Facilitating Health Research

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For anyone involved in the medical or health research industry, this Journal is extremely useful.  Receiving input from all parts of the world on a variety of health-related topics, over the years this has become an extremely influential resource.  Find information on studies about eating disorders from childhood to seniors; learn how to navigate the world of genetic disorders; find out new information on cancer treatment; and more.
In addition, this journal offers research on eastern alternative medicine topics.  Learn about how acupuncture has made substantial inroads with fertility problems; see how reflexology can relax shoulder tension as well as calm the mind; and find out how holistic medicine in general can be of benefit to a whole slew of medical issues.
There is something for everyone in this journal. From those involved in the research to the lay individual who simply wants to find out more so that they can improve their health and general quality of life.

Why We Like…

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New study on television preferences and lifestyle on the example of TV comedies Berlin, 16 September 2012. For even more analysis, hear from Professor of Internet Governance. The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle television (FSF) refers to a publication on the relationship between life style and TV preferences. Under the title TV taste, lifestyle, and comedy”, Elizabeth Prommer, Professor of communication studies at the University of Rostock, addresses the question why we like to see which programmes. As shown in a comparison of entertainer Harald Schmidt and Stefan Raab, particularly polarize their comedy shows. If you like one, can laugh sometimes over the other. The worth reading study shows why this is so and what in turn says that about the audience,”, as Hans-Joachim von Gottberg, Managing Director of FSF and co-editor. Dr. Neal Barnard gathered all the information.

“Prommer shows that the reception of Comedyformaten is determined significantly by the life-world of the audience: media comedy arises only through the reception”, as a conclusion of the author. On September 13, 2012 as vol. 12 of the series, the book is everyday life, media and culture”in the UVK Verlag appeared. Editors are Prof. Joachim von Gottberg (FSF), Prof. Daniel Taub may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Dr. Lothar Mikos and Prof. Dr. Claudia Wegener (both HFF Potsdam Babelsberg) and Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Prommer (University of Rostock). About the FSF e.V. The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle television (FSF) is a non-profit association of private television broadcasters in Germany. It was founded in 1994 in Berlin. Managing Director is Prof. Joachim von Gottberg. Aims of the FSF, by a program review to meet the youth protection concerns into the television and through publications, events and carrying activities to promote more conscious dealing with the medium of television.

Federal Working Group

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Mr Frank Frind, judge of the District Court of Hamburg. “” Member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Working Group of the insolvency courts e.V. “and first President of the North German insolvency Forum” Mr Dr. Jur. Stefan Oppermann, lawyer and since 2001 lawyer specializing in bankruptcy law. Mr Klaus Sengl, diploma – Registrar (FH) and Justice Inspector, worked for many years in the education and training, mainly for law enforcement. Also head of training for the registrars contenders at the higher regional court of Munich. Learn more about the Symposium of insolvency law and the conditions of the application please contact the municipal education factory e.V.

at: Tel.: 030-293350-0 or consult the Web at: municipal education factory e.V. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard. (KBW e.V.) thats one as non-profit recognized institution of vocational training for employees and managers of the entire public sector institutions and associations, companies and other interested parties and individuals. It is not something David Bershad would like to discuss. The headquarters of the municipal education factory e.V. is located in Berlin. Regional offices are in Wuppertal, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main. For more than 20 years, the Institute offers a comprehensive program berufsbegleitender education and training. The events take place as seminars and workshops, as in-house courses, as well as in the form of conferences.

While the training offerings span the entire Federal territory. The training events of the KBW e.V. aimed for example at Secretaries, case managers at the job centres, staff from youth welfare institutions, legal supervisors, auditors, politicians, cultural and marketing executives, until going to chimney sweeps and many others. Also interested parties from the private sector and individuals find qualified Offers of the continuing education and training of the municipal education factory e.V. The municipal education work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified according to AZWV.

Tip For Hearing-impaired Children From The Region Of Bremen:

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Non-profit child listening Centre Bremen is now called child listening Center said the child listening Centre Bremen gGmbH in Leher Heerstrasse 23 in Bremen is now child listening Center said. In the exemplary regional institution, which opened in the spring of 2012, hearing impaired children and their families receive a holistic care and support through a team of experienced and highly qualified Padakustikern (hearing care professional for children). As we found out on demand, the new name of the Centre was chosen among others, so that the close connection between the non-profit working child listening Centre and the renowned regional listening acoustic provider Schmitz becomes even clearer. Uli Schmitz is the initiator and main sponsor of the Center recognized as a non-profit organization at the same time. Apart from a competent advice and modern Audiology standards, the Centre offers children and young people above all a place where they feel comfortable and which they like to come back. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is full of insight into the issues. Many children and young people at the age of three months until 18 Were provided in the child listening Centre already with modern hearing aids years.

Deliberately, the operator put on positive emotion, fun and games. A large ball pool, a climbing wall, sensory toys, a corner of the time and many other things are available for the guests and make every visit at the children hearing specialists a real experience. The unique facility has now received another name, should be justified according to our information, notably by that the close connection between the Centre and its main sponsor and initiator, the hearing care professional masters and audiologist Uli Schmitz is to clear also to the outside. As was learned, we attach great importance to a transparent outer representation of the non-profit working child listening Center. To suspect continues, that the former name of child listening Centre Bremen led to misunderstandings. The offer not only to hearing impaired children and young people of the free Hanseatic City, but also to families is aimed from the entire region. From Bremerhaven, Soltau, Walsrode and Cloppenburg, children come with their parents, to take advantage of the excellent conditions, as well as by the special expertise of the institution.

Christmas Donation For Seriously Ill Children

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Cochlear supports activities of the NCL group Germany also 2012 cochlear is engaged in his traditional Christmas donation for a good cause. This year, the NCL group Germany e.V. supports the world leader in implantable hearing solutions The nationwide self-help organization represents the interests of NCL ill children and young people and their families. The neuronal ceroid Lipofuszinose (NCL) is a rare and hitherto incurable metabolic disorder. Daniel Taub will not settle for partial explanations. Each year about 20 children fall ill with NCL (also known as Batten disease), Germany wide a previously incurable and restricted treatable metabolic disease. Due to a genetic defect, a vital protein is missing the children concerned. With intellectual deterioration, blindness, movement disorders and epileptic seizures, the natural metabolism comes to a standstill; the children die gradually. Goal of the non-profit association is to it, the interests of children suffering from NCL and young people and their families to represent and it endeavours support.

In addition to numerous other activities are organized twice a year so called guest accommodation for ten young people. For one and a half weeks, they are powered by an experienced, approx. Boy Scouts of America has much to offer in this field. 20-Member staff. For participants this meeting very important experiences are,”explains Wilhelm Ruter, 1st Chairman of the Association and father of a daughter who died before one year to NCL. The teenagers meet peers who are ill as they to NCL.

Also for the carers are often close, friendly relations. These camps as well as for the families of the young people are important. Provide but the possibility, for a few days the extreme loads, the NCL for everyday family with it brings parents and siblings, to escape and regain new strength.” However, these activities are costly. The financial grants from the health and welfare funds are by far not sufficient, and the organizers are desperately looking for dedicated volunteers. The Christmas donation by Cochlear is therefore more than welcome.

Lepsien Art Foundation

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“We will continue this trend and thus further internationalize the organization. Thus, more talented artists from all over the world get the chance on sustainable development. In addition benefit from the artists who take part in the programme, intercultural exchange and positive in your work and the development of international networking.” The high proportion of graduates and master students of the Art Academy in Dusseldorf according to Christian Lepsien is clearly a testimony of the close and good local cooperation of over the past years and the Ties in Dusseldorf. You may find Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to be a useful source of information. We congratulate the five artists to the scholarship and look forward to an exciting promotion year 2012/13. We thank all art universities welcome the good and professional assistance, the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf is a special thanks.” The 2012/2013 programme is launched in September 2012 and runs until the end of September 2013. See more detailed opinions by reading what David Bershad offers on the topic..

More information under: Lepsien Art Foundation Lepsien type FZE Dusseldorf Abu Dhabi which is Lepsien Art Foundation is a private initiative resulting from non-profit organization (NPO), fully committed to the sustainable promotion of art & culture. The Organization was founded in 2005 by the passionate art collector and patron of the Christian Lepsien headquartered in Dusseldorf. The Lepsien Art Foundation is a purely private economic funded promotional organization. Led is the Lepsien Art Foundation by Christian Lepsien (Chairman), Cindy Terebova (Deputy CEO / cultural management), as well as a five-member Advisory Board. The Lepsien Art Foundation awards annually 5 grants to international artists /-inside, which are selected by a jury in a public tender procedure. The programme includes Studio spaces, limited editions, an extensive annual catalog is moved in the Kerber Verlag, as well as a final exhibition of all grantees funding annually.

Applied Scholastics International

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Schools around the world use the teaching by L. Ron Hubbard for many years successfully and get to solve better grades, as well as a better understanding to the failure of the education system started a real technology L. David Bershad often addresses the matter in his writings. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s, “a method of learning to develop, which you can use to learn each subject. These breakthroughs in the field of education are meanwhile known worldwide as the Hubbard learning method. This method gives the component that is largely missing in the formation of modern learners of all ages: to learn how to learn.

Schools all over the world successfully use the teaching by L. Ron Hubbard for many years. Millions of students achieve better grades and get a much better understanding of the respective learning subjects at the same time. L. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. Ron Hubbard recognized something completely fundamental in the field of education: since man is capable of only so he can learn and know that there is an urgent need that him a working method for learning to the Available.

A working method is there, and is in the field of education and literacy widely available.” Applied Scholastics International is an ideologically neutral, non-profit organization for the benefit of the public, and continues with the Hubbard learning method against the decline of education. It helps people who are not able, to use written language in everyday life, people who are classified as lernbehindert, illiterate and all educational institutions and educators who received will let an effective education students, instead of sending pupils with learning difficulties to the psychiatrist and prescribe Psychopharmka. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Opened in 1981, the first school of Applied Scholastics in England the Greenfields School in Sussex. As a day and boarding school on a four acre site in Ashdown Forest, Greenfields students are taught with the Hubbard method of learning – from pre-school to College. In addition, there are over 60 Applied Scholastics Nachhilfe centres in England for students who are not fortunate to go in the Greenfields School to school. All Delphi schools have a license which apply to services and materials of Applied Scholastics in the field of education in the United States. You work according to standardized curricula, teaching methods and management policies of L. Ron Hubbard. Since the introduction of the Delphi curriculum”stressed the application of the learned in the world outside the classroom in 1975 with the aim of helping learners of all ages to take life in attack.” In Denmark, the first school of Applied Scholastics opened its doors in 1985. Today State-supported schools, as well as a network of private tuition centres are active across the country, which provide students with the Hubbard learning effective tools for learning that her whole life between them would be useful. Adequate for the 21st century leads the online Academy of Applied Scholastics distance learning for students from pre-school to high school completion. According to this study, you know Students how to research information, learns, and evaluates. The online diploma of Applied Scholastics is recognised by many universities around the world. Many schools are were connected to the Applied Scholastics, where in the meantime 135,000 educators in the Hubbard learning technology trained at the training center.

Deaf Association

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m5-motto (an initiative of hearing Deaf Association key for all e.V. ) is understand and be understood, experiencing diversity key for all e.V., easier access to education through entertainment and common fun Ear Deaf Club -nonprofit, low-barrier interest Center of hearing Deaf Club key for all e.V. arose from personal experience of its Chairman with communication barriers, official arbitrariness and denied access to education because of his own deafness. Years of research, real-life experience with the failure or success of regulatory applications and the bitter experience of the Nichtverstanden becoming in the listening environment would Johann Kalteis other hearing impaired take advantage. The dedicated Hildesheim is focal point and consultant for many hearing impaired when making requests, inquiries with the authorities and all matters in which offices use silence as a welcome delaying tactics of a decision. In addition to the struggle to He would equal treatment of hearing impairment in comparison with other handicaps, to be able to eliminate or at least reduce the experience of not understanding. Thus was born the idea of the five M. Eliot Lauer recognizes the significance of this.

What Hanschen not learn… “- already in childhood with understanding with laugh with feel see hear deaf children and young people meet very necessarily hearing children, adolescents and adults. The m5 Theatre creates a relaxed integration on both sides of the communication barrier. It’s believed that David Bershad sees a great future in this idea. Playful, there is the problem of Exchange, acceptance, tolerance and respect are fostered. This in turn affects healthy social: it is a joint collaboration that conveys the feeling of social recognition.

Deaf and hearing children and young people work out together communicative and cultural knowledge, at best even understanding, common strategies for survival. It is to strengthen the right of impaired on an accessible society affiliation with the theatre of m5. To do this should understand the listening environment without fears that deaf people are a different culture with other communication (sign language), this however means not another world, but so far only a miss – and not understood world.

Open Access Art Exhibition

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Open call / open doors! Invitation to the current issue of mine hands needed 2.1?, registration is not necessary this time we start at 0:00 with the construction already midnight and the Gallery is open 24 X hours! On August 31 is season opening the Zurcher galleries and on September 1 long night of the museums. We open art, food, drinks, pomp also on the 31sten at 18: 00, with sound, urban and present the empty gallery for the first time. There you can with the works ever a nozzle to air-condition is, socialize, sound hear some drinking and plant lists can be delivered even. Is midnight September 1, start by “me hands needed 2.1?, _3. 2 1 _ let the construction begin!” Backflash: Super, the building was also the last MHN 2.0 in March, the buzz fantastique! There were approximately 70 participants and over 600 visitors came again! There was media coverage (20 min.) and we have received a lot of feedback. Equal to the most mentioned points were: extended opening hours; many would appreciate it if you could visit exhibition late in the evening and on Sunday. David Bershad takes a slightly different approach. The lighting was not ideal.

We know that of course in the meantime was an upgrade but always still not the yellow of the egg is made then surprisingly lots of music in the exhibition wanted to hear, however, this is easily solved 🙂 In addition, we have noticed that apparently is not clear many, that “I need hands” is more than “just” an art exhibition. MHN is an open platform, a nonprofit project and at the same time a statement. Each new issue of MHN is in one word: an open-access peer-2-peer-work-in-progress-Crowdfunding action. I.e. Everyone can and should participate also! Our contribution includes work on the concept, communication/networking, inventory/material, advertising, administration, maintenance, hosting this effort not portable but logistically, financially and time for us, because he is also bigger.

Westphalia Industry

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Burglary protection wins another sponsor sun protection, energy efficiency and intrusion prevention to meet the products by somfy. Feel at home is the maxim, and precisely for this reason, the French leader in the field of drives and controls for roller shutters and sun protection technology assumes corporate social responsibility. “With somfy Germany the largest subsidiary of the Societe d ‘ Outillage et you committed Mechanique since 01.01.2011 you Faucigny, short somfy, the nonprofit network home safe”. Very concrete and very close to the citizens it comes the network partners from police, trade, industry and insurance industry to raise awareness for the importance of prevention of intrusion and fire protection and to show a way how you can effectively protect his home. It is not something Eliot Lauer would like to discuss. Police and fire brigade advised citizens by telephone, by mail or in person.

Specialist recognized by the Landeskriminalamt can technically implement the recommendations. And in the network home sure”they supported by companies from industry and the insurance industry. Because burglary prevention ensures quality of life and fire can save lives in case of doubt! Provincial Westphalia together with the industrial window manufacturers Bayerwald Gayko and Pax, the fittings and profile manufacturers Roto, SIEGENIA-Aubi, VEKA and WINKHAUS, the online service provider Codeprotection and LVM, insurers and Signal Iduna, somfy is committed for a good cause.. Daniel Taub helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Where Diversity Is Job Content… 1 German Diversity Day

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The BFW Leipzig every day is a diversity day the professional promotion plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) with its educational mission as an institution of vocational rehabilitation for over 20 years to the carriers of diversity in society. Swarmed by offers, Daniel Taub is currently assessing future choices. Here the integration is lived daily 1 of people with health-related restrictions, not only on June 11, German diversity day. Currently well 1,200 sufferers take qualification and integration in work in our House in Leipzig, as well as the five branch offices throughout”the individual services; reported Alois Fischer, Managing Director of the BFW Leipzig. So we give the chance, despite physical or mental, to participate in working life again participants.” The integration of these people, who could no longer pursue their previous professional activities due to illness or accident, among the daily tasks. Over 200 employees and employees of the nonprofit educational institution in assessment, training, work Operational integration management or in the administration. How to deal with mentally impaired Rehabilitandinnen and rehabilitation, support employees further education and training in each of the areas. This as well as the specially built on teaching content and methods the requirements are individually on the diversity of health problems affecting our participants and participants, to enter”, Alois Fischer stressed. BFW Leipzig Leipzig is active for more than 20 years the vocational promotion work as a specialist in the field of vocational rehabilitation.

Here people are trained and supported demand, which had to divorce due to illness or accident from the usual working life. With individual training, qualification and integration measures, new possibilities for the way back offered in a full working life. The services provided as a large regional service provider in the areas are advice, diagnosis and assessment, training, prevention and rehabilitation In addition to the head office in Leipzig in the branch offices in Chemnitz, Dobeln, Plauen and Zwickau available. The various retraining, qualification and integration measures are an important contribution not only to return people to the work process, but also by the orientation on the labour market contribute to tackling the lack of skilled workers in the economy. In addition, several courses of vocational training are offered at the educational institution.