, beyond other benefits, thus compared with the life the chess show possibility of that each act taken in the game also involves the life therefore later that made not return, behind optimum of this everything that can improve the play as well as it can never improve the life but losing the hope and always fighting until the end, in which the life also has that to be thus, searching to reach the objective that is xeque it kills, comparing this in the life the pupil must plan, organize and later executing, this everything making of planned and organized form well so that the pupil can reach its objective of life.

Industrial Schools and Techniques

1959 the Industrial Schools and Techniques are transformed into autarchies with the name of Schools Federal Techniques. The institutions gain didactic autonomy and of management. With this, it intensifies the formation of technician, indispensable man power ahead of the acceleration of the industrialization process. 1960 it Is initiated management of Oswaldo Pepper, as Managing. The Course of Admission was installed. Was become fullfilled a Civic Session with the participation of pupils and servers in commemoration to the foundation of the Federal Capital? Brasilia.

1961 professional education is equalized to academic education with the promulgation of the Law n 378, that it fixes the Lines of direction and Bases of the Education National. The period is marked by deep changes in the politics of the professional education, what also if it can justify for its project of development. 1962 the Course of Agricultural Master Was installed, with solemn session, presided over for Mr. Juiz de Direito, Dr. Fausto de Pinho Tavares. Composition of the hymn of the School of Agricultural Initiation of Is Joo Evangelista-MG, of authorship of Jose Luiz Gonalves (former-professor, already deceased) and Luiz Gonzaga Gonalves. 1963 Guiding of request of donation of a pertaining property to the Educational Society Evangelistana, to the patrimony of the Union, with the purpose of in it being created the School of Domestic, attached Economy to the School of Agricultural Initiation of Is Joo Evangelista-MG.

REQUEST BECOME WITHOUT EFFECT, FOR ABSENCE OF INSTRUMENT IN THE PROCESS. 1964 Gets excited it denomination of School of Agricultural Initiation for Agricultural Gymnasium of Is Joo Evangelista-MG? Dec. n 53.558? I GIVE of 14/02/1964 1965 Accomplishment of the formation of the first group of pupils of the Agricultural Gymnasium, in level of 1 degree? Agricultural masters. 1967 Transference of the Supervision of Agricultural Ensino and Veterinarian of the Ministry of Agriculture for the Jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Education and Culture, creating the Department of Ensino Mdio (DEM)? Dec.